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I have read a couple of Patrick King's books and have never been dissatisfied. Always educational for things every human being ought to know or at least can benefit from.

Networking is a huge part of my income and how I get clients so it's fascinating to see all about the little things I used to be and was not doing to get in touch better with people. As I said, educational to the max

Highly suggested - this is coming from someone who reads and listens to multiple mp3 audio books a week., I'm one of those people who are always trying to be liked, even if the people I am wanting to impress continue to ignore rather than pay attention. Several times I think I tried too hard and ended up looking really determined, like I had no friends in any way to speak of.

Well as it happens that being likeable doesn't imply everyone has to like you. And some people won't, no matter who you are or how nice you are. Which is what I like about Patrick King's book " The Research of Likeability. " Presently there are tons of useful and actionable things you can do to get noticed, make more friends, and even get people who don't like you to start out making an effort to become " friendlier. "

If you are heading out for a social function, a gathering, a wedding, or just to meet people you may know on the streets, this book has a lot of stuff to help you out.

Some of my favorite chapters are:

 Chapter 2. How to Turn Enemies into Friends
 Part 5. How to Convince and Negotiate Effectively
 Chapter eleven. How to Avoid Being Judged
 Chapter 13. How to be Funny and Charming

There is something for everyone in this book because, why don't face it, who doesn't want to be liked, at least a little more if not a lot? After going through such material I know I can approach any sociable situation and keep calm while fighting the urge to cut in when people are talking or displaying off by bragging.

The book has really solid strategies on communicating more effectively. I like the part on winning groups over as well, because, while many people work well in face-to-face conversations, they fall apart when it comes to group discussions. The dynamics are just so different, but chapter 12 takes care of that nicely.

A definite guide to recommend that will get you more wants at the next outing, but more importantly, likely to be learning real sociable skills that you've never mastered before., I possess read A new LOT of self development and psychology books within the last few years, my favorite authors being Tony Robbins and Mark Manson. The Science of Likability includes a TON of what I love to read about. Stuff that impacts me, you, and everyone we know, as well as tips to put it into use and practice.

I mean, wow, only the idea of the book only pushed my mouse over to the buy button, and it did not disappoint.

Treating people like science subjects in the experiment of life is an interesting and different state of mind, but probably one that is useful in helping you get what (and who) you want. I think the author reference over 30 studies, so you drive more than you pay for; ), A suspicious purchase; a delightful surprise. The author cuts straight to the idea in each chapter besides making many factors without wordiness or mess. The introduction is quick and sweet, which is different from the other psychology books I've read that spend far too much time explaining why their A new skeptical purchase; a enchanting surprise. The author reduces straight to the idea in each chapter besides making many points without wordiness or clutter. The introduction is short and sweet, which is different from the other psychology books I've read that spend far too much time explaining why their book is important.

Basically and straightforward to understand summaries of many studies and how your life can benefit from them.

You will learn in this book how to impact people, to learn people, to make friends out of enemies, to be convincing, to make people trust you and bond with you, to avoid judgments, to get into an inside circle, and much more. It seems that each study ties things further together which is great. all contributes to a few main themes regarding people's psychologies.

My favorite part is it is also not manipulative or NLP-y, if you know what I am talking about. There's no hocus pocus. Is actually ALL proven by scientific studies. What else do you want to work from?, This is an important book with excellent the entire. This can be a groundbreaking work that will enhance each reader's life. It ought to be an obligatory content for guardians of little children on up, as it holds the keys to setting up strong connections and important achievement. I thought this book was highly relevant to understanding some of my own, personal drives that otherwise didn't make that much sense in my experience., Excellent introduction to the topic of likability, what some people might call charisma, and what I call basically what I need to be proficient at my job. Now i'm running a business development which these days is actually code for sales and schmoozing. Now i'm decent at it but I'm always looking for an edge to be like the "naturals" i realize in my company. It turns out they actually many of what I have learn about in the guide, such as emphasizing similarity and acting warmly and positively. There's obviously far more but I'm not done with the book yet! I can see how these lead to real likability, because I will see them in people every day!, This is a great book it is an informative and helpful guide this book give us all the information beaver of people after reading this book you can understand psychological problems of people I love this book highly recommended., Very interesting! I found that I've been using a number of these techniques, but only after teaching years of technical classes for our customers.

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