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This specific cook book was featured in Runners World magazine. I liked a few of the recipes I saw and decided to get them to before purchasing the whole cook book. I made the spaghetti with bison meatballs and was SOLD! But I thought, well maybe they only featured the *best* menu. I tried the mediocre that Runners World featured and they were all a-mazing! I decided to buy the cook book but was fully prepared to have my hopes dashed of finding a book filled with great recipes.

Let's be real, we've all purchased that cook book that has a few great recipes and that's it. I have plenty of them inside my cabinet. Sure they've got some quality recipes but I largely ignore the majority of the book because they're total crap. Not necessarily with Run Fast, Eat Slow. I've tried several recipes from all of the sections and they have all been a hit! In fact, I made the mashed yams with sage brown butter for Thanksgiving and people were going nuts for it! There's a few things I like about this book.

1 ) It likes amazing AND it's healthy. I love eating healthy but my husband is much more challenging to encourage. These recipes pack in some awesome food which great for you and tastes great. I have yet to make a bad meal from this book.
2. It isn't difficult. Avoid you hate when you obtain a cookbook that would like you to do some professional level stuff and you're like " uuuhhhh what? " Yeah, not this book. It's all very straight forward and straightforward to make.
3. Each recipe has a " story. " Shalane and Elyse explain the purpose behind each recipe. It helps you understand why certain things were added, what makes the recipe great, and the purpose of the menu. It helps you decide between recipes (because they're all sooooo good) when if you're like " man I really need some energy. " Boom, drink this amazing green tea green apple smoothie! Awesome awesome products.

I've purchased several of these cook books and have gifted them to people because it's OF WHICH amazing. I've never recently been this excited about a cook book or food preparation. While I've always adored to cook, this cook book has turned eating so much better. Continue forward and order your copy. You won't regret it., Fabulous cookbook with great recipes & beautiful images! One of the best parts (that I haven't seen in other cookbooks) is how each recipe has a objective. For example " healing snack" or " immediate energy boost" or for " speed-workout days". Well done Shalane & Elyse!, I ENJOY this cookbook!! It is the only cookbook I have actually used, and I use it all the time! Excellent little bit of everything. Best part is the average person can cook these meals, they are not too complicated., The recipes in the book are simple with common ingredients and aren't designed to take a ton of prep. A new great cookbook for runners that are low on time but still want delicious food and snack foods., I will be a cookbook extractor and locate that I usually only use a handful of recipes from each cookbook. But Run Quick. Eat Slow has surpassed my expectations. I have tried over 20 quality recipes from this book and eat one is not only delicious but relativity easy to make. You will find not too many odd ingredients that you will need to buy for one menu and never use again. My spouce and i use this cookbook at least once per week. Highly recommended., GREAT cookbook that was recommended by a friend! Make several of the recipes which were very good!, My daughter is looking forward to trying these recipes. She's had dishes others have made from the book before so will enjoy preparing them again. None of the recipes appear complex or use too many unconventional ingredients., This cookbook is amazing. They have lots of delicious foods that we all want to indulge in, but healthier and packed filled with nutrients. I leaned heavily on these recipes when I was sick (mineral broth, bone broth, flu virus fighter chicken soup, etc) and it was amazing how much better I felt. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to feel good. This is required reading for athletes. Eat better, feel better.

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