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Mick Grant and John Molvar have written a guide to youth and young running that is based on sound approach, rules and practical applications. Like a former Division 1 school cross country and track & field athlete, and having coached my two sons for the past 10 years, I have not found a youth and young running guide that is so complete and in depth, expert yet approachable, and illustrated with plenty of credible and mindset examples of athletes coached by Grant and Molvar. I would highly recommend this as the VERY FIRST guide for youth and teen athletes, coaches and parents. I am having my two sons read can be as well.

Everything in "The Youth and Teenager Running Encyclopedia: A Total Guide for Middle and Long Distance Runners Age groups 6 to 18" has been field tested and with impressive results. Offer and Molvar believe in a goal-oriented, developmental approach to running that concentrates on fun, progressive and constant training that creates success and rewards over the long-term. The creators present a comprehensive platform and expand on the components of this framework with rich, detailed and rational sections that include both rules and practical applications, and illustrate associated with real test workouts utilized by Grant's and Molvar's coached athletes. And there are lots of "don'ts" with explanation of consequences if runners and coaches fail to follow what exactly is recommended.

The guide covers topics that I actually think are very important for youngsters and teen runners, but that other guides leave out, including concentrate on setting goals and attaining improvement, importance of endurance training and "putting money in the bank", importance of damage prevention, too much racing and mental burnout, heart rate to measure training intensity, differences between male and female teen athletes, strength training, sleep and nutrition, and use to train logs.

The icing on the cake is the wrap-up that emphasizes the key points of the guide and includes a intensifying outline of John Molvar's training of his two sons and the achievements, including changes Molvar made from year to year and the cake you produced impact (and tying or braiding Molvar's training to specific parts of the guide - in case the reader has any doubts that it works).

For me, the guide reinforced many of the things that I actually am already doing as a coach for my two sons, introduced new training that I have adopted since learning from Grant and Molvar, and (I'm not afraid to say it) changed some things that may well not have the intended benefit., Wow!! I recently finished reading this guide. I hope the authors have a game title plan about how to market and have this all important book into as many hands as possible. A "must read" is far over used, but in the case, this guide is a must read for all those parents, coaches and kids. The book is not only an encyclopedia, but rather a well-constructed blueprint for success. Read once through and keep forever as a complete reference guide. Following the rules outlined in this guide will bring about a gratifying running experience and steady improvement each and every year. Coaches, please for the sake of your program, digest every page of this guide!! You will rediscover the significance of long-term development rather than short-term results. Making the appropriate changes will push your program to next level. Every aspect of training and racing with specific dos, and more importantly the don'ts are covered in great detail., This is a great read if you have the chance to work long-term with young distance athletes. Its message is noisy and clear. It is also helpful to parents and coaches who are navigating the challenging oceans of the demanding high school race seasons in cross country and track. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to see a sensible and safe way to develop distance talent., While reading on a subject that I consider " my own", my opinions danced in many instructions, but at the conclusion, my impression was that this book is not only comprehensive, but serves as an excellent resource for coaches, athletes, and oldsters of runners; and one which I'll use to make some modifications to future training regimens that I prescribe. Information on youth running is practically non-existent, and sorely lacking; and the sport itself is questionable in many parents' minds, unlike floating around and other comparable endurance sports. The " truth" lies in this particular publication, in how important it is for high school and school aged runners to start as early in life as they are doing so many traditional sports. Growth as a runner will go far beyond what skill can bring, and the process is lengthy in order to be healthy and lasting. I highly recommend this book as a mandatory starting point.

Jerry Palazzo
Head Coach
Equalizers Track Club - Southern California, I wish I had this book once i ran in high school. My coach was a nice guy, actually a Jesuit priest. He was well intentioned but knew little about long distance coaching. Regarding cross country season he or she would have us any mile or two. Never ever any more distances. Never ran on weekends. For indoors only ran 4 to 6 quarter miles several days a week and that was it. I actually guess we negated it by having dual satisfies every week. With little distance work and always running less than 10 kilometers total per week I was still able to any 2: 08 half kilometer.
In my early thirties I ran maybe 20 miles a week and ran competitions every week, the alternative of what the book implies. My pace for these 6. 2 mile competitions was 6. 1 to 6. 4 minutes per kilometer. But did I accumulate a lot of race T-shirts.
Within my mid thirties I actually trained for a convention, running 60 miles a week (this training guide suggests a lot of long runs putting profit the Bank). What a difference. Three weeks after operating a marathon, I ran a ten mile race in 57 minutes! I demonstrated what this encyclopedia implies, fewer races and more distance runs to improve your times. I question what my senior high school half mile times might have already been if I had this book as a training guide?
I highly recommend this book. It is useful for coaches as well as youth athletes and even runners in their thirties and forties., I bought this for my son who is 16 years old. His / her speacilty is the 800 meter run. He has picked up some excellent tips and training ideas.

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