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Got this book for my birthday, and man has it changed how I view health and the human body in general. It always bugged me in the back of my brain how our ancestors managed to get by without air conditioning and hot showers. When I noticed about Wim Hof, I instantly knew that this individual was on to something with his cold tolerance stuff. Seeing him split the world records, go under scientific scrutiny, and even resist an endotoxin and only get a slight headache, I was sold.

Just before I even got this guide I started doing cool showers and saw results within just around 3 days or so. Just before, I would take really hot showers and as soon as I got away, the evaporation made myself shiver uncontrollably. After doing cold showers (man, performed they sting at first! ), I am able to go outside in the snow with no shirt as well as it feels more comfortable than what hot showers used to feel like. Simply no shivering, I'm just cool (haha).

I also bought Wim Hof's 10 7 days course for about 0 and can already hold my breath for around 3 minutes without really trying, and I've only been doing these inhale exercises for like 3 days. I can do 40 pushups without inhaling! I don't need coats and jackets when is actually cold outside and my family is complaining and shivering and I'm fine. Just be aware that individuals can be really tolerant to this sort of knowledge because it works so counter-intuitive to the drug-addicted culture we live in. Prescribed pill taking won't get you healthy, it merely manages different conditions and gives you more side effects than results in many cases.

Cold tolerance exercises your cardio-vascular system and your immune system system and makes it so your heart has to work less hard to keep you warm and moving. It's also very beneficial for stretching parts of your body that are sore. Just go to Wim Hof's youtube channel and look at the recommendations of men and women who have diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, even deep skin burns. This stuff really works.

So yeah, buy this publication and then do it! You can too can become... THE ICEMAN!, The test and analysis Scott Carney went through and explored and then told through this guide is impressive. With regard to anyone seeking to link more with then inner world as well as the world we see this is a great read. Practices meant for every single of us to use., Excellent read for many who interested in the actual body is capable of if you manage the mind effectively in extreme conditions, While the information is well researched and experienced, it is the most pleasant style of writing by mcdougal that kept me into it till the last page., Some parts are interesting enough about the technology of the technique, but the majority of the book is about what the author will in his daytime activities which is boring to read about., Interesting report how subjecting you to ultimately freezing temperatures can change your system. But when I mentioned this guide to other people, their first question stymied me: " Why should you do this? " I can say why residing in a small range of temperatures (due to a/c and central heat and fleece clothing) is bad for you. Possibly, if varying your body's physiology changes the response to your ailment -- diabetes, Parkinson's, auto-immune conditions -- well then, go for it., Made me want to get out in the cold which made my stay in Denmark inspiring rather than uninspiring... a great mixture of science and adventure history, I read every page of this book, and even made notes.
Now I am reading his other publication, about Enlightenment.

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