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I voluntarily read an arc of this book for a fair and honest review. Alison had become a commodity. Her cousin was trading her to pay off a debt. When we meet Hunter and Came they are at their headquarters in Chicago fighting about Leo and the wager he lost to Hunter. Drew thinks Hunter is crazy accepting a woman rather than money for payment of Leo’s personal debt. Can we just stop here for a second.. romance novel aside... we are still here about individual trafficking? The point that Hunter is fine with this is somewhat disturbing.. no matter his intentions. Drew appears to be the voice of reason although Hunter isn’t hearing him or her. For thirty days Alison is theirs. When Came learns that Alison has a degree in Aesthetic Arts he decides that he would offer the woman a job working at their company during the woman thirty day stay. Hunter is not all in on this idea... I know I like Came more than Hunter. After that Hunter surprises me and claims sex is just on the table after mutual agreement. Companionship is the only real requisite. At dinner at their home that night time Alison wanted to agent a deal with the two men. Seeing as she would be working for them and designing a logo for their cornerstone of the business... if the woman logo was chosen, they would let her go before the thirty days and nights was up. The other caveat was no sexual intercourse. They reluctantly agreed. The men held true to their promise. Alison worked day and night on the logo design hoping to not only have her logo chosen so she could get away of the thirty day promise, but because the girl invested in the ideal of the logo. This particular book is a lttle bit different then the others in this genre, it’s pacing was more realistic and the “jump and hump” formula was missing. I totally enjoyed this read., I am voluntarily writing this review for this book I received through arc.

Allison cousin put her in a dangerous situation again due to his gambling. Now the girl is being turned over to two guys to cover his debt.
Drew wager Leo who lost and Allison was your prize? Hunter couldn't think he would do that but Drew thought that both of them could enjoy her and this individual was right.

Hunter offered her a job at their company creating a logo for their new foundation. Allison will have to go along with them to Las Las vegas for the foundation kick off. Las Vegas was amazing the foundation received a lot of money that night.

They were all on the way again to Chicago in their jet and decided Alison should join the mile high club. They return to Chicago and they all decided she should stay with them. Things were going well when the woman cousin Leo called the woman and told her he would tell them the truth unless she comes upward with money.

She was scared to lose them if they found out, the girl had no where to go will Drew and Hunter leave when they find out her techniques. They are her family and she doesn't want to lose them. This particular book is so hot it sizzles!, Alison is actually bang out of fortune in the family section. Her cousin is a sniveling, no good waste of space so when he " loses" the woman in gambling the girl with not best pleased him or with the man who won her, Hunter. Came was at first not very happy with Hunter, completely understanding Alison's anger but once he sees her & gets to know her this individual is as determined as Hunter is to succeed her over. But Alison isn't a pushover, the girl won't give in just because Hunter & Drew " own" her for per month, she has plans that don't include being a pawn in her cousin's game. But the attraction between the three can not be denied and Alison chooses the woman own fate with the two men who treat the woman like a queen. But the girl with keeping a secret from Hunter & Came, the one that could tear their very new relationship separate, not to mention the ugly shadow that the woman cousin casts over them all.

I voluntarily reviewed a sophisticated Reader Copy of this book., A really good book, quite the love story. Allison was basically a debt paid for from poker, Hunter and Came were looking for the one they could present to their lives, and that could become a part of them. They made a deal for the woman freedom and she accepted, once her freedom was realized and both of the men practiced patience she also realized they weren't the evil men she thought and the girl had grown to like them and wanted to give herself to them, which she did, often and they also all enjoyed it. Needless to say her uncle more than likely stop there and tried out blackmailing Allison, buff t she confessed to get as well as they went to handle it however the girl wanted to cleanup the woman own family mess and brilliantly bluffed her dad into giving up his plan as well as never bothering them again, this love story ended splendidly with both men on one knee requesting for her hand. I voluntarily reviewed an superior reader copy of this book., I voluntarily evaluated an Advanced Readers Backup of this book. And i also enjoyed the story immensely.

Nicole Elliot has a knack for writing entertaining and sexy stories, with strong beautiful young women and handsome sexy alpha males with big hearts, what will cause you to underlying for a beautiful HEA all the way through. And Satisfied 2X is no exeption.

This is a angsty, humorous and steamy read. The storyline is captivating and the chemistry and interaction between the three protagonists is hot. It is perfect paced for a brief snuggle up read.

Amanda's cousin pays of his pokerdebt by having the woman delivered to the success of the pokergame, Hunter, and Hunters business partner, Drew. Angry and terrified, Amanda, is in for a suprise when the girl gets to know the men and their true intentions., This book is about Hunter and Drew who get Alison as a debt pay off only will they ending upward falling for each other?? I really enjoyed this book and it was a lttle bit more detailed than this authors usual books which I really liked. The only reason I couldn’t give it 5 celebrities was because there were a few typos and spots in the book where I believe the author at one point would definitely use a different name for Drew but then when she changed it is wasn’t changed everywhere so it was obviously a little confusing. If you can get past the editing issues I believe you will really enjoy this story.

* I received an ARC of this book in return for an honest review*

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