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A new brave and determined female's story is told here. In the 21st millennium is not hard to imagine the large disparity in power between Ona and the god-general. It is the variation between the struggling immigrant and the billionaire, the demagogue and ruled, the "religious"fanatics and girls who would want to go to school.

They are reports we all need to hear. George was a main character, but he had serious flaws. Ona was a hero of perhaps even greater bravery. She, and others like her, were equally responsible for founding this nation. The lady was also responsible for providing the feet-on-the-ground foundation of our moral and moral ideals. She what the lady did humbly and because it was the right thing to do., I read this in one sitting down and thoroughly enjoyed it. Bill Donahue brings history alive in the same engaging way as some of the best writers: Laura Hillenbrand, Hampton Sides, and Daniel James Brown. This specific story of the runaway servant whose courage and dedication got the best of her owner will make you think twice about George Washington, who opposed captivity in the abstract while keeping more than 200 slaves whom he dealt with like helpless children. Because a founding father, this individual was a paternalist in the extreme. His incredulity that Ona Judge would run away wearing shoes this individual had covered is merely one of the story's many gratifying moments.

This was the perfect way to kick off the July 4 weekend--rooting for Ona Judge, an unsung hero of America's early years., Parts of " Runaway: Exactly how a Slave Defied Many First President" by Bill Donahue had its dull parts. Still, I will always remember Ona Judge, the runaway slave. And of course, I will remember George Washington, our first president. The story describes his strengths and disadvantages along with the advantages of her character.

Ona Judge was a strong woman. When she lastly experienced freedom, she selected it over residing in captivity ever again. Although the lady was the close good friend of Martha Washington, George Washington's wife, she still hungered for freedom. A friendly relationship and nothing else comes near to the ability to come and go as you please, in other words, to make judgements for you are kingpin.

Even though President Washington was a strong man, he previously a weakness in his character. This weakness haunted his mind. Causing him never to grasp fully the importance of freedom not for only himself but for others who would not look like him or own any similarities to him that he could see.

Maybe, he felt that a form of kindness would keep these slaves loyal and desirous of remaining at Mount Vernon. Also, there was his inner sensation that slaves lacked any intellect. In Bill Donahue's non fiction story, this individual comes across not as a hardened, bitter man who could not change, but as a man who would rather adapt to society's laws. After all, there experienced always been slaves, why change now?

It saddened me to read about his obsessive letters written in order to find Ona Judge and bring her back to the plantation. Yet , What matters is that Ona Judge gained her freedom and stayed free. It is constantly on the bring pain thinking about presidents and statesmen of our country who owned people as property. Right now there is the desire to glorify their position as leaders. Then, there is the confrontation with their lack of ability to have complete empathy for a race different from themselves., I enjoyed this brief, but informative tale about Martha Washington's runaway slave Ona Judge. The author provided a combo of factual events and well intentioned speculation on Ona's trip to freedom.

As an Dark-colored, I always understood that George Washington owned slaves and that there was "more to the story" of his presidency and shallow commitment to abolition. This book helped explain on the subject.

We plan to have my teenage daughter read this tale soon. Thanks Bill!, We wish this was a longer book. Sadly, there is not much recorded about Ona Judge, so this is a very short tale. I feel that most People in america have an idealistic opinion of George Washington, and Donahue gives us a picture of him that shows how flawed he was. Yes, he was a great man, but this individual also tried to prevent the law when it came to getting back a runaway slave. He dealt with his slaves kindly, and he thought that all the purchase of human beings was wrong (so he would not sell his slaves), but neither would this individual free them., This book an interesting check out the Washington's, and slavery. While it will not paint Washington in a very positive life it will take slavery head on. Ona was at one time even described in a movie about Buenos aires. There are a few errors, concerning people and dates. Still it outdoor sheds a unique light on a little known figure in American slavery., Donahue informs an animated and deeply researched account in this supremely enjoyable book. Because if the reader as been allowed a hanging telecamera to pass through the days of Judge, George and Martha Buenos aires, and late 1700s The usa, we become witness to the kaleidoscope of occasions that bring this true story into frame., We marvel at the research that went into writing Ona's story, one of an escaped slave. Apart from for the oral reputations African American families pass down from generation to generation most accounts of non-white lives weren't written or talked about. We grew up within an era when blacks weren't even mentioned in the history books, except for, perhaps a paragraph or two. Say thanks to you for telling such a powerful story.

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