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We are hardly a conservative, but after Scalia died, an interview replayed on book tv set. I decided to explore his philosophy. I find him more a protector of our constitution and a firm believer it's far, simplicity be preserved. it will probably be perhaps impossible to find another with his steadfast clarity, Brilliant, scathing, funny, enlightening... all of these describe Scalia's writing style. He was perhaps the most thoughtful man actually to sit on the Supreme Court. As has been noted, all of opinions of the Best Court justices can be seen for free online. However, I appreciate the invaluable circumstance provided by Mr. Ring surrounding the opinions written. For those of us without a law degree and without the time to adequately research each viewpoint, the background he provides clarifies and produces in life what would otherwise be just a collection of opinions. Additionally, his comments regarding Scalia and his methodology for evaluating the metabolic rate get this to read a real education., It was one remarkable man. Most truly smart people know what nitwits are now on the bench and have been on the Supreme Court during the history of our great nation. Then we have the very rare jurists who know the Metabolism and are able to accurately delineate their positions with clarity. Antonin Scalia is one of those jurists and this publication communicates a number of his dissents exactly as he had written them. He skewers his fellow jurists (especially the liberals, including his precious friend, Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg). This book is a great and easy read. At times, it handles to not hold my interest and I have to put it down for a bit. That situation is the exception. Justice Scalia was quite humorous in his dissents. Add his sense of humor to his brilliant mind, cogent reasoning, and ability to create with a command in our language and the end product is a great book. His love for our Country and our Constitution are evident from the dissents in this book. May he sleep in peace and could you be enlightened by his writings., Absolutely highly rated. The refreshing alternative to the infantile garbage you hear people who slept through high school graduation and university seeking to talk about in what sadly passes for writing or media news today. I highly recommend that Justices Ginsburg and Sotomayor give it a try., This must be the most effective books I've ever read - and I read Lots of books. I've always been fascinated with US history and the founding of our country. I've also been a policial junkie for the past twenty five years and recently made a mid-life career change and will be attending law school in the fall - so that may explain my interest in this book.

Thus many times over time, the Supreme Court made selections I couldn't understand. Typically the mainstream media only reports the majority decision - not the dissenting opinions - so I thought maybe there was something in the Constitution I missed or didn't understand. Now I recognize that I am not alone - there is certainly at least one Justice who believes that the job of the Best Court is to investigate an issue based on the original text and that means (not "intent") of the Constitution - not to further social policies. When something is not addressed in that document - for instance a phantom "right to privacy" - the SC should back off and let "we the people" and our elected legislatures make policy determinations, not 9 non-elected lawyers. When the people don't like something in the Metabolism, or want something added to it, there is a specified way to change it.

This is a fascinating book and Scalia writes in a way that doesn't require any legal knowledge. Their passion will come in in his writing, and he backs everything up with facts and/or appropriate analogies. I wish we had more like him on the Courtroom, and fewer Justices who think they have the godlike right to effect social policy changes because of their personal emotions. Maybe then we could get rid of the farcical "litmus tests" on divisive issues like abortion for nominated Justices, and instead get some true Constitutional scholars., Scalia remains the initial voice of faithfully seeking to clarify the Law without bringing changing culture into interpretation. If the Metabolism needs to change, it can be amended--is his basic repeated mantra. He continually stress the Cort├Ęge of Separation of Capabilities that is so vital to the Democracy. No one has ever said it more consistently! He creates with clarity and consitency and calls it like it is. He can be doficult to replace, thank you, I've been reading this to my newborn son, Jonas Antonin. He completely enjoys the dissents of his namesake.

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