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The particular Mercenary meets his match. Savage is paid to handle the nefarious orders, by Livingstone, at Edinburgh Fort. He sees a beautiful Lady, wife to a member of the Douglas Clan. He subsequently rescues her-instead of killing the woman as was his obligation. For the next 5 years, thoughts of one another linger, until Savage gets a missive from the previous Lady Douglas. He sets sail for the Abbey, rescues his Lady and a journey on the sea is begun.

This was this kind of adventurous tale. Interjecting Le Brecque into the story line, their ongoing relationship of mutual value and fight at the drop of a napkin or toss of a lady's skirt. I think I enjoyed their banter as much as the love story between Jane and Shaw. Anxiously awaiting Book 2 and Book 3!, Excellent story by Eliza Knight!! There is more chivalry among pirates than nobles. Shaw was observing the banquet waiting for his men to be released from have dungeons. Tension is felt all around the room. Lady Jane Douglas, wife of Lord William Douglas is escorted out of the room. Then Andrew Livingston charges the two Douglas kids with treason. Shaw was told to get rid of Lady Jane. He finds her and saves her. Shaw will take her to a convent at Iona. Five years later Livingston finds out where she is. Items start happening when the girl finds Shaw. I enjoyed reading this book and looking toward reading the others in this course., I have read almost all of Eliza Knights books and this is definitely one of my favorites! I could not put it down. I can not wait wait for the next book in the series!, Who doesn’t like pirates and battles on the sea? I understand I certainly do. Author Knight utilizes her imagination and creative juices to produce a likeable bad guy, one of the very ruthless pirates, who can’t seem to be to help/deny himself adoring one wee lass whom he saved from certain death when she was only 16. Besides this individual save her then, but saves her on other occasions. Lady Jane is wary, for all of that.

The rules of courtship for a buccaneer aren’t as Lady Jane expects, but this clever, handsome and yes, honorable pirate, is the one who has gotten under her skin (damn him anyway! ). Lady Jane is a widow, made so by the loss of life of her young husband, William. Livingstone, a commendable, has Shaw do his dirty work. Shaw MacDougall, Prince of the Devils of the Deep, also known as Savage, desires his coffers full and can be used to work. He’s ready to collect his gold, but doesn’t know what he would be doing. Livingstone tells Shaw to follow William’s wife, who’d been delivered to a room in the tower, and get rid of the woman. Doing as told, this individual finds her fighting off a man intent on raping and no uncertainty killing.

Now, there is something Shaw cannot put up with. It is abuse of women. He saves the ategori, taking her to an abbey where her great aunt lives and for 6 years all is silent. She knows not if Livingston thinks her deceased. Word comes to the abbey, Livingstone’s making a tour in the country and will be coming to the abbey soon.

That’s when things heat up. Lady Jane had been keeping in touch with Shaw a couple of times a year, but less more recently. Shaw has his castle on Scarba, an island he is the owner of. She sends him a message through an old angler that she is in danger. Shaw comes immediately taking her on board his ship.

Shaw wants Lady Jane, however, he never forces a woman. Whenever he saved her 6 years past, she was but a female. Now the girl is a luscious curvaceous beautiful woman. He desires to save her, for in his heart he is always held a candlestick with her, his head hasn’t involved. Lady Jane won’t travel with Shaw unless of course he marries her, yet she’s in desperate need to escape the abbey. The particular scene of negotiation is artfully crafted and one of the more humorous scenes. The kiss, sealing the agreement, has Lady Jane’s attention. She’d never been kissed so by the woman husband. But what it really does to Shaw!

Nothing is simple on the sea. In case nature doesn’t have you fighting for your life, another pirate ship with its own agenda can easily do you in. Between just keeping alive and the tumultuous feelings Shaw and Lady Jane have for every other, make this story humorous, yet evoking apprehension for the danger Lady Jane is at. Will she move from the frying pan to the fire?

Shaw MacDougall, Royal prince of the Devils of the Deep, for all is ruthlessness is quite a wonder. His men adore him. Adoration comes with fairness and value, so we get much the measure of the man through his conversation with his men.

I enjoyed the brotherhood Shaw had with Constantine The Breque, whose stronghold is in Cornwall. He is the leader of the English pirates, another a gang of pirates, only English, equally as strong and savvy as Shaw and his Highlanders. Who does have thought Scotland and Britain could have actually worked well together during those times? I guess pirates are pretty smart!

Prepare yourself for this excitement-filled series. Kathryn Le Veque releases Leader of Titans conclusion of November., The Fierce, ferocious of the Sea, Pirate Prince, also known as 'Shaw', is acting as a mercenary to pay a debt for his men. During this action, he is told to perform an act that even he finds repugnant. As a result of his pang of conscience, Shaw meets and rescues the genteel Lady Jane. These two very different people strike up a a friendly relationship through letters over the few years, until Lady Jane desperately needs help and cannot think to feel safe with anyone other than Shaw. So Lady Jane summons Shaw to her aid and the real adventure begins!
The plot is stuffed with intrigue, action, terrific characters, longing, and plenty of heat! This is a real seafaring romance romp that's difficult to put down once you begin. I cherished it and highly recommend it to readers of romance and historical relationship. This is the first in a series, and if this book is any indication, the next book is already on my listing!
I are unable to wait to read the story of the next buccaneer. Will it be Thor or le Brecque?

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