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The storyplot itself was actually very good.

Nevertheless , I'm very glad this is a free book as there is no indication that it was "part 1" if a serial story.

I would have been very let down had I covered this book. Its a real shame. Had the book been complete, it could have been exceptional.

Individually I can't stand this type of thing. Is actually one thing if the a proper "series" that has a complete plot with some type of quality for the primary character.

Nevertheless, when the book just stops without any type of resolution it turns myself off what would have otherwise been a very pleasant book., I'm so frustrated right now.

You understand those series of books that really feel like all 3 books are one complete book and the writer just cut the first off randomly at a cliffhanger to force one to buy the next books? This is certainly one of those.

We should say that We don't mind when authors leave some threads untied. In Justin Cronin's Passing books, the first two books never resolve the overall issue of the virus that has brought over America. In the Harry Potter books, you avoid know what's going to happen with Harry and Voldemort until the final chapters. But for those series, each book still wraps up its own story. In book one of Harry Potter, Harry defeats the immediate danger. Inside Justin Cronin's first book, the characters defeat the villain they're hunting. With regard to a series to truly feel like a series, in my opinion, this is how it should go: each book should wrap up the own conflict while still leaving some overall clashes or story arcs in place.

That is where this guide fails.

Don't get me wrong: the story is compelling and extremely well told. Despite a few typos that make myself think some professional modifying is still needed (a random " my" in the middle of a sentence; a " too" where it should be " to" ), We was hooked. I cherished the primary character. I felt the tension. I was aboard for the plot.

But I came to the ending of the book and... it wasn't the final. We were remaining absolutely and completely hanging and another book isn't very even available for purchase yet.

This is a self-publishing technique that I loathe and it has turned what would have been - if completed - a five-star story into a 3 star review.

If you don't mind books that seem to be to ending in the middle and pressure you to wait for the next two payments (of which the second will no doubt also ending in a inscrutable place), go for it. If not, hold off - do not start reading! In least until both the follow up " books" (read: pieces of a single book) are done., This book seems quite near to the Percy Jackson series, if it had gore, death and totalitarian dictatorship. Not a bad series start, quite inventive world building, but be warned this is actually Fated Destruction: 400 page guide. The book has almost no finale as such, no book level story arch worth noting. As a setup for the series it serves well, as a standalone not really., If I needed to choose one word for this book it would be " powerful". This is a dark gothic Greek mythology urban Fantasy with a highly original and very well-written plot. There are several unexpected twists and becomes here and a real surprise at the ending (which I shall not give away as I'm not a spoiler). This is not your G-rated fantasy. Is actually harsh, twisted and real, yet there is wish.

Overall I really liked this guide, but a twice warning is needed. 1st, this is an habit forming book so you can anticipate that you will be rushing to get its sequel, The Golden Shears, as soon as possible once you've finished this book. (I know I am doing so, and luckily my understanding is that it's about to be made available on kindle. ) Second, this author has a habit of ending books on cliffhangers. I don't actually consider this book an overall total cliffhanger as much is resolved, but the really is not even a near to a total quality of too much - and that " real shocker" I mentioned above is got to have a major impact.

I provide 4 stars mostly because of the quasi cliffhanger. If you discover anything even hinting of cliffhangers of any type to be abhorrent then subtract another star (though I certainly wouldn't go further than that). When you're not bothered by cliffhangers, in particular when they're only " quasi" cliffhangers then consider adding that previous star.

Strongly recommended., This was a free kindle book. It was ok until the heroine escapes Juvie. Downhill quickly after that with so much puzzling Greek mythological references and characters and names. Story ended abruptly to sell 2nd book in series. This Atalanta not buying it., Lucky for myself, I knew this guide had a sequel (which We bought when I was almost finished reading this one), so I could just enjoy the story, knowing I could pick upward where it left off by reading the next novel, The Golden Shears. I'm totally hooked on this story -- just as I became hooked on two other novels written by this author: Shearwater and Prescient. I look forward to reading The Golden Shears, and I would recommend this book to anyone buying a good story with a believable and amiable heroine and a great story that weaves Ancient greek language mythology into real life in a manner that makes it extremely hard to stop reading. I blame mcdougal (partly) for being extra fatigued the mornings after keeping up late to read this guide., I thought Scarlet was a pretty good read as far as it went. It had an interesting story line and a steady pace; it just ended way too soon with a great deal left unfinished. Cliffhanger. Grr., This is different than the things i normally read but I'm so glad I am reading it. I aren't wait and learn more. For myself I was looking for something new and different. Boy oh boy We found it

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