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This book is packed with anecdotes from real life that are really helpful. Anita creates each chapter to show a different situation and possible ways to understand and deal with them. She also has tips and ideas to close each chapter. This is a great way to learn. This is what I've been awaiting as a follow-up to the woman first book - how to live on your life with the wisdom gained from an NDE or epiphany. I highly recommend it!, This is one of those books If only had been around for after i was going through middle school, high school, college, etc. The message bands so true with my soul, but no other book has were able to term it in such a pure way that is not hard to digest. When We first saw each chapter listed by the commonly held belief system, I used to be unsure that every chapter would pertain to myself. I was so wrong. Every single chapter has a valuable (and relatable) lesson. It has even helped me experience thoughts of self-forgiveness for something I did 10 years ago that I still haven't let myself off the hook for! (And I've read plenty of books on forgiveness). Anita Moorjani, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful perspective with the world., Anita thank you so much for writing this simple yet deep book. I greatly connected with your stories and your insights were a really great wake up call and reminder for me at this time in my life.

I truly enjoyed the insightful, guaranteed engaging stories you have. I wish you write so much more about self-love.

Since I am reading this article publication, I kept thinking that David is proud of you from wherever he is., Everyone familiar with the NDE community knows who Anita Moorjani is. I've heard so many selection interviews with her I feel like I am aware her personally. I thoroughly enjoyed the woman book Dying To Become Me, so I was looking forward to listening to more insights she gained from her experience. Exactly what If This Is Bliss is totally different though, since the subtitle implies. After I got the publication I realized this was not going to be necessarily about what she experienced on the other side or even any wisdom that was downloaded as a result. This really is more wisdom that We think has come to her from having this different perspective now.

We thoroughly enjoyed the publication as it explored social myths that nearly all of all of us have acquired into. It can packed with vignettes from Mrs. Moorjani's life, real activities where she has gained or dispensed the wisdom contained in the publication. In particular, I liked her view on the ego, which often maligned by " spiritual" people. It has never sat well beside me. I also really liked the chapter on the law of appeal, another teaching which the girl takes a different method that resonates with myself.

I highly recommend the book. A possibility about NDEs, but it's about how we reside in light of the beings that people truly are and the way we are all connected., I read Anita's first book in order to came out and thought that it was good. This book, me puts a new perspective on life. We don't have to be perfect. All of us just have to be who we are and love ourselves is the message I got from this book., I enjoyed this book. Anita required her experiences, both about her NDE and about enough time afterwards and has woven it into a book of small , and but important lessons. That's the true surprise of the NDE is to bring back the info that we go on after this life span, we are not penalized on the other side for our atteinte, we are loved, we are not broken, and so forth These are the text messages of hope and of self-love. It's selfish to love one's self. Actually the biblical reference of " Love your neighbors as yourself, " is powerful... especially when you don't even know how to love yourself. We don't think my friends and neighbors could have wanted me to treat them as We have treated myself in the past. Really enjoyable book with good recommendations for questioning our social myths and stretching all of us into a new paradigm., Wow... just WOW!!! Completed listening to the sound book version of " What If THIS is Heaven" today. It is so amazing to become Anita Moorjani's own voice... reading, teaching, and enlightening all through. I am in a such a state of awe and gratitude!! We will now go back through and contemplate the " Tips and Exercises" and " Questions to Ask Yourself" in each chapter in my hard copy of the publication... so many things to learn, to think about... and to employ in everyday life!! Thank you Anita, again, for your sharing your story and all is actually valuable messages!! Sharing this review so others may also benefit from the woman heartfelt story and valuable insight. Uplifting and packed with love!! It seems to me our world needs this message more than ever!!, Highly readable, with thematic chapters. This publication allowed me to consider an alternative to my Catholic perspective of the size of being. I would think this could be attractive to anyone buying a compassionate and upbeat explanation of life and the afterlife.

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