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Acquired this book 25 years ago, also it changed my outlook on life at that time. Bought 5 extra copies for friends to give away I was so impressed. Most failed to read it then when I actually would inquire.
Life goes on increasing family and working, but tried to incorporate the things I learned in this book in tack.
Life goes south, divorce at 50, change of lifestyle immediately, and lost searching for a way back. Read this book again to gain balance and accept the circumstances I was dealt.
Life goes on some more. Met a pair people who had been considering the book and so i purchased them each this book. It seems when you get older you have time to explore your soul issues. Then your worst time of my life hit me at 67---my son died in a car accident. Was completely devastated for three months, looking for any reason to stay around. I actually wanted to go with him. One day I actually looked through the bookshelf, pulled out this book for the 3rd time, also it helped save my life, even though I still grieve.
Today the folks I had purchased this book for 20 some years ago have read it and informed me they wished they got read it years ago.
So do yourself a good service and buy this book. ---it could save your life and help you comprehend why " stuff" happens in our lives we can't appear to grasp.
I was now ordering more of this book for gifts again.
I have now purchased all of Zukav's books and all are wonderful and insightful. Read this one first., It of the Soul, is the first spiritualty book I read and it fundamentally changed the way I view everything. I first read it in 1998 when I actually was nineteen and it ignited something inside me that was so deep... it is difficult to articulate. The teachings I found among its pages motivated me to start a personal journey to become the best version of myself by living a more fulfilled conscious life filled with intention. It sparked my thirst for more knowledge.

The book is broken into the subsequent chapters: Evolution, Karma, Respect, Heart, Intuition, Light, Objective, Choice, Addiction, Relationships, Spirits, Psychology, Illusion, Power and Trust.

The most long-lasting lesson I received from this book is that my intention creates my reality and that I will manifest anything in my life through conscious intention. I always knew that my thoughts were powerful, but everything seemed to click inside me after i read Gary Zukav's explanation on how intention creates karmic energy that finally comes back.

" Every action, thought, and feeling is motivated by an intention, which intention is a cause that exists as one with a result. If we take part in the cause, it is not necessarily possible for us not to be involved in the effect. In the most deep way, we are kept in charge of our every action, thought and feeling, which is to say, for our every intention. "

I related to the notion that every energy I actually release finally comes again to me and possess seen this play out countless times in my life. Sometimes I have discovered myself not wanting to accept the truth that I have indeed created a particular outcome but when I examined my motives and my motives I always found my part and thus the truth of a particular situation.

Right after reading this book, I asked my motivation and intention of everything I did and looked at my conduct in a new way. I tried to minimize complaining and started asking myself inquisitive questions such as: Precisely what is my intention with sharing this? Was I buying particular response? What do I hope to get out of this?

After reading the book, I tried to make more responsible choices and take into account the consequences of my selections by asking: do I actually really want what this choice will produce? Am I ready to accept all of the consequences of this choice?

Here's a few of my favorite lessons from the book:

" Forgiveness means that you do not hold others in charge of your experiences. "

" An intention is not only a desire. It is the use of your will. "

" Simply by feeling compassion on your own can you feel consideration for others. "

" The Universe backs the part of you that is of clearest intention. "

" Enticement is a dress wedding rehearsal for a karmic experience of negativity. "

I actually wasn't capable to relate to everything Gary Zukav talks about in this book. The notion that my spirit is part of a huge mother ship was somewhat too much for me to grasp or understand, so the elements I didn't like I actually ignored. Instead, I selected to give attention to the classes that spoke to me and I dismissed the rest which is my viewpoint for almost any non-fiction book. Right now there are so many amazing concepts I would highly recommend reading this book.

My advice will be to read it with a mind, take what you want and leave the rest., A lot more than excellent., I plan to read it again once I'm done. Perhaps, over and over. Actually life changing! The thoughts in this book have been very good for my nature. My soul., I consider this one of the best gifts I actually have ever given personally. I love his definition/explanation of Karma in terms of the scientific basic principle of cause and effect or for every action there is a reaction and for me this provides a larger and broader need for the cultivation of compassion and non reasoning. For everyone seeking a map for the cultivation of an ethical, moral, spiritual path this work has much to supply., This book is very deep. I actually could not read it with distractions around me. There is a whole lot i didnt understand and had to go on line and search for clarification. I did not feel renewed after reading it, but it certainly gave me enough to think about., used for a research class, Never to be missed. There's a totally new research section with videos in the back. Sort of summarizes the earlier chapters. Well worth it.

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