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Rob Lemire continues to write outstanding books. Roughneck is his latest and dare I could see one of his / her best. This is now most likely in my top a couple of Lemire books and top five comics in basic. His art rocks in addition to the emotion he can bring in a number of hundred pages is outstanding. Jeff Lemire is my favorite author and with his / her current monthly titles I actually don't think that's going to change anytime shortly, This is a history that has been told a mil times over with an ending that anyone could have got seen coming. Not one associated with Jeff Lemire's best. Nevertheless like the art design though, Big Jeff lemire fan and this was another good read, Really great art work, the storyline was missing a little but continue to a satisfying read., Super wonderful story! Love the artwork!, ROUGHNECK is one of individuals rare books that seems right when you get it, even if you know practically nothing regarding the story or the author. It’s an initial graphic novel by experienced scribe/artist Jeff Lemire, that has written a persuasive, violent, sad, redeeming in addition to oh-so-realistic story that will make your teeth hurt.

Derek Ouelette is a one-time celebrity hockey player from Pimitamon, a little village in typically the far northern reaches associated with Canada. Derek has zero illusions about his place in the universe; he was, in his own phrases, a thug, a hard guy whose reputation because a dangerous and unclean player preceded him within every game. ROUGHNECK opens a decade following typically the conclusion of his career --- an ending of which did not occur simply by choice --- and locates his life over a wash-rinse-repeat mode of working because a short order cook by day, drinking (and occasionally brawling) by night time, and sleeping things off at the local hockey arena within the janitor’s office. Derek has fallen so significantly down the only factor between him and rock bottom is the kindness bestowed upon him simply by Jeff, the local sheriff, who lets his atteinte slide far too usually; Al, who takes care of typically the hockey arena; and Gerry, the bartender who regularly has to cut him off, but only following your damage is done.

The particular narrative alternates between typically the past as well as the present, because vignettes dropped into the key dialogue document snippets associated with Derek’s childhood as well as his fall through grace as an grownup. The unrelenting grimness associated with the story is elevated when Beth, Derek’s long-lost sister, suddenly appears within Pimitamon, having left the woman abusive boyfriend but carrying a drug dependency upon her back, and more. Scarcely able to fend with regard to himself, Derek takes his / her sister in to typically the extent possible and together with Al’s help brings the woman to a remote hunting camp where the siblings explore, often painfully, exactly where they are and, worse, their own disastrous childhoods. Meanwhile, Beth’s ex is slowly yet surely following her trail, bent on getting the woman back or gaining vengeance for her rejection associated with him. There is only a proven way the story can finish. Approximately it seems.

The particular format of ROUGHNECK is perfect for the story that’s being told. I don’t believe this would’ve worked --- or at least worked as well --- because a six- or eight-issue comic, doled out throughout several months. It’s the story to get told just about all at once. Let’s keep in mind Lemire’s artwork, which is cold, stark, plain in addition to simple, with some roughness around the edges. His sketched-out lines aren’t specifically detailed but tell ever before so much, while typically the variations in panel dimension and condition --- through small to full page and back again --- keep the reader off-balance.

You will read all night to reach the end in addition to be sorry that typically the book isn’t twice because long. But that’s typically the joy of ownership. A person can read it once again. And again. I firmly recommend you do just that.

Evaluated by Joe Hartlaub, Set in a cold in addition to bleak Canadian town, ROUGHNECK is the story associated with a retired hockey player trying to put his / her life back together.

The particular e-ARC I received is usually black and white, (except for the first 12-15 pages or so, which have this nice, light glowing blue, cold feeling to them), but from what I've browse the final copy may be in color. Regarding me though, the dark and white worked very well.

Derek Ouellette is trying to drown his / her sorrows in alcoholic beverages. Being of which he already is a hard guy, the drinking does not bring out the finest in him. Then, any time his long lost sister Bethy shows up, (on typically the run from her newest abusive boyfriend), things acquire even worse. Derek will try to do the right thing, but can he or she allow it to be happen? You'll have got to read ROUGHNECK to find out.

I've not necessarily heard of Jeff Lemire prior to, but I requested a great ARC of this graphic novel using the description alone. I'm so glad I actually did! I enjoyed typically the artwork, the isolation associated with the setting, and typically the realistic view of typically the characters. I'm not positive if there are going to be more publications about Derek great sister in the future, yet if you can find? Count myself in!

Recommended for followers of cold, bleak settings and tough guy ex-NHL players that can decline the gloves and go in a second's time!

*Thank you to NetGalley in addition to Gallery books for typically the free e-ARC of this graphic novel in exchange with regard to my honest feedback. This specific is it. *, I used to be surprised at how short this guide really is (very thick paper! ). A person can read it include to cover in might be 70-80 minutes, which is fitting because the story is so generic which you might discover a similar plot inside a TV movie of the exact same length. For some reason I was under typically the impression that this was a much more expansive narrative. That could merely be my fault with regard to misinterpreting things. The history just didn't leave virtually any impression on me during the book, and specifically after. I would say that maybe the publication is too short to discover the characters very a lot, but what we do observe of them is fairly one-dimensional so I'm not positive that more page period would have changed points.

The standout is typically the artwork. Numerous comics nowadays are either black in addition to white or very standard looking. This one looks like a watercolor painting! So on that degree, an interesting artifact. Really nice blues, shots of red-colored when necessary, really very good usage of space and perspective. Really great cover fine art and a really premium quality edition for your corner. I appreciate it with regard to the small project of which it is. Compared to my favorites though it's just kind of... right now there.

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