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This novella picks upward right where the last one left us with a cliffhanger. Sinna is escaping with Alex and Jacob when she works into someone she never expected to see again. Can she accept this person in her life or will she turn the girl back? No, I'm never going to detail who she saw or why she did not expect to see them. That will give too much away for both publications one and two.

Alex, the young soldier who is helping Sinna save Jacob, has a plan. This plan involves his best friend Jasper, another soldier. With Jacob's life at risk Sinna decides to trust these two soldiers, knowing it's her only chance to save her best friend. She convinces them to drive into the ruins near to the compound that is Rehabilitation. What they discover there surprises them all.

This novella launched us to even more characters, developing Sinna more along the way. 1 thing I really like about the way Stone writes is that even though they aren't lengthy novels, We feel like I understand these characters better than I actually do the characters of most 300 or 400 webpage books. Some people have a talent with portrayal and Stone is certainly one of them.

Alex is a frustrating character, but I like him (and I'm pretty sure We have an idea about who his father is, hinted at in this novel). I wish we were in a position to have more time with Jacob, but his story line made sense. Jasper was a great character, I found myself enjoying the way he thaws slowly, allowing himself to be close to Sinna after a short amount of time (obviously not much time, since the whole novella endures only a couple of days, but still).

The only problem of the novel is the fact that it kind of suffers from second book syndrome. It can great, but Sinna gets a little self assimilated and mopey for portions. It's not practically so extreme as many other novels I've read lately. The 2nd book is often a major downer for me, but this one was really good despite all that.

We have to see some of Sinna's challenges as she finds the girl way toward God, having been raised in a society where believing is not allowed. The complete society is based on Science over God, thus believers are punished by being sent to rehabilitation.

I know a lot of individuals would like for this novella to be longer, but honestly We appreciated it's length. Typically the story is merely as developed as many several hundred webpage novels, it just does not have the fluff that gives those their bulk. Which something I can appreciate. If developed more on certain issues within the society, this novel could easy be a 400 page book. Since Natural stone didn't see fit to develop those avenues any longer, I think the length is merely about perfect.

Appear dystopias, this is certainly a novella to pick up. We recommend it. They are super quick reads as well, therefore you could read both in 1 day. We am eagerly awaiting the final installment in the three set., Ruin is the second book in the Unbelief series by CB Natural stone which continues Sinna’s get away from Rehabilitation with John and Alex. Together with Jasper, a soldier buddy of Alex, they make their daring escape from Rehabilitation and find on their own at The Garden in this World where everyone there exists a Believer. Sinna starts off questioning more and more the Elite’s society she left behind, and as she sees more things for herself and talks with the inhabitants of this new town, she realises she must leave someone dear to her behind in order to save other people she loves and cares for. But in making this difficult decision, is Sinna willing to return to the place where she only just escaped from?

I enjoyed reading this book although We felt it wasn’t as fast paced as the first book. This may be because once the characters reach The Garden, they are discovering what type of place they have finished up in the Old World although Sinna questions the old Top notch governed society they left out, Jasper and Alex seem uncomfortable with their new home. Sinna tries to understand what faith is and what it means to think in God and also to pray and how this benefits people, all of which is completely overseas to her and goes against everything she has already been brought up with.

Sinna continues to be a strong female character in this book and the girl courage is clear when she makes the hard decision to leave a place she feels happy and safe in as well as leave a loved one behind in order to save others that are also precious to her.

Alex seems a different character in this book, maybe it may be because he’s under stress during the escape from Rehabilitation, but he does not seem to be the mischievous teenager with the lovable cheeky attitude he or she was in the first book. I keep considering there is something more to Alex than we know at this stage and I’m hoping this is revealed in the next book.

I also liked the other minimal characters we were launched to during this guide – Jasper, Tawny and Alessandra, all of whom are very real characters, demonstrating their good and bad sides.

The dialogue between all the characters was great and this guide was as well written because the first book in the series. I loved reading this article book and am looking forward to reading the last book in the three set.

If you enjoyed the first book Rehabilitation then you will also enjoy this one and if you enjoyed the Hunger Games and Divergent series then you will also enjoy the Unbelief series., This was truly a great story that records you and makes you keep on all the way through. You can't help falling in love with the characters and experiencing everything with them. I totally love this world and cannot wait for the next book., This was a very short, yet entertaining novella. There are three in the series and could have been combined into one novel. Good dystopian story that portrays a Government that makes faith and love against the law. I give it four stars. I can recommend for high school and up., Once more, the author leaves you hanging. I'm not understanding the brand new thing where they leave the story hanging. Typically each time a book ends, you can be satisfied even if there isn't a next book. This book just makes you mad because you have no idea how things end unless you choose the next books. Since much as I desired to know how this ends, I'm stopping at this one. I'm not going to purchase another incomplete guide.

Good storyline, disappointing guide release. they should be one book, not divided., The author definitely gives readers a roller coaster ride with a lot to think about in this second book of a three part series.
I only wish the books were longer. I hate to get rid of the characters I enjoy reading about., Wonderful story. I really like this type of fiction and located it relaxing to read one without harsh language, using a TRULY well written storyline, complex characters and refined but strong moral route. You will need the next publications in the series!, A good easy read that I carefully enjoyed. Clean and suitable for any age group with interesting and engaging character types with enough twists to keep me interested. We read it in a few hours. I intend on reading the next one. Good-job C. B. Natural stone.

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