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A solid guide to constructing a running plan... thoroughly explains the " why's" right behind its overall training theme & rationales. If if you're simply looking for an easy read to help you write up your own plan with a lowest of deeper thinking, this isn't the book for you. It is very detailed & will stretch out the average, interested reader to grasp & distill its wisdom. When i loved this depth, I found myself hoping the authors had also included summaries of key points with each area, or provided a more step-by-step structure to the book alongside what they wrote. Even being a motivated & experienced athlete, it was easy to miss the proverbial woodland for the trees.

Definitely not a book for beginners or those without much running experience... but for advanced runners & competitive athletes, this is a smorgasbord of knowledge & hard-won wisdom for creating a running program to make you FAST. In regard to the latter audience, I give this book my highest suggestions!, A neat rundown of how to approach planning your own workouts. Is actually complex and, if you don't just follow the pre-written plans outlined (and Hudson/Fitzgerald admit they are just sample plans), the strategy requires you put a whole lot of thought and planning into plotting out your schedule and buildup.

Very good things:

- It identifies a given set of concerns to consider when planning a run, such as your current mileage, what you have a problem with, and what workouts or approach can help address your weaknesses.
- This points out several tips to successful progress (speedwork, neuromuscular strength, aerobic endurance) and emphasizes building a plan that will improve all of the above.
- In the event you read it cover to protect you'll definitely have a good framework for building your own training programs, and training plans individuals.
- If all else fails and you just require a plan to follow, this guide has several, and it explains in depth the reasoning of why they (and other solid training plans) set up how they are.

- While they permit one to vary the mileage and number of days per week, they insist upon a particular timing and order of exercises, such some doing a long run followed by hill work followed by tempo work, then two easy times before tempo work. They insist that this is the best approach and should usually be adopted in this order, which doesn't lend itself to adapting to a given runner's schedule needs, particularly if they run with a group that does certain runs on certain times of the week.
- They storyline runs by flat distance and give little concern to a runner's rate or their current endurance.
- The particular also rely on very general terms like 'easy run' and 'moderate pace'. That can mean a wide variety of things, and if a athlete has difficulties with how they approach the pacing or intensity of these works, this will not address that.
- It's heavy on self promotion, featuring multiple " look at how awesome of a coach I am" stories about runners Hudson has coached. It won't help that one story is about a athlete who quickly quit on him because he wasn't meeting her needs, as well as centering on stories of runners early in their careers... meaning we avoid really know if each given runner is a success story delete word.

There are some issues, but in all it's not a bad book. In case you have aspirations of being a coach, this template strategy is really very helpful, whether or not you follow Hudson's guidelines for usage, training phases or exercise schedule. If you're an individual runner looking to improve, this is probably helpful only if you want to learn to build your own reliable training plan, and again begin focusing take or leave a few of the stated general guidelines depending on your needs. If you are just searching for a training plan, will be certainly probably a number of other resources that could serve you better, but this may not bad., The author distills a lifetime's instruction experience in this guide. If you like to be to able to modify your training without the need of a coach then that book is for you.
This is my fifth book on endurance/marathon operating but in retrospect this should have been my first. It is a book of explanation. Every training period has a meaning which is explained. The strategy of the book is applied on all popular distances from 5K to a marathon. In addition, it provides modifications of the education programs based on runner's stage. I would certainly come back and read it again when preparing for my second marathon!, I've been operating for over half my life, and just just lately found myself in serious miles and marathon training. Tom The netherlands comes with an AWESOME book for individuals training for their first time marathon, and Brad Hudson/Matt Fitzgerald comes with an AWESOME guide for getting faster and understanding HOW to get faster... for whatever race you are running. In my case it was a marathon. I went my second marathon in 28. 5 minutes MORE QUICKLY that my first convention EVER... in only 3. 5 monthes of serious training in between. Okay, so I'm not an elite runner, but I actually still went from a 5 hour marthon to a 4: 30 convention.... and never thought I actually could EVER do that. Inside a little over 3 monthes.

This book is slightly confusing for someone like me that won't be familiar with lingo completely, but he gets to the point. Change it up, hit your hills, and LISTEN to your body in The way you think you should train TODAY. He or she also has awesome training guides for pretty much any race you are training for. Really good guidlines. He recommends running EVERY SINGLE day. BUT , his programs vary, depending on your time level... from 4 days a week to 7.

The ONLY thing I did NOT accept was his statement that his runners DID NOT strength train. AND he failed to recommend it. WHAT?! I actually guess if you are an elite runner and that is ALL you care about... but in the real world, I care about my muscle tone! Therefore , despite his thoughts on the subject, I still raised at least twice a week, plus core work and flexiblity training.

But he does say to listen to your body and train in a way that you become your own coach. Therefore, I guess I didn't go beyond the boundary from his instruction.

Should you be looking for something to motivate you to run faster and train harder, buy this book. I actually bought it on kindle and wish I got the book cuz the charts are really hard to read, but sometimes it is definitely hard to wait for that one thing you know will get you going.... NOW!!!

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