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I used to be lucky enough to get an advanced copy of this book, thanks Eileen Pierce.

There were lots of things I loved in this book, enough for me to give it a 5/5 on Goodreads.

I cherished how simple and easy is was to read, as well as fast, but that also arrived to be because I literally could not put it down! I cherished the introduction (as well as an epilogue) and how it was from the point of view of Queen Dorothea. It can make her more human, and in a way it helps you understand how she thinks as well as how she gets. Then when we get to chapter one, I thoroughly enjoyed how this book was organized - bouncing back between point of view of Victoria and Prince Bryon. This specific honestly gave me desire that these two would reunite again and it would be a happy reunion #TeamBryon. I am a sucker for books with different point of views.

Getting into the guide, I loved how it jumped straight into the story, like it was another chapter adopting the last part in the previous guide - there was episode in the first part and it in the end made me want to keep reading. It is said that the first chapter can make or break a book, and it made me want to continue reading. I understand that it is important to carry out a little backtracking in a sequel. Not everyone will bear in mind just what happened in the previous guide, but some authors will take the first few chapters to do this, and it won't be til part... five, let's say, for anything to happen. I enjoyed how this book got drama in the very first part, while Victoria was describing everything that had occurred recently and how the lady was feeling.
Personally i think like after reading this book, it was more about Prince Bryon. I remember how I thought that in book 1, Victoria was kind of just going with the flow of everything, and it is the same with this book. I felt like she has a plan, but everyone else around the woman is executing it. Alternatively, I feel like this book involved Bryon and him realizing what he or she wants and exactly what he is willing to do to get it. We got to know more about Bryon in this book, which I completely loved.

I also liked how this guide was very straight to the point in phrases of there was no unnecessary fluff. Maybe this is just me and my school English professors' training rubbing off on me, but I enjoy a story that is not hard to read as well as gets to the point. Would I possess loved to have a chapter hidden inside here and there almost as a breather for me as a viewer as well as for Victoria and Prince Bryon to acquire their thoughts and emotions? Yes. Of which would be nice. Maybe that is what's absent. This book was focused more towards Bryon, in my opinion, great some of his internal problems, so I felt like I begun to get to know who he was, but I can't say the same for Kale or Victoria. After all, sure, Victoria a little in the first book, but Personally i think like as the books go on, we are only scratching the top of one character.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I wanted to know what would definitely happen next and if Victoria and Bryon would meet again after their last face and how it would be like. Also, with what happened at the finish of this guide.... that cliffhanger, I actually cannot wait to see what is going to happen next! Exist proceeding to be new units that will be formed?? Will Victoria ever chose which man she wants to be with?? I cannot await book 3 to find out!

Many thanks again for the advanced copy!, Outstanding and well-written. Captivating storyline with the continuing saga of a whited sepulcher of a queen. Horrifying how some people finish upward from the choice they make along their life. Great twist at the end. Eagerly awaiting another in the series, but at some point Ramsey and Mackenzie have obtained to have their comeuppance., I freaking loved this follow up novel! Just as good because the 1st guide! I suggest reading this one!, What can I say - ever since I read Royal Replicas and the ending of that book remaining me with a food cravings I knew I recently GOT to read Royal Captives. Royal Captives is part two of the series and it's really just as engaging! This time nevertheless , the POV is from both Victoria (the princess) and Prince Byron. I believe it's nice when an creator can write different point of views and have the stories mesh collectively. In the case of Royal Captives, seeing how Prince Byron felt really helped me understand his causes great decision in the first book. Prince Byron is regal, brave, and of course dashingly handsome that he almost makes the " perfect" knight in shining armor. When I say almost it's because he has flaws that make him so likeable therefore perfect for Victoria. I'm sure others might feel different, using the blending of Kale, who is an old friend of Victoria, there is a frequent factor of heartache and indecision for Victoria. I personally desire Victoria will choose Prince Byron but I suppose it's up to the author!: )
If you enjoy reading dystopian royalty with threat, mystery, and romance all mixed into a novel, then you'll enjoy Royal Captives. Make sure you pick up Royal Replicas first although the recap in Royal Captives makes it easier to read for individuals who didn't read the first book.
Micheal's writing is very detailed and gripping and Royal Captives was a lot of fun for me to read. In addition to once again, he remaining me with an closing that makes me want him to hurry upward and finish another payment already!
Give thanks to you for the ARCH of Royal Captives!, Wow. Good episode for this series.

Our heroine, Victoria Sandalwood, has escaped the palace nevertheless is decided to return so the lady can free Princess Amelia and also free the woman sisters from the Queen’s grasp.

Prince Byron is back, determined to win back Victoria’s favor.

Kale is still in the picture and hoping Victoria wants him or her.

And don’t forget California king Dorothea, whose motivations are finally (somewhat) explained.

Having a cast like that you know it is going to be great, and the book certainly does not disappoint. Complete of twists and transforms, action, adventure, romance and suspense leading to a shocker of a surprise at the finish and.. a cliffhanger. That cliffhanger is actually my single complaint about Royal Replications . 2, and the only reason why I rate this 4 rather than 5 stars.

This is actually a pretty easy review to “bottom line”. In this article it is not hard to do: if you enjoyed Royal Replicas then you’re certain to enjoy Royal Replicas 2: Royal Captives. That’s fairly simple. If you’ve not tried book 1 yet then by all means do it now as you won’t be sorry. In the meantime, as for this book: strongly suggested.

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