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I’ve studied World War 2 for years. I’ve read a great number of books, both nonfiction and fiction, and watched a lot of documentaries. My undergrad degree is even in history. Yet somehow, before SALT TO THE SEA, I’d only heard about the Wilhelm Gustloff once.

One mention of such an immense tragedy.

I am thankful to Ruta Sepetys for writing SALT TO BE ABLE TO THE SEA. I always enjoy historical fiction that features me to something We didn’t know before, which she certainly does. Yet more than that, the author has such a deft, confident hand that We could sense the amount of research she did and the respect the lady has for the remainders and victims of the Wilhelm Gustloff. Sepetys doesn’t overwhelm you with the girl knowledge, but inserts it subtly, weaving it into the backstories, thoughts, and actions of the characters.

SALT TO THE SEA is told through the eye of four characters. Joana is Lithuanian, a nurse who always wants to help people in need, even if helping them might place herself in danger. Florian is Prussian, a boy with a pack of secrets. Emilia is Polish, a lady on the run from unspeakable horrors. Alfred is The german language, an associate of the Kriegsmarine, and loyal to Hitler’s every thought. By using characters of different nationalities and loyalties, the author will be able to show the many edges of Operation Hannibal, when Germany evacuated soldiers and citizens ahead of the Red Army.

The “chapters” in the book are short, often 2-3 pages before hopping to another character. For that first few chapters, this bugged myself a bit, as We couldn’t get to know anyone with such short chapters. Then I obtained used to it and liked the short chapters, because the sparseness was more impactful than overloading me with details would have been.

SALT TO BE ABLE TO THE SEA is one of those rare books that I’ll be thinking about for a while., Rumbo Sepetys is one of the finest writers, young adult or otherwise, writing today. The woman two previous novels, Among Shades of Gray and Out of the Easy, held me enthralled through every page. Now comes Sodium to the Sea, and it is everything and more that the others are. But a phrase to the wise up front... have tissues close up by.

There are four parts of view telling the story of Salt to the Sea, and each is distinctive, secretive, and deep. We have Emilia, a Polish girl of fifteen who has faced untold horrors of World War II, and is preserved early on by the " knight", Florian. Florian has a major secret of their own; he is carrying something very valuable and is trying to get away to protection while simultaneously exacting revenge on those with whom he worked. Distracting Florian, however, is the young nurse, Joana, a Lithuanian who is leading a publication tag group to the safety of a ship leaving Germany now that Hitler has deemed it all right in the final months of the war. Finally, there is Alfred, a young sailor in the German navy blue who " writes" letters in his head to his love, Hannelore, while staying away from work and planning a amazing future.

Though these are generally the voices we hear, there are so many others involved and each one will wrap themselves around your heart, particularly the Shoe Poet and the Wandering Boy who will be assisted in getting on the lining Wilhelm Gustloff combined with the others. They are stunning types of man's inhumanity to man and yet the energy of hope and the determination to survive. Sepetys gives them lives that represent so many more who experienced as much trauma or even worse.

So much happens that you will find yourself attempting to totally inhale this history, but make yourself slower down and feel the ache of hunger, the biting cold, the long walks, the deceptions and the triumphs. Sepetys has done her research thoroughly and it shows in every word. I are unable to rate this one highly enough and I desire you to definitely read it and remember it., Before starting 'Salt to the Sea', I had heard quite a lot of praise for the book. In fact, I was a little nervous to begin it because I was afraid that it wouldn't live up to it's reputation. Thankfully, that didn't prove to be the case. This guide was beautiful, devastatingly so.

Microsoft. Sepetys does a wonderful job of shedding light on the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff, a maritime disaster that stated more than 9, 500 lives and remains an overlooked part of history. Admittedly, I had never heard of this disaster until reading this book. Perhaps this is the result of a world which was less than sympathetic to German pain and loss adopting the conclusion of WWII and the unveiling of the Nazi atrocities. Whatever the reason, We are glad that Ms. Sepetys brought this piece of history into the light. This story needed to be told.

Weaving truth and fiction together effortlessly, the author tells the story of any group of WWII refugees seeking to run away as the Russian soldiers gain ground in the direction of the conclusion of WWII. Told in alternating POVs, this guide reveals a human aspect of war. Everybody seems to have something to hide and a different motivation for their steps. Above all else, this story highlights the battle to survive.

Most apparent in this cast of characters are: Joana, the Lithuanian nurse; Emilia, a young Polish girl; Florian, Emilia's mysterious rescuer; and Alfred, a German enthusiast. There is a full cast of supporting characters as well, like the shoemaker, that contribute to the richness of this story. Each and every play a considerable role in making this a robust reading experience.

We don't want to ruin this story for anyone. Obviously, the ship basins. Yet , I won't say much else about the storyline because I believe this is a story worth experiencing.

This isn't a rainbows and unicorns type of story. It is real and moving. At times painful, this book highlights the depths of human depravity, as well since the incredible kindness that folks are equipped for. This is a story of tragedy and survival. It was uncooked, gritty and inspiring. We enjoyed this story quite a little and would recommend it without reservations to anyone that is searching for a good, historical fiction that addresses a lesser-known part of WWII history.

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