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We voted for HRC. We acquired the book. We read the book. The two-star review represents what I genuinely think about it.

A good 74% of the book has nothing to do with " what happened. " Most of the book is HRC telling about her political career, the woman wonderful family, her mom, her wonderful life with Bill, how much the girl cares about people, especially children, her wonderful, aggressive staff, etc. This is fine but it's a lot to wade through to get at the meat of the book, and once you get to the meat, it's a fairly cheap cut.

HRC lies out a good case against FBI Director Wayne Comey and against Ruskies " fake news" items that saturated social mass media and against the mass media for fixating on the non-scandal of her emails while ignoring her policies and plans for The united states. I came away from the book with a finer understanding of how these forces worked against the woman. She also has choice words for her challenger in the primary, Sen. Bernie Sanders, whom the girl believes " gave ammunition" to Trump. She was less convincing on this front as almost practically nothing Sanders said against HRC during the primary struggle was new; his criticisms of HRC were basic talking points before Sanders ever entered the contest.

The book whitewashes the DNC's actions against Sanders during the primary, steps that turned a good number of Sanders followers (HRC continues use of the odious " Bernie Bros. " epithet) against her. She blames Ruskies leaks of DNC emails for Debra Wasserman Shultz's departure but makes no mention of that which was WITHIN those emails that has been so incriminating. HRC praises the hard work of Donna Brazile but fails to mention how Brazile was caught stealing debate questions (for the debate with Sanders) from CNN and then leaking those questions to HRC and not to Sanders.

HRC touches upon over her failure to deliver a simple, inspirational vision for America as Trump did for his supporters and as Sanders did for his. The lady talks of her many policies and issue assertions and acknowledges that such things aren't as different for voters as Trump's and Sanders' rhetoric. This particular statement is literally one sentence long, and yet it reveals the main reason her campaign failed: The lady would not know how to inspire people to choose her. She's proud of her campaign slogan, " Stronger Together, " without recognizing how flat it falls compared with Trump's " Make America Great Again. " She talks of a program the girl and Bill worked out to share investment income system Americans, the way Ak shares oil earnings with its citizens, and phone calls it " Alaska for Americans. " My god, what a horrible name! But she doesn't see it. She's tone deaf when it comes to language.

She's also sightless to the issue of optics. The lady acknowledges that her highly-paid and secretive speeches to Wall Street companies " looked bad, " but she far underestimates just how negatively those speeches and toasts impacted her image. The lady speaks in the book proudly of the designers she has designing the woman clothing, but seems ignorant to the way those exact same clothes impact the unemployed formerly-working class people she admits to wooing unsuccessfully.

There is no doubt but that big forces worked against Hillary Clinton's candidacy, but major forces opposed Trump, also. What is telling in HRC's memoir and analysis are her own sightless spots, her weakness as a campaigner who neglects to inspire, her over-reliance on her status as " first female Presidential nominee from a major party" (53% of white women voted for Trump, but HRC doesn't examine why), and her refusal to acknowledge how the DNC, during the main, alienated the progressive voters she would later need to win the basic election. (Even here, though, we have figures now indicating that 12% of Sanders supporters went over to Trump, whereas in 08, after HRC lost the primary to Obama, 24% of her supporters went over to McCain. In other words, Sanders supporters were still more supportive of HRC than HRC's supporters were of Obama by 2-to-1. )

So around and around we go. Several reviews claim that HRC blames everyone but herself for her loss. I do believe this statement is a bit strong, but certainly she turns her back, at minimum in this book, to enough of her own failings and the ones of the DNC to earn the criticism.

So there is my review of " What Happened, " as a Democrat, as someone who voted for Hillary Clinton, as someone who acquired the book from Amazon and read every word., I wrote a verified purchase review and it has been removed 3 times. If Amazon doesn't like what we have to say, don't ask for input., I'm a non-partisan who has actually read this book and have to agree with many of the negative reviews here. This particular pretty much sums upward the book:
1) It absolutely was MY change
2) The campaign was absolutely impeccable.. without any flaws at all
3) That was everyone else's problem, what happened to the negative reviews? Looks like Amazon is censoring. We read this book -- a curiosity but missing true substance and more self examination., Like so numerous others my previous review has been taken down because it was critical of Clinton's book. In my prior review I referenced the woman book Hard Choices.... " Believe it or not I actually liked this book. " Before Amazon required my previous down they used the line... " Believe it or not I actually liked this book" to highlight the things i had supposedly said as to what Happened.. If Amazon doesn't want our view stop asking for it. Frederick Stalin would be proud of you guys., We voted on her behalf. And We can understand that the times after were personally terrible. I certainly would have counseled her to keep a journal and work through this.

But We wouldn't have encouraged the woman to publish it.

A good editor would have gone a long way on this project; either cutting it by 2/3rds of trite, yawn inducing drivel, or by moving on the book completely., It's the same tired listing of excuses why Hillary lost. Nothing new that we haven't been told by her and her minions before. It's a very fast read, but a waste pounds. Cheaper just to Glas?gon Hillary Clinton's excuses. The lady blames everyone but their self., It's an incredible look at how hard an individual can work to come upward with every reason possible why everyone else is to blame.

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