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Rated 4. 5
Sea of Stars accumulates right where the previous ended, with Kricket and her gang hanging low and jumping every whisper, creak, or sudden noise... and then for good reason, there are people out there that still want her. That still believe she belongs to them.

When I read the first book just before this sequel, it surprised me how much I enjoyed it and I had created have to say Kricket, Trey, Jax, and Wayra won me over basis. In fact, the boys are what really make this series. Their relationship, loyalty and friendship is something to be envied. I love the way they socialize with one another and with Kricket. They are fierce warriors with hearts of pure gold and they will do anything to protect her. Their own witty banter and great one liners are just a few of the things that will make this series truly fantastic and so on a pleasure to read.

In this book, Trey ramps everything up, and I do mean everything!

He and Kricket together were just magic. It’s not easy for them, I mean, is it ever but these two interact like no other and I loved discovering their relationship blossom. Even though I especially loved discovering Kricket blossom. She grows a lot from the first book. Gone is the meek girl and in turn we have one who's willing to fight for her survival and for those that she loves. She might have Trey, Jax, and Wayra on her side, nevertheless they have her on the side as well. She fought every bit as much and as hard for them in this as they do for her and am absolutely loved it.

Not merely is Kricket growing as a fighter but her forces are too. We learn so much more about her. Regarding what she actually is capable of and a little more about her parents as well. So many questions were answered that I had from the initial book but of course like all good trilogies, this second installments also raised many new ones in need of an answer.

Kyon was, well Kyon. He's evil and mad and yet you see that strange softer side of your pet every now and then and you can't help but hope... well, just have hope there is so much more to him. That a good guy, a good heart, exists somewhere in him.

I absolutely loved this. It was such an amazing sequel to the first. It reflected the goodness of the initial book and amplified everything that I loved about it. There was clearly more action, more romance and it was so much darn fun to read. Once again I was blown away by how much I enjoyed this. I just couldn't get enough of it.
Jack Murphy, Did I mention that Amy Bartol wrote this book? TYPICALLY THE AMY BARTOL!!! She reeleds our world with her emotionally complex and expert story weaving in her bestselling Premonition series!! Right now she's putting her abilities to use and making an epic series of romance and politics that crosses the universe.

This book completely resides on the planet of Ethar. The story picks upward where Under Different Stars left off and the action never stops from the first page to the last. Following Kricket is an adventure in itself.

I appreciated the characters that stood by her throughout her complete change in planets. There was also a complete dynamic of new figures that enrich the story and leave a few twists in the storyline.

There's no doubt that Kricket is a martyr and she will do anything necessary to protect the ones she's come to love. She never breaks in and I love that about her.

The relationship in this installment was fantastic. It really techniques into the new adult paranormal realm without overdoing the scenes with brilliant imagery. No, she pinned the sensuality and loyalty that the romance was intended to show.

As with any of her books, we have been left with a cliffhanger of epic proportions. Right now all I can think about is how things are going to advance now that she is left in a whopper of a situation. She will become a consort, but to who? What is going to happen to other house of Rafe?

Alright, now I'm going to be selfish for a minute. Good God female, write faster!!! I need to know very well what happens next! I can only desire you will work your magic and make the 3 rd book, Darken the Stars just as good as these first two. Wow, and that it comes out ASAP!

This book deserves ten stars for being so epic, but I only have five stars to give it, so that will have to do. Is genuinely a should read Author and the Kricket stories are extreme and absolutely wonderful!, Finally I got to jump back to Kricket's mind!!! I've patiently waited and was not disappointed in the least. Trey and Kricket had me swooning the entire read.
We choose up after the bataille at the palace with Trey and Kricket on the Ship of Skye. After that the pieces begin to fall apart for the both of them. Kyon is obsessively searching for Kricket, determined to < b> < i> own< /b> < /i> her. This story didn't stop with the intensity of plot until about 85%ish, and you are lulled into a false sense of protection with Trey & Kricket finally consumating & proclaiming they are to be consorts(married). Then its used all away, true to Amy fashion. We are introduced to new characters like the preistesses, < i> The Bee< /i> who we discover out is her old half sister, < i> The Bird< /i> who has taken a liking to Kricket, and < i> The Flower< /i>. Giffen is chucked in to the mix with his telekinetic abilities and his desire to kidnap Kricket for parties benefit. And of course we still have our wonderful Cavars-Wayra, Jax, and her other protectors. All of us also finally meet Panache, who unbeknownst to Kricket is indeed not a danger to her & Trey's story. Trey's intensity of love and devotion to Kricket is swoon-worthy and completely endearing.
Amy weaves such wonder into her words, creating another world to take us to. Its no wonder we always have to wait such a long time for the next book with all the intricate details interwoven. They each have been completely worth the wait, but it gets rid of me to even wonder when we will find out Kricket's fate, since we are playing her unwillingly back in the arms of her < i> intended< /i> consort/owner and not her true loves. Will Trey find her once more as he always has, will Giffen's conscience get the best of your pet, will Pan finally require a stand for the daughter he left behind or will Kricket's premonition come true..... only time will tell.
When I could I'd give this more than five stars I totally would, this one will go straight onto the Almost all Time Fav's shelf for sure!!

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