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New to rose gardening, I was searching for some good books on roses proper care and rose gardening. I came across this name on Amazon and saved the 99 cents Kindle fire version. The book is self-published and the quality of the writing is excellent. There are many beautiful pictures of roses throughout the book (although the pictures might be more exciting in the paperback version). There are chapters on finding the right increased variety, shopping for roses, caring for roses, pruning and training, solving growing problems, beneficial insects, propagation, and monthly checklists. Since man to roses proper care and rose gardening, I found this book to be more than adequate. I inherited some roses at my house from the prior owner so I was seeking to better understand how to take better proper care of my roses and also learn the variations between hybrid tea, floribunda, grandiflora and polyantha, and so forth, as I am starting from scratch in mastering how to identify my roses (although I would have to seek advice from some of the rose databases on the Internet to better identify the roses, which would nevertheless be quite a task). This book includes helpful information on using both inorganic and natural ways of controlling diseases and infestations, which I found most helpful as I feel also just learning about common rose diseases and pests and insects that are harmful to roses. In the 'Praying Mantis' beneficial insects section, the author writes: " When you put a mantid on your computer display and begin moving the cursor around on the display, sometimes the mantid will chase it and try to catch it. " I thought that was pretty cute. I also learned a new term, 'rose wranglers', apparently these are folks who seek out there old roses that still probably grow on old cemeteries or abandoned residences, and the wranglers may sometimes come across old roses/antique roses on private property and talk to the owners to get permission to collect some. So if you already have roses which can be fairly established, this book offers great information on how to regulate rose diseases, how often to fertilize, etc. When you are beginning from scratch, then this book will be one of your go-to and must-have publications with plenty of good information on how to choose, shop and plant roses, and the whole cycle of ongoing care and maintenance. There will not be that many comprehensive recent publications on the market about roses care and increased gardening, so I was very happy to come across this title. The author also has a humorous tone and will put the novice rose gardener at simplicity., Rose to the Events is is a light- hearted approach to your increased garden, it's challenges and charms.

Really enjoyed the photos, and the perseverance to annihilate the increased predators. Grammie would have approved.

Appreciate both natural and other approaches, and advice on how various methods work, and how much time and attention they need.

Especially fond of the secret weapon's photo. the chicken. Good for disposing of buggies and for making fertilizer.

Enjoyed the pictures a lot, would love to see even more.

Going to go search for the When You're a Tomato, I'll Ketchup with You guide on tomatoes!, Stop and smell the roses, take the time to enjoy them, even if you never thought you could grow a rose. Melissa's Increased book is one I have recommended to visitors at our local Increased Gardens. It is full of easy to follow tips and ideas. She shares the highs and lows of these garden faves.

[Oh Melinda, I accidentally posted a review to the plagiarist, not you. I will correct as soon as Amazon lets me in. ], This author always produces an entertaining as well as informative book. Roses can be temperamental and this book is going to help me grow them! I especially enjoyed the pictures and descriptions of many roses that are not often seen at the local nurseries around here. This author also does a great job of describing natural methods and the ‘over the counter’ alternatives. This publication will be added to mt gardening shelf to refer back to often. Very good sharing your expertise in such a fun manner!, Since an avid and fascinated rose keeper, I wanted a book filled with simple, informative tips to help make my garden grow. This book is exquisite for just that. Ms. Cordell is extremely proficient about the health and history of these much beloved, yet complex breed of plants. I was also most impressed by the girl Attenborough like savvy concerning the different wild life and bugs that can help or hinder said vegetation. This can be a guide I feel I'll be seeking to many times in future. Furthermore, Ms. Cordell, how long does a fish herb take to properly create?, I received this publication thru BookBub. I loved reading it and getting a lot of ideas on how to enhance my increased growing, the key problem at the present is Now i'm in an apartment with minimum space inside and simply no yard outside simply a parking. I'll be moving in about 5-6 months and I'm bound to have a yard big enough for roses., This book is very useful. I love roses which means this has a lot of useful information that I never had considered. I would recommend to anyone who likes or likes roses., Precisely what I needed as an amateur garden enthusiast. She gives all the information needed for planting, pruning, and other care. The particular set of recommended roses includes disease-resistant fragrant varieties.

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