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The storyline line was the same as Pride and Prejudice, just in present day Dallas. There were also some scenes that were so extraordinary they were incredible. I also felt that this book was not suitable for teen readers., We truly enjoyed this guide. Megan was a hoot and, as the original P&P has always been one of my favorite reads, it was such fun attempting to figure out who was the current version to the original. Also, having lived in Based in dallas since 1997 and spending near 2 decades being a club soccer mother, the setting was very near to my center.

How unique to see the juxtaposition of football and debutantes! I understand the Dallas soccer world intimately but found the entire n scene to be of great interest as I have never ‘been there, done that’, - I can simply think about such being true. When I first moved to the Huge D I was told my hair was not pouffy enough and that ladies outfitted (hair, make up, outfits - the whole being unfaithful yards) to go to the grocery store.

Rumour experience it that SMU (Southern Methodist University) is one of the most notable choices for school of this set. I have heard that a woman attending and wanting to be part of the social scene have to be rich as they lunch at top restaurants in the neighborhood near daily…. And yes, the $$$$ spent on clothing is outrageous. Based in dallas abounds with consignment stores selling gowns that have been worn 1x by these women, but there is an increasing frequency of holding auctions of those dresses to raise additional funds for charity.

Back to the book, some of the special scenes We loved were of Megan and Ann. I truly enjoyed Ann and how the lady and Megan gathered over the course of their interactions. It seemed to me that a real turning point for Megan was when she was washing the exquisite the far east that Anne used to serve tea, and Megan suddenly saw how precious and fragile the pieces were. I feel as though Megan became a woman that day. Also i loved that Anne attended Megan’s soccer game : the 2 worlds found regarding each other’s spheres and came out the better for it.

The sole thing I regret is that The Season was not longer. I would have loved more dialogue between Megan and Anne, and Megan and Andrew : some more extended verbal sparring would have been fun because the characters developed over the events at hand, as well as growing insight into their increasing affection and respect for each and every other. The unveiling & resolution of Hank’s underhandedness seemed a bit rushed to me, and minimized the suspense and magnitude of social damage faced by the family. Nevertheless, I was remorseful when I finished the book, - I wanted more and am now hoping for a follow up!!

PS One item about the soccer world: in high school at least, the fogeys are as intimately involved as the players for Club Soccer. That is a family task, with moms & dads shouldering much of the work for travel and tournament logistics, as well as the entire uniform purchasing process. Practice is 4-5x per week, with games virtually every weekend. Typically the soccer season starts in June with tryouts for teams (players do not necessarily stay with 1 team every year), and then in August with tryouts for competitive divisions. That means players are practicing in 100+ degree heat all summer, 2x per day. Once the season starts off, every weekend is consumed with games. The season goes until May. The majority of competitive players also play high school soccer as well. Over the getaways there are road outings to compete against clubs in other states. Your life is managed by the soccer schedule! This being said, school soccer is equally intensive from what I have heard, and for Megan to try to handle both football and deb commitments is really impressive if not an act of folly for an ordinary human!, I love any story what employs the Pride and Prejudice theme. And although, this one stayed true and didn't have any in depth sex scenes, it performed have strong language and many references to intercourse. They are not needed, to write a good story. I'm sorry the author felt compelled to make the heroin foul mouthed with multiple sexual partners. Without them, it could have been 5 stars., Simply finished, " The Season", written by Jonah Mack and Stephen Dyer. Cherished every minute of it. " Pride and Prejudice" is one of my all time favorite publications and it was so much fun being attracted into this 2106 Texas version. I have a lot of parts that I liked to name any one. A person all simply need to read it. It is categorized a young adult book but I am far, significantly past a young mature and loved it.
We are now proceeding to LOAN it to my grand daughter!, We was surprised by how much I loved this guide! It’s fresh, funny and interesting. A couple of times I stayed up way later than I should have because I did not want to stop reading. I’d describe it as kind of a “fish-out-of-water” story of a young Texas woman who gets taken into the debutante whirlwind against her will. It may be got some great descriptions of over-the-top Texas modern society, but the characters are sympathetic. It’s edgier than you might expect from the cover.

I really liked the relationship between Megan and her sister, especially the fact that they loved and backed each other and weren’t competitors. And I liked the bits of diversity scattered throughout including a closeted lesbian debutante and Latino ranch hands.

I’d recommend this guide to older young adults, but probably not tweens. There’s underage drinking, mild sex and several cursing. As an adult, I loved it. I’ve already acquired a copy for a pal. Anyone who enjoys fun, light romantic books with strong female characters and little edge will really like this book., This particular is the best upgrade of Pride and Prejudice since Bridget Jones' Journal. Megan McKnight is a modern-day Elizabeth Bennett, brash, headstrong and determined that she knows what's best. Watching her learn that she can be incorrect has never been more entertaining. The girl wit and intelligence is such a refreshing strengthen for a young protagonist. A great read for any season., Though We knew how the history might flow, I was wrapped up in each characters development. There are a few twists and transforms that keep the web pages alive. Great read!, We enjoyed it quite a bit, some humor, and a likeable main personality.

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