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We now have four cats who live with us. They are all different ages, from Gyvas, the large Maine Coon mail who is about nine to Blanca, the all white female approaching two. All four have differing desires in food and a pair of the females are getting a lttle bit porky. We have been free feeding crunchies and give them one can of wet cat food twice a day. Ashley the female Maine Coon and Blanca are porkiing up a lttle bit and we needed to find out more on what and how to feed them. What an eye opener Dr. Hofve's book is!

We have been learning that not only have we already been over feeding, but we've been feeding them the completely wrong foods entirely. We halted purchasing the Purina crunchies after reading the label and following Doctor Hofve's advice have purchased a different brand of dry food. The cats love it BUT love it far less than they cherished the Purina. The in the food is what is utilized to make it and we were ashamed to learn how completely wrong we were.

A bit more than a year ago we went completely " Paleo" in our food, eating completely like cavemen. The in OUR health has been remarkable. Of course cats are various meats eaters... pure carnvores. All of us were embarrassed to finally realize that if WE ALL were going to eat like cavemen with commensurate health benefits, why would we subject our cats to a diet that was not really good for them for the advantage of a major corporation whose only interest is the bottom line? So we have changed our cats' diets completely.

Yes, the new dry cat food is considerably more expensive than the store-bought junk. But the big amaze is the cats are much more satisfied with less of it! Oh, and the wet catfood we've been buying? Well, we are phasing that out there and with Doctor Hofve's recipes are beginning to make our own wet catfood that will be far better for our feline friends than the store purchased stuff.

If you love your cat " children" as much as my family and i do, you will buy this publication, read it and be astonished. Then you too, would want to tell as many feline lovers as possible about " What Cats Ought to Eat..... ", Good primer written by a proper highly regarded DVM. After searching for the " perfect" commercial food for my cats, I realized it will be easier and healthier to simply make my own. Dr. Hofve's guidelines and recipe make it easy to do. The cats like it and are doing great on homecooked meals., Very interesting publication, full of useful information. Nevertheless, when it comes to the manufacturers its focus on audience is U. T. pet lovers. For example, I know only Acana/Orijen of the complete listing of recommended manufacturers. I'm afraid that one just can't buy any of recommended nutrition in Europe.

Also, Orijen shows up among canned food maker. However, Orijen site claims they do not produce canned as well as even describes why: 'Making canned food is a very different production process, and almost all canned pet foods in North America are made in one of two very large canning companies. While we could easily follow the industry model and have ORIJEN produced for us cans, we’re just not comfortable with the idea of having ORIJEN made outside of our very own facilities, and therefore have no plans for ORIJEN in cans. ', This is the first Jean Hofve book that I have read. Possessing an indoor only feline, who does restricted exercise, I was buying dietary way to control my cats expanding girth without starving her. Marvellous. Total of excellent ideas how to feed your feline, without succumbing to the mass marketing strategies of the pet food industry. I usually thought it was too much trouble to feed my cat a holistic diet, but Jean clearly explained the benefits associated with a raw meat diet and the pitfalls of nourishing commercially produced (especially dry) cat food.
Highly recommend this publication to any cat lover who wants to expand the healthy lives of their beloved cats. After realising that every my " fat cats" can be helped without putting them on a restricted food intake (which made them and thus me unhappy) I possess now purchased her publication " Fat Cats -A Holistic Veterinarian's guide to your cats healthy weight., The book is well wrtten and broadly informative. The author explains what the labels mean, what contents of the food really is and the benefits associated with alternative choices. It seems that raw food is generally the most natural and in some ways the best. I'm a major who trust in raw food, but that has been very difficult and expensive to do. Canned is second best, but my cats can't stand any of the expensive brands that you would think are the best. It's easier for me to just keep a bowl of dry food out all the time, which is apparently the worst thing to do. At the very least I have the information and can strive to do better having this information., There is some controversy over what foods are good for cats, because cats are obligate carnivors. They can't digest carbohydrates easily. This book includes this issue in depth and is a good resource for individuals who want their cats to live long, healthy lives. Cat kibble is bad for cats, since it is too high in carbohydrates rather than high enough in real meat. We found this information very helpful and will be choosing my cat foods very carefully., I got a new kitten after losing 2 cats to kidney disease. I know the diet is critical to a healthy body and wanted to start the new cat out with a fighting chance. I additionally feel getting older and want this cat to have a long healthy life without costing me a bundle in vet bills in a few years! This book is quite thorough in explaining the problems with commercial dog foods and does a lot of explanation how to feed a more natural diet. I especially appreciate the long listing of " approved" foods.. We will be searching for these approved foods for my new cat. 1 criticism though: the editing gets a lttle bit sloppy in the last half of the book. There are glaring grammatical errors which detract from the author's credibility. Pleas fix these so I can recommend this book without reservation!

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