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This review is specifically of the Kindle edition, published by Ballantine/Bantam.

The Base Trilogy is a wonderful piece of work, but the Kindle edition butchers it! Someone has determined to water down Asimov's prose, eliminating some of the more enjoyable passages of the book. Here are some examples, found by comparison with an old Bantam Doubleday hardcover edition.

Several pages into section 3, Salvor Hardin is arguing with the Encyclopedists about the decline of the Empire.

Original: "If you ask me, ", he cried, "THE GALAXY IS USUALLY GOING TO POT! inch

Kindle: "If you ask myself, ", he cried, "THE GALACTIC EMPIRE IS ABOUT TO DIE! "

In chapter 5, Hardin is again gathering with the Encyclopedists and discussing the threat received from Anacreon.

Original: The particular message from Anacreon... boils down easily and straight to the unqualified statement... "You give us what we want in a week, or we beat the hell out of you and take it anyway. "

Kindle: The particular message from Anacreon... boils down easily and straight to the unqualified statement... "You give us what we want in per week, or we take it by force. "

I'm going to be asking for a refund., This top classic of science hype starts with the premise that the ability to quantify history so as to be able to be able to anticipate and shape the future would be an almost priceless commodity has numerous implications for our world today. Read and ponder as have so many who cherish this book. Reader, be mindful, because this is just the first step an a long, long journey. Once you step onto the path, it is hard to step off of it. It is well worth the ride. You will never thing about the value of scientifically quantifying our hopes and inspirations the same again. You will find a different perspective on the hazards as well as the values. In this publication, there are no answers in the end, just questions that will change your life., I discovered this tale to be very different from almost all of the novels that I have read. It does not give attention to a specific character. It focuses on the evolution of a splinter world that has separated from the Galactic Empire based on an analysis by a famous psychologist and mathematician. The story jumps through various stages in the new splinter civilization's early development, which prevents the story from centering on anybody particular personality for more than a few chapters. I found this approach very unusual, but the story was still interesting because the inspiration (splinter civilization/society) becomes the key personality., Although Asimov missed the miniaturization of information technology and all that would portend, this book still holds up. The premise is fascinating, and the character types that carry it forward seem to be genuine. An interesting shortcoming that I did not notice when I read the series back in the late sixties, early 70s, is the absence of female protagonists. I don't remember whether that happens in the next book of the trilogy, but I'm going to find out., I read this in the 1960s, and was swept away by Asimov's story of a failing galactic empire, and the technology of psycho-history. I've observed rumors that Roland Emmerich (the man in charge of the Godzilla & Independence Time movies) has a film version of this publication in the works, ([.... ]), and so i thought I'd re-visit the book before Mr. Emmerich does.

After a 50 percent century, this is still a great read, although the dialog is somewhat more stilted and some of the characters are more one-dimensional than I remembered. There is that much of the science hype that I adored as a young man hasn't aged well - at least, not for myself - because so much of it was formerly written for a pulp fiction audience. But unlike many science fiction writers, Asimov was influenced less by other producers of sf, and more by books like the Increase and Fall of the Roman Empire; consequently the reader is in for a much more thought provoking ride with this publication than he is with much of what moves for science fiction today.

Michael Dirda's summary of the Everyman's Library edition clarifies the genesis with this tale in a way that made it even more interesting. If you've never check out this, make certain you do *before* you go to see Emmerich's movie., A science hype book in which the science is more political than technical. Psychology had advanced to the point where statistical models of mass psychology could predict large team social behavior far into the future ( somewhat like the meteorological models attempt to predict weather several days in advance). The particular predictions in this case extended over several centuries and predicted the galaxy would undergo a darker age in which civilized learning and behavior would decrease and collected knowledge could be lost. A new Foundation was formed at the far edge of the galaxy with the sole job of managing and saving all knowledge. Since the book takes place over a long time period we follow the adventures of several characters involved with the Foundation's effort to not only maintain knowledge (for time when civilization will return) but to do so while maintaining peace. This was done first by creating a religion based on the fact that the particular Foundation had technology, above all nuclear power. This way to obtain power, needed by all, then became an object of worship, and priests were trained in how to present the dictates of the Base (Source of Power) as reasons for good behavior. When this sham began to fail, it was found that trade between the high tech Base and the low technical other nations was more profitable than war, and could maintain peace. This is the first publication in a series of three, so almost certainly the next book tells how a trade idea worked out. Although my description really does ensure it is sound boring, I found it to be an interesting book, the politics of which sound familiar in today's world - I may read the next in the series.

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