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4. 5 stars. I really like Brian Vaughn's work (Y, Ex, Runaways, Pride) and his writing on this series has been wonderful. However, the star of this book is Fiona Staples. Her covers and interior art are, to borrow a Bostonian phrase, wicked-good.

The Celebrity Wars-esque Montague-Capulet w/baby tale continues here as Vaughn weaves a bunch of characters through multiple story lines. Major characters die, the Will returns and the volume ends with some immediate issues resolved but a number of storylines beginning up further (another reviewer mentioned how the sudden killing off of character types if very George L. R. Martin, and I agree... I additionally think Vaughan likes to continue to increase the universe like Mister. Martin as well)., What attracted me first was the stark but significant artwork. The beleaguered few, having and raising the youngster on the run - handled in any way well, there's plenty to a viewer into their plight and plenty of room for the story to increase. This has been dealt with very well.

Now, in this fifth collection of monthly comics, that early on promise is still being retained. If anything, the pressure just keeps getting better, disaster even closer. The authors have a knack for pacing. And, in an ongoing epic similar to this, that means managing the cast of characters. We've lost a few alongside the way, but gained a few also. Only a few, not so many that you're going to lose monitor of who's who, and with enough mixed loyalties to keep the viewer guessing.

Two more things keep a long-lived series alive. First, the open invitation to new visitors. Jumping into the center of a story can be tough for a first-timer, but this makes it easy to join in without boring (or at least obvious) recaps every few issues. Second, there's sequel downturn - specifically, the lack of sequel slump. Is actually easy and distressingly common for a series to fall into a rut, or to lose the vitality of script and art that pulled me in initially. As yet, that remains in the future for the Fable saga - and am wish it's the very much future.

-- wiredweird, Fable continues to thrill as a graphic space safari with incredibly fleshed-out character types. If only some of the print only science fictional I've read was as capable of showing me the impact of moving into a technology-driven, war-torn galaxy on sentient beings. Dark humor abounds along with some tender familial times, but this is well balanced with intensive story-driven action. Like most great science fiction writers, Vaughan quickly pull packs his stories with multiple themes and highly advanced existential crises in a way that allows enough room for visitors to imagine what all of this implies about life in the future and just how our current activities might be leading us all to such a fortune. Furthermore, my wife, 18-year-old son, and am all have another common point of interest to enjoy and discuss together. My only regret is now that I'm caught up in the series I have to wait for future installments, but the anticipation of this volume made for sweet suffering., Fable is the most effective stories We have read in comics. I dove into it buying the first couple of volumes at a comic convention and it immediately grabbed my attention. The only thing is If only I got started reading it when it was first released, or right after the series was completed because having to wait for each volume in TPB is killing me!

The book is modern, positive, and hard-hitting. It hits on many subjects that affect us as a society today but because it's written in as Science Fiction it can reflect on them without the appearance of pandering. I would recommend this to just about anyone, and should still be on the radar for younger years., Yet again another fantastic addition to the Fable story. I absolutely love this course. It has so many dimensions and character types that make this tale so real and strong. I will say that Volume 5 was a little less intensive as the previous volumes, but that was bound to happen. I have a feeling volume level 6 will be amazing since 5 appears to be kind of a setup/buildup to the next volume. I can't wait to continue this series. I'm so glad I started it and I would recommend it to anyone. Apologies my review is a little short, but I physique this late in the series people probably know about it by now. I just wanted to say that it was still amazing even if this was less intensive as previous quantities. On to the next one!, Saga is an addicting series. Underneath the stories of intergalactic war is simply a tale about two individuals wanting to do their best for their daughter. Their mankind, as touching as it, always seem to get the better of them.

I love this story and its progression and a geek and a new parent myself., If you're new to the series, go pick up Volume One ASAP! This is unlike anything you will ever read, and is ridiculous, weird, and thoroughly satisfying. Fiona Staples' artwork is very visual and leaves not the imagination (Chapter 26, men dragon, OMG) and moves completely with Vaughn's witty and unique writing style. The plot, though crazy and disturbed, is very, very good; Saga is intricate, fast-paced, and every bit as multilayered as George R. R. Martin's masterpiece. Saga will hook through the first webpage and leave you wanting for more once you've blown through all five trade paperbacks., Volume 5 is the first one where all the story's elements finally clicked for me.

Marko and Alana have some solid personality development in this arc. Staples' renderings of Hazel make her role in the plot all the more heartbreaking, as will her older self's fréquentation. Vaughan uses a dark sense of humor and jarring times of physical violence here to greater impact than in the earlier volumes. The flashback to how Landfall and Wreath's war has established massive damage across other worlds pulls the reader into almost wanting to identify with Dengo and the Previous Revolution.

To me, Saga has only gained more level and a powerfully mature use of pathos in this latest installment. Cannot wait for Volume 6th!

As a side notice, I wish Amazon were better about delivering visual novels undamaged. My release came with the back's bottom part corner wrinkled.

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