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Really informative, giving insight in looking for an excellent hanging around boat. How one few made the plans and devised methods and reasons they chose the Yawl they purchased. Started out with the " dream", how they practically gone about organising their lives and jobs to fulfil that dream; showing how they made it their reality. Written in a way that captivates your attention, rendering it difficult to place the book down!
Mary writes in a descriptive language that allows one to drift comfortably into the narrative, and forget about the act of reading a publication. Entertaining, highly informative and honest. Thoroughly recommend this book., I thoroughly loved this book--and that from a city-bred landlubber for whom sailing the Pacific cycles in anything but a cruise liner would be unspeakable. Except in my imagination, of course, for We loved Kon Tiki when I was young and adventurous, and this publication took me returning to those days.

In this publication, as in Tubob, the history of her Peace Corp years, Mary Trimble has the knack of drawing you into her life so totally that you are walking her shoes, burning in the sun, shivering in the wet, clinging to the halyards in the gales. But this is not the story of the young and reckless; I, who have never sailed anything larger than a dinghy, am in awe of the Trimbles’ preparation—from boat to cookware, food to rigging and the knowledge of the ocean they display before they set out.

Since the first stage of the trip is probably the roughest, we are immediately caught up in the overwhelming force of the sea, the willpower required to battle weather (and seasickness) that makes the simplest of jobs, such as visiting the bathroom, hazardous. We echo Trimble’s exclamation, “And this is supposed to be fun? ” We are as relieved as they to reach The southern part of waters and the sun, discard our wet products and reflect on the value of knowledgeable preparation.

When the Trimbles reach Samoa, the storyline shifts from the sea to individuals and cultures of the island and the manteau community anchored there for the winter. As in Tubob again, Mary conveys effectively her own joy in meeting the people and customs of other cultures and engages us as well. Again, the gift of detail brings us in close and personal. Among the “yachties” the Trimbles become the experts and we come across the reckless abandon with which some take off across the sea—and the terrifying outcomes. Over and over we are impressed with the Trimbles’ skill, both technical skill in managing their boat as well as its contents.

By simply the time they head for home, the reader has been taken from say bliss of the To the south Pacific islands and warmness of the people, through a harrowing cyclone to solitary enjoyment of uninhabited wilds. And then to the sea in all of its splendor and wrath again as they head north for their reunion with family and friends.

The knowledge of boat and sea, brought home by the detailing, will delight sailors—as well as bringing home the talent and preparation needed before undertaking such a voyage. But the details of equipping and handling the boat never buried the story for non-sailors like me; I was fascinated throughout, and their a few months with the people of the islands provided contrast—up near and personal. I feel I have shared an adventure., Enjoyable reading, especially for people with this problem who only dreamed of an adventure like this. Mary is a great writer and this is a enjoyable book to read., I just finished reading this book -- and We loved it. Having boated with my family we were young, this brought back the bumpy seas, the oven rocking back and on as my mother cooked and the refreshing sodium air above deck. Mary's style of writing is engaging whether you've boated delete word, and it was mind-boggling the amount of preparation that went into this once of a lifetime cruise. So much fun learning about the other " Yachties met along the way, and the beautiful and not so beautiful harbors in the To the south Pacific. Once again, as in Tubob, I found Mary and Bruce's tenacity to push the boundaries of everyday life and follow their dreams moving. I want to thank taking me with you!, Research for my own sailing adventure introduced me to this wonderful book. Full of useful advice, funny anecdotes, and perils we can all learn from, I found Sailing with Impunity a great addition to the books I will keep on the boat with me. My one complaint.... We am from Port Angeles, WA and was more than slightly disturbed to read that Ediz Hook is now in Slot Townsend????, When a experienced novelist casts away hype to embark on a memoir, it's worth observing. Especially therefore , when the writer (Mary E. Trimble) has already written a gripping memoir about volunteering with the Peace Corp in Africa ('Tubob').

In 'Sailing With Impunity' Generic and Mary tackle sailing their own boat from Seattle to the To the south Pacific. As if surviving as hostages in an African coup wasn't thrilling enough, in this guide, a sailor's worse nightmare comes to life. Mary will do a superb job--I couldn't breath during that scene--even though That i knew there was, thankfully, a positive outcome.

Mary takes the reader from the first dream of sailing, buying a boat and meticulously preparing, all the way to sailing to Tonga and back again. It's beautifully told. You may feel willing to combination this particular adventure through your bucket list after reading this article book, or you may be inspired to try blue drinking water cruising yourself. Either way, Mary has given you an accurate account of what's involved.

I think you'll enjoy this publication as much as I have., As it was about sailing I used to be very serious and pleased with the publication overall. Nevertheless the writing style is not prosaic and reads like a diary without embellishment or depth., If your a sailor or just a dreamer of sailing adventures, then this publication is for you. Mary is an outstanding writer that keeps you turning the page. Suggest.

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