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In case like me - you invariably is an average American resident who has had faith in and pretty much trusted the FAA and NTSB and national news outlets to give a reasonably precise accounting of why aeroplanes crashed over time - Quit trusting right now! This specific book highlights the egos, malfeasance, financial gain, ignorance, laziness and cowardice of a whole bunch of "experts" who written for make a mess of an "investigation" that resulted in at least 2 needless plane crashes with hundreds of fatalities. How heartbreaking., Interesting subject, but developed with too much concentrate on the legal side of the story - depositions, hearings, legal strategies, etc . - and few webpages dedicated to the specialized issues involved.
Also, a good resource and psychological analysis of the crew involved in that incident., I feel an aviation safety professional and this was an incident I was not familiar with. Very good information into accident investigation from another era. Great writing style that keeps you engaged., As a traveling on this flight, we (my wife and I) eagerly awaited for the publication to arrive. Emilio Corsetti has done a masterful and thorough job in his investigation. And the explanations we received in our conversations with Preliminary Hoot Gibson, the authors description parallels whatever we were told. This is a great read. Particularly if your into airplane problems. We are continually amazed that as this failure has happened in a number of models in the Boeing line, we also find it frustrating that the NTSB and Boeing refuse to exonerate the pilots. A great read. Enjoy
Pat/Floyd Carlson
Seat 1a &b, As a paying passenger in seat #21A on Captain Hoot Gibson’s/First Officer Jeff Kennedy’s death-defying April 4, 1979 TWA Flight #841, my first-hand, insider experience and resulting perspective is in complete alignment with what the author, Emilio Corsetti, sets forth in “Scapegoat”.

Reading “Scapegoat” allowed myself to relive that tempestuous night once again (with thanks in my heart to the Lord — and Hoot (1934-2015), Scott and Gary — to me still being alive), and then walk the years of Hoot’s pain through all his attempts to clear the flight crew members’ names.

This book presents a potent, persuasive case that the original researchers got it wrong. Corsetti lays out a meticulous, careful review of the evidence along with a detailed explanation of the most likely sequence of events that generated the barrel roll, nose get, and otherwise impossible recuperation. “Scapegoat” is a MUST-READ for anyone and everyone who has ever held or currently holds a valid pilot’s license — and for each and every individual that is related in any manner in any way to the aviation industry. The protagonists spewing out their flawed, even unwarranted, TWA 841 stories distributing around the general aviators industry these past 3+ decades owe Hoot’s family (may God rest his soul), and Scott and Gary a large time apology. Hoot, Scott and Whilst gary are courageous, shining heros who refused to let the airplane crash that night.

I pray Corsetti’s “Scapegoat” will re-launch established efforts to clear Hoot, Scott and Gary from what I believe the evidence shows to be an erroneous NTSB summary.

Roger Peterson (Publisher, STEMPress--Orlando; Director of IM Relationships, Converge--Orlando)
Seat #21A, TWA 841, Apr 4 1979, I just finished 'Scapegoat'

This is a very well written account of what really happened to TWA 841 and the subsequent railroading of three professional Pilots
with a totally mismanaged and biased 'investigation' by the NTSB.

As a professional Preliminary myself who flew the B727 for six years in two different chairs I could vouch for the authors carefully researched
account. It's good to see these much maligned pilots finally have their real story informed., I just flew from Minneapolis to Atlanta to Dublin and hearing an airline story immediately piqued my interest. I think it’s important to NOT Google what happened to totally enjoy the book as the author is considerate enough to give detailed tales within the major body. Like a good action movie, something big happens by the 18-minute mark. At first, the articles are crisp and tight, the author writes enough so the reader can get put in, but not too much time to get lost in minutia. While the setting is surely an airplane, what the book really provides is a “you decide” guide that is detailed enough for someone to take information is if they so chose. You will notice the story of the occurrence in carefully outlined details, then many different factors of view, but eventually that of the security of the pilot Captain “Hoot” Gibson.

What makes the story compelling is that in 1979, there was clearly no Google or the sociable media platforms and videos that might have extra evidence one way or the other. The guide mentions this connection, but think about research through real newspapers, microfilm, and finding people. As a part of Generation X living in the Washington DC suburbs, my first plane tragedy memory came from Air Florida Flight 90, a airplane that hit the 14th Street Bridge in bad weather. This flight, however, was not an icy chaos from takeoff, rather, an opportunity for a pilot to and crew to be at their finest. As we look to a future with self-driving vehicles, one wonders if a computer could have done what this pilot do.

Dialogue is a crucial part of most audiobooks. Just for this guide to succeed, we need different voices. There are some tower-to-airport, airport-to-tower dialogues that give it a cinematic feel, but overall it is a simple narrative. How exactly does the guide treat its primary and secondary audience? The main audience, the aviation industry might be happy with the level of details which even those experts may learn something. Typically the secondary audience, the basic public will find that there’s explication to help them get through some components, but similar to a jury trial, detailed diagrams, images, and video would make the concepts more concrete. There is a common component, however, that all readers can tie to, and that is the feeling of being in the minority and the microaggressions that can go along with that.

Where We feel the book works is creating this feeling of emptiness for “Hoot, ” the pilot. He can feel he excelled under difficulty and instead gets ostracized. In the classic “show, seldom tell” fashion we feel for him as stewardesses will not fly with him, a training evaluator makes his life more difficult, as do some of the investigators. He loses his circle of friends when things go sour. A fresh story of a hero who becomes an outcast. Much of the book is a defense of Hoot, the pilot, but it makes a tremendous social statement and provides a lesson in empathy. It starts large faceless entitles against a small group, even a single man.

The vast majority of the book clashes the strong first few hours. Around two-and-a-half hrs, the book goes back again to Hoot’s childhood, how he had flying, and so on. While most audiobook listeners shun an abridged volume, I believe a tighter version, that kept the tension proceeding would have succeeded better than this eleven hour offering. A fresh good comprehensive and well researched guide, but we go from sympathetic and engaged juror, to someone that is watching the clock with excessive amounts of time used to prove and protect the pilot. For example, the author dedicates almost half-an-hour to the timing of collecting meal trays. While this time stamp is important for a jury trial and set the record straight, the story seems to lose its steam proving and beating a dead horses with detail than focusing on the core theme, an innocent crew ends upward being the victim of groupthink and bias stemming from perceived guilt, mostly an event of an removed flight tape.

Is it worth a read? Yes, I think so, but in the end I would retract my statement to not Google, rather, We would Google the photographs that could help me understand flaps, aircraft schematics and maneuvers.

Narrator Review

Typically the narrator, Fred Filbrich, provides a well-read account. We didn’t spot the narrator as his voice was a warm background till the guide switched from primary narrator to tower to airline flight and flight to structure dialogue. It’s a fairly easy listen and I found myself moving through hours of the book without realizing time going by. Except for conversations between the cockpit and the structure, the book mostly lacks dialogue that would have made the narrator’s job a little easier. Overall, however, the narrator made a highly technical volume pleasurable.

Audiobook was provided for review by the author.

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