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Every thing or most everything humanity needs to know about aliens and their interaction with modern humanity is found in this book. Purchase it. Read it in depth. Then prepare to spend days in heavy thought digesting what you should learn. I'm now in that final phase myself. The data is right up to time as of early 2017. The 2016 American election of trump and the Russian connection is even covered. The navy key space fleets as well as the other key space fleets and programs are covered in detail as their relationship with the various off-earth civilizations.
I often read an e book and come away confused or left suspending. But not with this guide. I am however remaining with a desire to find out more, and more in depth. If only the organizations that are allowing or pushing this disclosure initiative would just stop pussy footing around with book authors and gentle disclosure through scifi videos and tv series would just call an official press conference, tell all of us everything beforehand and have 60 minutes in to any full exposay then we could all know the truth the whole fact and nothing but the truth. We are able to handle the truth. It's well previous time!
I have been reading traveling saucer books and historic Atlantis books since I actually was a teen. Now I am 70. Let's get this done while I'm still alive., Some of the lesser rated reviews appear captivated with their belief that much of what the author is saying cannot be documented (or proven). Is not that the point? If any one of this information could be established with any degree of certainty, there would be no need for such investigations. If only a tiny percentage of what Salla is saying holds true, then the world we live in is in for quite a surprise. I have a buddy who can also not prove his allegations, neither does he push them upon anyone, yet , he or she claims to have been on the US Celestial body overhead Base. How can I demonstrate him wrong if it were my fondest desire? There is a great deal of stuff going on. Soon, I don't think it will be possible to attribute UFOs to swamp gas., Dr Salla has organized a clear and collective representation of the events and organizations both on earth and in solar-system. These organizations make up current day Area Societies and what they represent as to future human existence. Whether we are allowed a full disclosure or a partial disclosure, humans will be revealed to some very exciting information in the near future!, A great follow-up of Tompkins, Selected by Extraterrestrials! Might recommend reading Tompkins guide first. But make sure to move to Salla's guide to tie it collectively., Started very strong with great information and documentation about William Tompkins. Then at the finish wandered into uncharacteristic speculation about how precisely our recent election could result Disclosure. A lot of that has not proven true so far., Really enjoyed this book. Really tied things collectively very well. Had a hard time putting it down., If you've ever had a dream where you thought you were communicating with a higher being then this will assure you that you were. This guide is for any open up minded person who thinks that we are not only in the universe and that there is a consciousness helping us to become our better selves., Good book on exopolitics. I didn't realize the Navy was this engaged in space. It makes sense now that I think about how precisely Star Trek and BSG both had naval impacts.

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