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I don't know how they do it but each book draws you in deeper and deeper. The particular characters are like your world traveling friends sending letters of their amazing lives so it seems like you're living it too. Yes there's too much crap happening in the world today so it's great to flee to justice being doled out. Valerie kicks ass and makes the world a better place., Saved by Monto is a fun payment in the Reclaiming Honor series about Valerie, the vampire who kicks bottom for justice wherever the lady goes. While I enjoyed this book, I did not get as involved in it as I had some of the prior books. Perhaps Valerie has just gotten too immortals, maybe the series has gone on a little too much time, or maybe I am just sick, and the cold medicine is effecting my enjoyment. Regardless I am looking forward to reading the final guide which has already been in my library.

Contains graphic violence and language., Mr. Sloan has written great payment to Valerie's story. A lot of action, lots of character insight and development. My only complaint is that I found it a little hard to follow all of the separate storylines. When some of the wandering cast returned to Nyc almost at the conclusion of the book, I had formed to skim back and re-read what transpired and it was just like at the 57% mark. That is a lot of story between one appearance on the next appearance.
Overall, a great read tho' and I highly recommend everyone read it now!, Great Valerie read, she is kicking wolf and taking minds! Ya know normal alternativ stuff. You can see in this guide the growth of her and the characters around her, which a good story when the characters are always evolving, weather it's selections you agree with or not, a character must evolve or stagnate and die. Nice!!!!!!!, maybe the best of the series, keep them coming, We the fanatical readers will not be denied.... We need Valerie back in New You are able to over time to kick some indie ass. And what about Sandra and Diego, Cammie and Roland, or even the pensive Robin???!!! The crime has already been committed and we need to learn where the next book is certainly going. And I, for one, want it NOW... Hiding is not an option, we have "ways" of finding evasive authors, so Justin, your job commences again! If someone doesn't really know what What i'm saying is, I advise they get started with book 1, and stick to the story of Valerie.... then join us hunting the next book as yet unreleased.... (Not so gentle hint to our author) Breathing and eating and occasional sleeping will grudgingly be tolerated, usually. To the agony of looking forward to us, sigh., As I have read Justin's textbooks during the last year, his growth as a master story writer has been evident. This guide is totally interesting and seamlessly written. As you immerse yourself in the story there are no errors or story missteps to suddenly make your reading stutter. It is like you are actually there. He seamlessly segues between the four story charmilles with the conclusion of the book leave you desperate for the next., I truly don't know how you guys manage to keep everything in the series straight, and connected to the details in the other spin-offs, but somehow you do. I greatly enjoyed this guide, reading in pretty much non-stop today, between mail assignments. (I'm a courier. )

New readers will want to get started on with the very first book, or possibly with the primary series, if you need to truly understand some key references.

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