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Exciting alternative history story line, but I feel that there was some kind of hurry to write the " final solution" - it happens too easily and it is (maybe) too unlikely... I am not sure if the author knew facts about German WWII naval ships - if real ship names are used, then historical facts should be correct. Inventing fictive ships, planes and so forth is OK in alternative historical past - then one may use fictive (but real enough) facts. I liked the in-flight refueling idea. The quantity of a-bombs was far too big - Manhattan task could only produce small amounts of bomb materials. Some spelling mistakes irritates - who had been " Yammamoto" or " Spraunce"?, Typically the initial concept, the Pacific Fleet fighting the Japs(easier than spelling out) has certainly been debated by historians for years for the actual effect(disaster, you aren't raise sunken ships from the Pacific), but after that its just an imaginary trip, submarines from America weighing just as much as a cruiser and being faster, the Germans had the best submarine tech and came up with the Walters boat in the final months of the war)it wasn't as big as a cruiser), and B17s destroying moving delivers, it never happened, a waste of time and money, Good story and I agree our Navy blue did not stand the opportunity in 1941 of heading toe to toe with Japan but I still think we would have built carries and not only subs and bombers to fight the war. Where were all of our ground troops when The japanese invaded Alaska and marked towards the lower 48? It is worth your money., This story is incomplete in that it focused on only American families and not japan or the German. I differ with the author that Japan would've surrendered once their emperor was murdered. They might have all struggled to kill the desecrators of their religion. Typically the author fails to lump all the Japanese killed by the Americans who hated the slant sight and often didn't distinguish one oriental from another in with the cultural cleansing., Just another fantasy story! So many specialized flaws, dont know where to start! Also bulk confusion about right brands Admiral Short in The hawaiian islands, vice General! Very little credit to British, or anyone else!, Well worth the moeny simply for entertainment! For an historian versed in the Pacific War and the Home Front--Fascinating!, Reasonable plot. But won't ANYONE edit books any longer??? Commas, subject-verb agreement, complete sentences. Anyone? Anyone? Really distracts when you're wondering when the next error will happen. Yes, I'm a language Nazi!, Interesting premise in regards to what could have happened. Loved the storyline.

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Second World War Alternate History
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