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With this book, Dr. Thorne meticulously explains what are the well-established science and what are the speculations at the rear of the movie Interstellar.

The particular movie is very long, and contains a great deal of things --- and in places it was obviously a little bit puzzling. This specific book takes us again to the movie, and explains to us the countless aspects of science that this movie touched on, including: the biology and geophysics behind the dooms-day scenario at the start of the movie, the astrophysics and gravitational physics of black openings, the science of planets, and the (very wild) scientific speculations on wormholes and quantum gravity.

I actually watched the movie together with a group of physicists and astronomers; afterwards, we had a lively debate about whether many details in the movie was really plausible, as Dr. Thorne had promised to us previously. After reading this book, I will see that Dr. Thorne had (of course! ) realized the majority of the problems that we were debating. In places when astrophysics or planetary science were involved, Dr. Thorne provided the (sometimes most unlikely but nevertheless possible) scenarios which our difficulties might be resolved. In places involving speculations in fundamental gravitational and quantum physics, Dr. Thorne provided inspirations from the frontiers of theoretical physics. It was great fun to read this data.

Finally, this guide reveals the untold history in the movie: it all started from the recognition of gravitational waves!!!, In case you saw the movie and walked away with questions, this is the road to enlightenment.

To further explain, I have hard copy of the book and the sound version. I acquired the sound version to pay attention to while I do my daily walks.

While the book offers the same information along with related illustrations, I actually found the sound version to be far easier to know.

The sound version really does come with a. pdf format file with all the illustrations included in the book if one is inclined to view them. However, even without referencing these (during my walks), the spoken term seemed to explain the movie (at least for me) much better than the book.

While a few of the scientific principles behind the movie are still a bit unclear (We are talking some quite cutting edge science here, and in reality, not understanding every aspect of gravitational force effects on objects entering black openings or the speculative science of a tesserect and it's five dimensional properties on a 3d creatures, etc., etc., ), over all, the sound guide explained enough of the theory behind these concepts, to allow me to understand quite much everything I saw on the movie screen which is what I was hoping for (unlike i b?rjan p? tv?tusentalet, which still has me scratching my head).

These days anxiously await the DIGITAL VIDEO DISC release to see the film again, knowing the science (truth, educated guesses and speculation related in the book) about what I am seeing on the display., The imagery in Captain christopher Nolan's movie Interstellar is breathtaking in IMAX. A single of the most memorable scenes features the massive black hole named Gargantua. In this scene we view something that humanity will not see in reality in the foreseeable future.

Inside Kit Thorne's book the reader learns that in making the movie Nolan stayed as close to known science and scientific speculation as you can. This science can be difficult, but Thorne writes well and provides a number of diagrams that illustrate the points he is making.

Prof. Thorne worked on the movie from it's early beginnings in 2005, when Captain christopher Nolan's brother Jonathan worked well on the early display play. At one time Steven Spielberg was slated to direct the movie. We can be glad that he dropped away, as they would not have made the breathtaking movie that Nolan did.

Thorne covers technology from the beginning of the movie to the finish, where Cooper falls through the black hole into the tesseract structure. Since Thorne warns at the start of the guide, some sections can be heavy going. If you don't know very well what an event horizon is, the guide may be especially difficult.

What makes black holes so difficult is the fact that their physics is far outside any normal experience.

For example, at the conclusion of the movie, Cooper, with the landing craft, falls to the black hole. In a massive black hole the tidal forces (the difference in gravity between your toes and the top of your head) are small so he is able to survive the trip over the event horizon.

Thorne mentions several times in the guide that as an object approaches the event horizon, time, relative to the relax of the universe, decreases in the direction of infinity. To the outdoors observer, an object becomes trapped at the event horizon (although it cannot be seen). What is hard to understand is that the object, in its own frame of reference, does cross the event horizon.

Thorne does not succeed in fully detailing exactly what is happening in this strange region that is outside our world. For example, searching of the hole, in the direction he is dropping, does Cooper see all of time come to an end? How fast is he traveling? In case he orbits slightly below the event horizon, is he or she traveling near the speed of light? Why, exactly, is it so important that Cooper intersect the away falling singularity? Simply proclaiming that this is "historical light" is not an apparent explanation.

I suspect that the issue is the fact that many of the answers to these questions exist in mathematical equations, which are Thorne's old friends, since he has spent a long time with them.

These complexities associated with book both exciting and difficult at the same time. Einstein once declared that ideas should be as easy as possible, but no simpler. Thorne is coping with complex material and has done a good job of seeking to live up to Einstein's dictum., Kip Thorne's Science of Interstellar, answers just about all of the questions that one could possibly have after seeing the incredible movie. From the " simple" law of gravity, to the huge complex ideas of area time warping, the tesseract, and gravitational anomalies, Kip takes his incredible knowledge of the universes and translates it into language that we can understand. The Science of Interstellar is as fascinating as it is riveting.

The only complaint that I have is that Thorne really does not dedicate a specific chapter or section to explain the complex schedule which occurs throughout Interstellar. There exists a chapter on the climax of the movie where I believed that section would be, however, there was nothing on the crazy timeline of events which would have been quite helpful in the understanding of this incredible movie.

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