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This book by C. S. Lewis contains a variety of sermons and essays. Each one follows an remarkable stream of logic, each provides deep food for thought and each one encouraged me, though in different ways. Sometimes I felt as if a complete new world of understanding opened up before me, and sometimes they triggered a weight in my heart to lift and dissipate. I heartily recommend this collection., Acclaimed writer of the children's Chronicles of Narnia series, author, poet, literary critic, important Christian apologist and theologian C. S. Lewis delivers another insightful and captivating piece of literature in this collection of sermons and essays under the title "The Weight of Beauty. "

I found the introduction of the guide by Walter Hooper to be very enlightening and interesting. It offered me a little glimpse in to the personality and practices of D. S. Lewis himself. That brought the incredible D. S. Lewis right down to the human level, to my level, and helped me understand him and why he wrote.

Lewis provided these speeches and sermons during World War II, in expectations of bringing insight to select difficult issues of Christian apologetics. The subject areas of these addresses include, forgiveness, education, friendship, that belong, and moving into light of the truth of eternity. In a time of big question, Lewis offers honest advice and guidance, using systematic reasoning and wisdom to build up believers in faith, hope, and love. They can make clear what is often lofty and confusing, and also to express with clarity its relevance and practical importance.

As sermons, these texts are addressed directly to the audience, that i appreciated a whole lot. The principle characters are the audience members themselves, generally on an individual stage as Lewis takes them on a journey to measure their innermost thoughts and soul, but also on a larger scale as a society and humanity as a whole. The main goal of these sermons/writings is to make the reader question their beliefs and actions, which works a lot better with this way of communication.

He does not attempt in these sermons to convince us that Christianity is true; he will take it as a given and uses it as the basis for his arguments. Mostly, he digs deeper into why the idea is worth it. His / her main focus is to get us to choose our gaze from the provisional, provisory and earthly to the eternal, comparing our current life and circumstances to something higher and holy.

C. S. Lewis will a masterful job together with his argument in each essay. He addresses the arguments people could raise. He understands the emotional effect on people and battles that they were going through. I appreciated how this individual started off most works by defining his words carefully. He is using logic to appeal to the group and this is very effective as it considers all options. He systematically takes apart other options one by one, to be left with his own position because the best option.

The title essay is remarkably memorable, and is plainly the product of extended thought and reflection, contributing greatly to its excellence. "The Weight of Glory" is definitely an address on the characteristics of glory, beginning by reminding you that they are too often distracted by simple distractions of life and fail to see that something higher remains just beyond our view. To desire something greater, to desire fame, is not a sin. Lewis claims that only by the work of Christ, the believer is made an object of glory and is accepted by God. The end result is that "the door which we have been knocking all our lives will open at last". Lewis concludes with emphasizing the value we are to place on each of your other. He says, "It is a serious thing to stay in a modern society of possible gods and goddesses, to keep in mind that the dullest most uninteresting person you can talk to may one day become a creature which, if you saw it now, it would be easiest strongly tempted to praise, or else a apprehension and corruption such as you now meet, if at all, only in a nightmare. All day long we have been, in some level, helping the other person to one or the other of these destinations. " We truly have never met a mortal person. We all shall live forever. This specific should have an impact on how we think about all people.

Another rollo is on the relationship between Christian Theology and beautifully constructed wording. Lewis surprisingly denies that Christianity resembles poetry, as finally the narrative of Christianity is something more real and historical. In this piece, Lewis' vocabulary and his argument are pure poetry; I thought it was persuasive and very well written. The sixth sermon is entitled "The Inner Ring. inch Lewis describes here the cliquish nature of other types of relationships. The rings of popularity and exclusion are an all natural part of life tend to be dangerous. Lewis wants you to consider carefully the desire to belong, because he believes "unless you take measures to prevent it, this desire is going to be one of the chief causes you will ever have. "
Some of the other essays are quite complex, and readers could easily get lost in the metaphysical quarrels in "Transposition, " but for the most part each piece is, or even straightforward, presented in a most logical and pragmatic way.

While this guide is less than a full cohesive text, it is a selection of bite-sized pieces of wisdom on issues that are too easily disregarded, making it the perfect guide to read bit by bit with time in between to reflect on the wisdom Lewis has packed into the pages., This specific great book is actually a collection of some of Lewis' sermons. Each chapter is the written version of any sermon that Lewis initially spoke out there loud. Because of this, the chapters don't really flow together, however there is a ton of great stuff inside these pages.

High recommendation!

The titles of the sermons in this book are:

-The Weight of Beauty
-Learning in War-Time
-Why I Am Not a Pacifist
-Is Theology Beautifully constructed wording?
-The Internal Ring
-On Forgiveness
-A Slip of the Tongue, This specific is a collection of essays/sermons written and given mostly in the years of WWII. In these he deals with a lot of life's great questions in a thoughtful and biblical way, but with the very unique Lewis insight. I ordered several of these books so We could give them to friends. The initial essay, " The Weight of Beauty, " is full of comfort and hope for yourself as well as those whom we love and are now with God in fame. For me, it was such an genuine perception and understanding of what is to come after we die, that it put my fears unwind., The works contained in this treasure chest offer more than good intuitive philosophy. These people sneak in revelations, via sound process, that ignite reflection and contemplation. A lot of the essays you will find here are responses to critics or a layman's sermon/homily on subject areas about which Mr. Lewis was plainly passionate. The pleasure of the longer works lies in the process. Lewis doesn't simply 'answer a question' he first treats you to the method and reasoning this individual uses to reach an audio conclusion. Even if you find yourself disagreeing, the payoff is amazing. And the payoff is this; not only will you enjoy nicely reasoned results (regardless of whether you agree) but you will learn from a master how one ought to approach (especially in relation to intuition) drawing your own conclusions on many and varied topics. His / her process of reasoning, is here, an equal gift to his personal thoughts. You will learn much more than suppose.

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