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We started reading The Spread and the Dead 2 . 5 before bed, pondering I'd just dip my toes in the post-apocalyptic water a little before going to rest. You would think by now I'd know better than to assume that's possible with a Vargus-McBain book. 2. 5 is too fascinating to put down. We finally finished it just after three a. m. having laughed, cried, shuddered with disgust, raged internally, and been sufficiently creeped out that I wasn't sure I'd be able to fall asleep in any way. In other words, 150% really worth the morning-after book hangover.

Written as a series of letters from two of my favorite apocalypse-survivors, this Scattered and the Dead follows Erin's time in the refugee camp Before as well as days Following. We understand how she met Izzy, so what happened to Erin's family, and maybe even what happened to the camp Decker wandered into in 0. 5. Hopefully. We hope it was the same camp, and We hope a certain Nationwide Guardsman from 2. 5 is one who obtained it in the face. He deserves it. You'll see. It might be a saying, but the apocalypse really brings out the best and the worst in people. In a true agreement of art imitating life, we discover out (along with Erin) that the most detrimental isn't the dictatorial a-holes who gleefully perpetrate crimes contrary to the weak and innocent at the drop of a hat, the most detrimental is the supposedly good people who turn out to be too self-centered or cowardly to endure up to the a-holes. We also get to learn some of Delfino's backdrop, authored by the man themselves, which is as charming and fun as huffing fuel and them-or-me killing can ever be. Which is actually pretty darn wonderful. Our humble narrators, Delfino and Erin have such endearing voices; I could read a thousand-page sewing manual if either of them wrote it. But add in the point that The particular Scattered and the Deceased 2. 5 is sprinkled with thrills, heart your punches, and creep-fests, and you could understand why starting it before bed is a guaranteed evening.

You wouldn't think an ending like this one could be life-affirming, but it was. The story shined a spotlight on all of the ugliness and evil and inexplicable horrors that are everywhere in the world, but in the end reminded us that people like Erin and Delfino are still out there, too. They can still tell right from completely wrong, and they still protect the people who need to be protected. It can awesome.

In short, this book was amazing. We couldn't put it down. I dare you to try. Once you pop, the post-apocalyptic thrill drive won't stop., Let's get right to it, We read this in two sittings within two days... literary heroin, no other explanation. The authors dig deep into Erin, Izzy, and Delfino. Mostly Erin. And of course, that is a story to break your damn heart. If most likely buying happy tale you should probably consider another book. Better yet consider another series.

Erin's personality becomes intensely real with this installment. My understanding of her actions in book 2 feels justified. Her distrust in Marcus and people generally is explained. Erin is a young teen that endures normal wants and wants of any other teenager. She is the cliche, self-involved teen. She wants attention from boys, independence from her mother, and explore life offerings. Unfortunately for her, these normal desires and desires are more and more inessential.

What We really loved is how we got to process all this with her. The intensity of going through motions with Erin to grieve her past life and accept everything the girl couldn't have was amazing. Even the letter aspect, was her way of just not accepting her current situation. Not taking that she would shortage the in order to chase boys and be silly with her girlfriends. This aspect was more depressing in my opinion than what actually happens to her in the story.

Delfino's tale is interesting mostly because we just know so little about Delfino. And We am unsure if the authors do it on goal or if I ensure it is all up in my head but there always appears to be a collective theme in each book. Book 1 contemplated death and what it means to be alive. Book one 5 contemplated life with or without people. Book 2 depicted the means for survival. Book 2. 5 is exploring the acceptance of their current situation. Delfino's story can only be what I can imagine the start of the Delfino we know in Book 2. What happens, leads to him to break out of his comfortable misconception and to the apocalypse.

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