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A son battles with the strong dark currents from the past that invade his mind - a father wasting away in prison accused of thievery and murder, a neglectful, reckless, sometimes violent father alienated by choice from the son and family. A two-track 'then/now' story, this novella is poignantly delicious! A SECOND HANDS LIE crossed the memory path of my very own life... still fighting the demons within! An engrossing and excellent read, and i also applaud the writing design of Pamela Crane - she certainly strings her words with eloquence! Highly recommended! A precursor to the 'Thriller Killer' series by Ms Crane.
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http://www.goo.gl/c50I3f,This was a very well crafted thriller about a son's search for the truth in his father's incarceration and the death of his sister. What he finds along his path are lies, deception and is forced to confront his father in the continued search for the truth. But you may be wondering what this individual finds, is not what he expects and the story takes a spectacular twist., **" A Old Lie" is the companion novella featuring characters also found in the full length standalone thriller, " A Secondhand Life. " **

Meet Langdon Worthington. Their life has been cursed. An alcoholic father who was emotionally absent. Delivered to prison for a robbery and attempted murder. His younger sister, Alexis, murdered, possibly by a serial killer.

In this introductory story, Landon is having guilt feelings over his father. He has invested 22 years in jail for a crime he might not have committed. Langdon has only seen him once or twice during this time, and he decides to deal with his father by what really happened that night.

There has been so many lies advised over so many years, will he finally get the answers he’s seeking?

Langdon is a singularly distinctive character. He has many issues and defects, and at age 38 decides his life went nowhere. The reader gets to follow his thought processes as he confronts his father and then has to determine what’s true, what isn’t. And just how really does all this tie in with the unsolved murder of his sister?

Fewer than 100 pages, this book packs a wallop. There is no squandered space, no fluff. There are a few amazed. This is more of a mystery than suspense.

The ending is not a cliff-hanger, but Langdon’s sister’s murder will not be followed until A SECONDHAND LIFE. I’m just intrigued enough to want to know …. Exactly why? How? Who?, I liked this novel quite a bit... I think about well crafted deep characterizations, subplots above subplots and scenes of terror and, occasionally, vision grabbing suspense. fast paced scenes, a character introduction which brief enough so you can follow along and heart-stopping action.

It might not be the most original novel ever written, but it's well written and intense. It's a slim novel that will be able to be read in one or two sittings and well worth the time.., A very well written story that kept me on the advantage of my seats and anxious for more (I can't wait until I read the second book). This new writer (to me, this is the first of the woman books I have read) makes a strong, well thought out story. The characters are well developed relatively real which have you taking care of them and their final results. I highly recommend this book it is short and won't take long, but it is pleasurable as far as thrillers go and really has you chomping at the bit for more., Some times what appears to be true really isn't very. For Landon Worthington, this individual is on the search to verify the story behind his father's incarceration great sister's death. This particular good read will lead you through his quest to the truth. Suggested., Pamela Crane has a masterfully eloquent way of telling a tale. This was a thriller a person want to miss. I read it all in one setting and the figure development is exquisite. You feel as though you are there. I can't wait to read more from Pamela Crane., This book provided further insight into the broken, troubled mind of Landon which was great.
Further giving the details of why the robbery happened, where was his Dad... really and if his Father IS innocent who is the actual robber/shooter? This particular short story answers all your questions left behind from Second Hand Life! Because with the first guide this was very well written and is a twisty conclusion!

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