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Inside "The Second Machine Age group, " Brynjolfsson and The security software argue that as technology advances exponentially and combinatorially it really is taking us directly into a completely new era. Inside the future we can expect even more of everything, including each tangible goods and digital products and services, at reduce and lower prices. They will call this "Bounty. inches There exists a dark side as well, however. Machines in addition to computers are increasingly replacing for routine human labour, and technology is actually a main driver of increased inequality. The authors call this "Spread".

In addition to this book, I'd also strongly suggest reading  The Lights in typically the Tunnel: Automation, Accelerating Technological innovation and the Economy for the future . That book takes a somewhat longer view in addition to asks where all this will lead in typically the coming decades. The responses and the proposed options are less conventional and more controversial.

The Second Equipment Age gives many examples of specific technologies such as robots, AI and independent cars, and in addition lots regarding data showing the way the economic climate is being transformed. The particular authors also make a strong argument that typically the way economists measure points, especially in terms regarding GDP, no longer will a great job of taking what prosperity really indicates in the information age.

The particular book includes suggestions for both individuals and plan makers. Brynjolfsson and The security software suggest that workers ought to learn to "race with the machines" (rather than towards them), although the advice here isn't very particular beyond getting the finest education you are able to. The creators are hopeful that innovations like massive free on-line courses (MOOCs) may help even more people to make this transition.

There are a lot of policy suggestions including reforming education to spend teachers more but also make them accountable, bounce starting entrepreneurship, better career matching technologies, investing even more in basic scientific analysis, upgrading national infrastructure, broadening skilled immigration, implementing wiser taxes, expanding the gained tax credit (EITC), and so on. In the long term, the authors also offer lukewarm support for the possibility of a guaranteed income or bad income tax.

Overall, "The Second Machine Age" will a good-job of discovering and explaining the forces that will be critical to the economy in addition to job market of future. The particular book has a essentially optimistic tone, but We think a lot regarding the trends it details out are going to be really bad news for a lot regarding people., This covers a lot of the exact same ground as books these kinds of as " The Lamps in the Tunnel" nevertheless in a more pop-academic style: the prose is all very accessible nevertheless the information is extensively footnoted and attributed, in addition to there are numerous references to the work of additional academics, mostly but not exclusively economists. For anybody who wonders why we're seeing record-high income inequality and jobless recoveries coming from recessions, this book may clear up a whole lot of mysteries.

As a person in the technology discipline myself, I found tiny to disagree with within the book's treatment of recent and upcoming technological advances, which occupies the first a number of chapters; the authors have done their homework and have visited enough research labs and company R&D divisions to have a very realistic picture of what's just over the distance. There'll be nothing earth-shattering here for readers that follow technology trends and even who read WIRED publication, but the book looks at all these things by means of a somewhat different contact lens (its impact on human being work) than the tech press usually does, in addition to I missed myself skimming even when we were holding addressing developments with which I'm already very familiar.

For me, the best stretch regarding the book was chapters 7 through 11, whenever the focus ways to typically the effects of recent technological advances on the economic climate and on the study of economics itself. The authors create a compelling case that will income inequality is very much more a result of the move to a digital economic climate than of any certain government policy. I found their take on the positive effect especially interesting: they look at it as a big contributor to the increase in income of typically the world's top earners, nevertheless not for the factors people usually think. We already tended toward this view, but now I'm further convinced that several of the changes we've seen in wealth distribution are primarily due to deep structural changes within the way the planet works and won't end up being undone by tax plan.

I found the book less convincing in its ultimate chapters, where the creators suggest steps that may be delivered to avert common unemployment and social condition. Their short-term prescriptions are sensible enough (basically: get steps to encourage general economic growth) but , as the authors themselves mention, these won't address the actual problem, identified by Keynes among others, of technological change outpacing the ability of large segments regarding the workforce to study for new jobs. They will offer a couple of examples regarding systems that make that much easier to find occasional or perhaps work and suggest that will these could possibly be expanded within the future, but as far as I may tell their vision might still leave people generally idle. They are positive about the ability regarding people to keep finding job but I didn't really feel it was justified simply by the picture their text message painted.

Still, this is concerning the best treatment We have found of the issue of how technology is likely to affect job over the next couple decades. Highly recommended., Without question this really is by much the most important book I have read in typically the past ten years. I have read a great several books on the impact regarding digital technology on civilization and the future regarding people on planet earth but what Erik in addition to Andrew have achieved is to outline the salient issues in a language that non technical individuals like myself can adhere to.
Their thesis that the impact of digital technology could very well surpass that will of the steam motor should be a main awakening call to anybody who has any curiosity in preparing for typically the future-for it will end up being a very different future indeed. From my point of view as a citizen regarding a developing country We can see that unless of course urgent and far-reaching measures are implemented by plan makers in countries for example mine to invest within ICT across the entire schooling system plus the economy these people will be left frantically behind and a massive digital divide will come out between the developed and establishing worlds. There are stimulating signs, yet , that establishing countries may yet end up being the greatest beneficiaries regarding the digital dividend from that pace of mobile technology adoption in these countries.

This book ought to be required reading for everyone with any responsibility for the future. Just before reading this book We had read `The New Digital Age` by Joshua Schmidt and Jared Rosen. While their book is excellent... I have no hesitation in saying that The particular Second Machine Age is even better!

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