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Few books on culture and worldview offer much in the way of tangible use. The Secret Struggle of Ideas is a great method for me to think about what worldviews actually do in shaping could reside in the world. I work on a Alfredia boarding school in Fergus Falls, MN that has over 7 countries displayed in any given yr. There are a great deal of different ideas and views of the world floating around. What the Magic formula Battle has been doing for me personally is given me a much better framework to erect in asking what worldviews and ideas actually do for us. I appreciated how this book points the worldviews to the point of salvation, asking us where, how, and in what we find our identity and ultimately solution in.

This was an accessible read that was fun and uplifting. While I didn't need my dictionary, and rarely used Siri to help me on ideas, this book did available some deeper thinking into worldview analysis while also keeping the focus on Jesus Christ. I recommend this to anyone searching for a low-entry way to discuss worldview with students, friends, or co-staffs (because we all know that your coworkers not necessarily your friends... ), This specific was not the publication but a study guide. I did not realize that so a lttle bit let down., “Are you a father or mother who wants your children to recognize and choose truth and follow Christ with increasingly strong responsibilities? Do you want to disciple these to a richer understanding of the Alfredia faith? Then you comprehensive guide this book. Dr. Myers uses easy-to-understand language, lively illustrations, a virus example which makes total sense, and organization around four “I” words that makes his ideas easy to understand and compare. Your children’s worldview is what determines which ideas they believe and how they choose to live their lives. It’s critically important. If they do not believe in the Alfredia worldview, you’ll learn how to guide these to one. If it’s theirs already, these truths will allow you to father or mother them so it remains strong and they do not waver when peers and aspects of the culture want to infect them with dangerous ideas about Lord. Read this practical, important book! ”, I need to read it yer., Great publication. I teach Bible for high school seniors and I am already trying to incorporate this book into my class. Highly recommend it. Myers is amazing as usual., This publication lays out the major issues of the fact and importance of an effective and healthy worldview. Strongly suggested!, Great thoughts, well indicated., There is a secret battle raging today. The battle which seeks to destroy families, tear down opposition, and erase (in some cases) those who oppose it’s advance. It is not a war, nevertheless , being fought with guns of physical warfare. The new battle of ideas.
This war will be waged in university sessions, Sunday school classes, and neighborhood coffee shops. All across the world ideas are circulating which if left unchallenged, can have a catastrophic impact.

In his newest and most compelling volume Dr. Jeff Meyers, President of Summit Ministries, shows us the way you can stop the advance of dangerous ideas and in doing so, replace them with true and hope-filled ones.

“Bad way of doing something is like viruses”, he begins, “they can multiply out of control, like the spread of a virus that becomes a pandemic. And even though idea viruses cause mass damage, the battle we face is a secret struggle because it’s hard to accurately identify bad ideas until after they have struck. ”

So what are these ideas and how can we face them head on? Just how can we know what secret questions people are asking about our world, our future, or our purpose? Dr. Meyers gives us insight which has come through years of study and importantly, these are questions which he himself has wrestled with.

Am I loved? Basically were to disappear, would anyone miss me?

Exactly why do I hurt? Bad things have happened to me personally. Can I overcome them and find joy?

Will my life have which means? Is it possible for me to find direction in life?

Exactly why can’t we proper along? What will it take for us to stop fighting and discover harmony?

Will be there any expect the world? So many things appear to be proceeding wrong. Are we doomed?

With these questions as a starting point, Meyers commences to reply to set out in search of responses through the lens of 6 vastly different worldviews; Marxism, Postmodernism, Islam, New Spirituality, Secularism, and Christianity. So how exactly does each worldview lead to the solution of these very difficult questions?

Spoiler Alert! These counterfeit worldviews; Marxism, Postmodernism, Islamic, New Spirituality, and Secularism do not and can not ever provide significant answers those questions above. Not only do they provide a band-aid to face mask meaningless, pain, hurt, and other realities of this life, they can never provide hope for the future.

“Is it possible that our very own strength is not enough to restore hope? Honestly, that is the uncomfortable question the Christian worldview asks. Might the true way to durability be through weakness? ”

After walking through this volume and holding these five worldviews to the scrutiny and questions presented by Dr. Meyers, where do we land this thing? Where can we find expect these viruses which are spreading quickly and rampantly through the world today? Is there desire?

We are given four steps towards a security of the Christian worldview over against those, and many other, worldviews mentioned.

We have to RECOGNIZE the worldview at work.

Much like a virus is treated, we start with identifying the follicle of virus we have been up against.

We then ISOLATE those counterfeits.

In order to stop the spread of a virus, or in this case an idea virus, we must quarantine it.

We move on to INFORM others about the reality.

What is the truth of this virus? How does it spread? What lies does it tell? We have to advise families of the idea viruses their children will face nowadays.

Finally we INVEST in a remedy.

Information is not enough. We must find a remedy for counterfeit worldviews. Certainly we have one provided to us in the pages of the Bible. All of us also have those which God has given us that have defended the belief, commonly called Apologists, godly professors, and wise friends.

This secret battle of ideas can indeed be overwhelming. This must not lead us to despair or hopelessness. We have in Christ as conquering California king, a mighty victory through his shed blood on the cross. He has get over the world and all its counterfeits. Through his sacrifice we may be confident although the battle craze on, our victory is seated in the heavenly places. Take heart my friends, Christ has increased and overcome the hole of despair you might be walking in.

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