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Traditional icons and the post-apocalyptic future are fused with each other by using cloning technology and an added religious twist... This comic is all over the put in place a way that I can enjoy and have sucked into. It's freaky, funny, exciting, and vulgar, yet for some reason all in good portion.

I caught myself laughing when I least anticipated to, and I appreciate that balance of humor and drama. We're still being trickled little tid-bits about what happened to the old world in issue #2, and it results in me curious and attempting to learn more. The artwork is really fantastic and We caught myself gazing at the images for a time before flipping to the next page. Very well done! I am looking forwards to the next issue!, A sacrilegious book whose post-apocalyptic where Knights Templar and some remnant of Catholicism in a world of clones of famous people. Nevertheless , currently the style is interesting but the and building plots are barely coherent. Plenty of style, but We can't tell where it is going., The artwork style, for me, is fantastic. The storyline, however, is very confusing. I had to red it over three times to make some kind of sense of it. I know there are famous clones who die off quickly, placed in a futuristic world where the church has high reign, and gunpowder is known as a sin. I think I must get to issues 2 and 3 in order to understand what's happening., If you found issue 1 incoherent, issue 2 will never improve things any. The same bizarre story collection continues, with little point. Typically the art is incredibly much the same. There isn't much here. In short, if you didn't like issue 1 you can't like issue 2. And, conversely, if for some reason you loved issue 1, this is more of the same. Enjoy!, Story line not bad, This is a totally crap story the only thing good about this was the art, We liked the references in this problem. My favorite was probably the Monty Python reference with the dark night in the coliseum who lost him arms and legs. Typically the fact you made Adolf Hitler a waste disposal worker was pretty humorous and I think the idea of the replikas having universal nicknames is clever. We could definitely see that happening if we experienced in our world. We liked that a number of the character's were fleshed out there somewhat more and hope to see that continuing on in to the other issues.
I'd like to find out more on this synthetic blood the replikas seem to be to need. Is it a drug, food source, or simply a replacement for their own blood to keep them healthy?
Anyway, sorry I took so long to write up a review, recently been busy with classes lately.
Can't wait around to receive another issue! I'll make sure you read it sooner than I performed this to get back on tract with you guys., True to form, the comic book series remains as irreverent as ever, but I will acknowledge that the more light hearted approach in this part of the tale is a welcome change. From the Replika-type catalog in the first pages all the way to the arena-scene double-page splat, Voghan and case create a horrifying, weird but eventually funny world.

We continue to think about the not enough any proper introduction in to the story’s apocalyptic origins to be a sore point for the book and some of the references come off as forced. But the carnage is good and the humor is raunchier than ever. If you were searching for a cyberpunk Preacher substitute, then you have got your match.

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