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This guide is great. There's lots of books and videos out there on how to use Scrum, but barely any go into _why_ you should use Scrum and why each step is necessary. This book isn't meant to teach you Scrum. Instead, is actually meant to justify the ability of Scrum itself, and convince you to use it. I've never implemented all of Scrum inside my workplaces, but the parts we do incorporate have considerably improved productivity.

Overall, even if you don't plan on using Scrum, I recommend reading this book. You'll take away some great ways to be more productive and enjoy some entertaining stories along the way., You will find good books, and great books. Make no mistake this is a great book.

The style is matter of fact, the prose excellent and the citations wonderful. Above all this a book of the people, and for the people. It captures the "why" as opposed to the "How" of SCRUM, this is why I have added it to my personal set of recommended books.

A good easy recommendation, you'll learn a lot from reading if., We initiated a scrum-based development cycle a little over the year ago. We made it happen will little to no knowledge but found the possibility. The transparency and control given to the rest of the company is amazing - reading this book AFTER is motivational to expand where and how we use scrum - (we are using it across the infrastructure team) - I would recommend that anyone and everyone check out this book - (before you jump in with scrum may perhaps be better) - I have recommended it to my family members and the executive team at your workplace - I purchased books for everyone in our THAT department- this is a MUST read and once you read it (or before) it is a MUST do and keep attempting to do more!, Explains a great way to approach problems in a team environment that is not taught in many schools. Nevertheless, the author definitely oversells the process' applicability and benefit. The book is a series of anecdotes about various organizations that have adapted his method and saw improvements. However, he glosses over those organizations which it did NOT help, and hand-waves the negative results away as " they didn't implement the process right".

Still, a thought-provoking book., I had formed blended feeling when I found this guide. On one hands, I was excited about a Scrum book by Jeff Sutherland, one of the co-creators of Scrum. On the other hand, the title of the book actually bothered me. “The Art of Doing Twice the task in Half the Time” experienced wrong as a name for a Scrum book. Scrum and Agile development are about focusing on delivering value and being able to respond to changes and not so much about increasing productivity. The particular title suggests a concentrate on (hyper) productivity rather than the concentrate on agility and value delivery. For myself, Scrum is about making the most of the work not done… rather than maximizing the work done. This initial mixed thoughts turned out to be spot on and I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone who would like a Scrum introduction.

The particular minimum We would expect a book about Scrum to cover is…. well… Scrum. It doesn’t. It does not explain Scrum except for the Appendix and even that does a poor job of it (Backlog Improvement? Anyone? ). Instead, the book shared stories, mostly the hero kind of stories where someone comes in, introduces Scrum and saves the day. A number of the stories are nice and insightful. For me though, a lttle bit too much of the stories got military backgrounds.

The book is vague on what is Scrum. You almost get away with the feeling that Scrum is whatever happened to work in whatever place actually do something. An example of the latter is the discussion about Valve and Scrum. Value (a Games company) has done interesting things related to how they organize their organization… it is good and probably not Scrum. I feel uncertain whether Scrum isn’t actually used (much) in Valve, but the tale of Valve and Scrum is intertwined in a wonderful way in order that you get away with… ah Scrum!

The book also covers a lot of techniques that are useful when adopting Scrum… but are not Scrum itself. It does not separate practices that might be useful from Scrum itself. E. g family member estimating, velocity, taskboards, planning poker. All useful techniques, but not really the essence of Scrum. On planning poker, the background of planning poker seems to actually miss the real story about how Wayne Grenning (not mentioned) created planning poker and instead discusses the story of Delphi…which wasn’t how planning poker was developed.

This also brings me to my final annoyance with the book, which is not getting facts right. There are a lot of good examples for this, but let myself take 1 or 2. The tale about Gantt charts. Early in the book, it talks about how Gantt chart are made by Henry Gantt (correct! ). It then states “They were first used in World Battle I”, which so far as I actually know, is untrue. These were used in Wold Battle I, but that was definitively not the first use of Gantt chart. Then, it comes with an interesting statement which is “We gave upward on trench warfare, but somehow the ideas that organized it are still popular. ” This implies that Gantt charts were actually used for planning the war itself, which is as far as I know, not true. When looking at Wikipedia (or other articles), it mentions that Gantt chart were used in the war-time production… not in the war planning. The irony though is that later, Shaun Sutherland talks about Edwards Deming but leaves away that Deming was associated with war-time production… just like Henry Gantt was. The particular conclusion of unsuitability of Gantt charts to software projects (later stressed more) is true and relevant, though the facts employed in the argument do not seem to be to be examined.

So… conclusion. “Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time” is well written and full of bite-size stories that will make it easy reading. This isn’t a great book about Scrum though. If you want to know about Scrum and the way to apply it in real life… this book is not recommended. If you have used Scrum for years and are curious what has affected Jeff (and Ken) to create Scrum, then this is the right book for you. Thus, for most people, leave this book., This book is not your typical scrum developer's resource. It casts a much broader vision for scrum than just software. This book provides a refreshing look at scrum and the impact it can have for companies, clubs, and individuals. I'd contemplate it a leadership resource!

The particular stories, and there are many, make it enjoyable to read, and perhaps an even better book to pay attention too. I have the ebook, a gifted hard copy, and the audio version: all three. The particular format that I recommend to start out with is the audible version. Jeff's child JJ does a great job and brings the book and stories to life with his narration. Just be prepared to stop the tape a bunch to jot down the thought you just noticed. Then again, if you want highlighting like me, you can't wrong with one of printed versions. The ebook is well formatted.. This looks better in color (iPad) than monochrome (kindle) due to the images. Of course there's something unique and special about having a good book in hard back. Not to many scrum books are in hard back. This one you'll find the graphics are in grey scale. Whether it was in color, this would be a brand new brainer. But which ever format you choose, I think you'll be glad to have this for your library.

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