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I will be on a high after reading this article amazing novella that gives us a complete lot more of the happily ever after of Brody and Kacie. Within true Ehemann style, Beth continually wow me with her ability to make me laugh, cry and swoon all in the same chapter. What affected me the most was as I read the story, it brought out the best emotions and memories of my very own activities as I read about Brody and Kacie building their own. The relate-ability factor is off the charts. Brody continues to be the man of Kacie's dreams, serving as her rock in this final book as the lady faces an unexpected dilemma. Their love for the other never wavers and also to see the interaction with the whole RFY crew was truly special. There was a surprise or two in there for me and i also always commend Beth onto her ability to keep me personally on my toes. Since sad as I am to say goodbye to Brody and Kacie, I am so satisfied with the conclusion to their trip., I loved the entire series. The story is heartwarming and was hard to deposit. Every book.
It also has the best description of 'the boyfriend', falling in love with the key characters children. The depth of feeling that glowed through the superb writing is amazing to read. It's soulful.
I read hundreds of books yearly (I wish to read and am blessed with the ability to read very quickly. I'm not by any means affiliated with the writer or any business having to do with writing or publishing. I'm truly unbiased) and this is absolutely the best written explanation of how a man can love children that are not biologically his, with the same loyalty he'd have with his own children through blood. That was so refreshing and an important piece of the story plot that Brody relationship deeply with the women, and his internal discussion made it all become more active where it caused the butterflies in my stomach. Right now there are so many 'evil step-parent' books, or the relationship is glossed over. Children are such a huge part of any partnership, not developing that part of the story simply leaves the whole picture brief a crucial piece. Whenever I read a book that has the children automatically accepting a new adult into their parents lives, or has a new potential parent moving in quickly and without forethought or story development, I have trouble believing the entire book from that point on. Real life does not work that way, and even though it is fiction, if I can't feel the lives of the characters on the gut degree, I'm disenchanted with the the whole book. The author has lost me personally.
All 3 books in this series are extremely well written, enjoyable, and almost impossible to put down. I cared about the characters. I had been invested in their lives and couldn't wait to read about what arrived next for them.
Though the being were satisfying, I'd wish to view the story continued. Though I wish to know more of Brody and Kacie's story, I think Andy and Blaire could easily load an entire book by themselves. I wouldn't want a ton of Blaire, but how those two arrived to be, and how Andy ever married her has me curious. Did the lady start out extremely vapid, or was it a procedure that the seemingly nice guy Andy brought about? Is he really a nice guy blinded by love or haven't we seen his dark side? Either way, he had the actual to carry a whole separate storyline with his extremely complicated personal life. Mix that with more Brody and Kacie (he is Brody's best good friend and would logically be a major part of their lives) and the series continues. He handles Brody's money. His financial situation has changed. Is he or she completely ethical, or really does he do a little skimming from the top? Exactly how did he become an agent? Did it get into his lap because of his relationship with Brody, or is he really trained and qualified? Will he break his own rule of not dating a client?
Kacie and Brody-are they rolling up their sleeves and working on the project, or do things commence to fall apart because of fatigue, traveling for work absences, and frustration with being a part-time single parent with Kacie. A new new baby is hard enough, then add a new house, and a husband that's traveling. Brody is rich, famous, and gorgeous. He's also lacking his new wife and family. He's going home to a new baby and a tired frustrated wife. This is his first long lasting relationship, really does he hold the tools to cope with all all of the changes being hurled at him or her? What happens when the press starts showing him or her to women? A picture can be interpreted more than one way, and things aren't as perfect as they were in the beginning. Temptation generally is tossing themselves at him. Exactly what happens to his do it yourself image if he's damage and can't play? Dance shoes has been his complete life. Who is he without it? Retiring and not playing due to injuries are incredibly different things.
There's just a lot life left for these characters. I'm pleading a case for the series to continue., I completed reading Room to get more, the second book in the Cranberry Inn series, yesterday evening and couldn't wait to see how the series ended so I immediately started Room for Simply a Little Bit More. I LOVED it! I love sports romances and this book satisfied my desire for a well-written, sweet, and fun romance with sports thrown in it. Since it's a novella, it was obviously a pretty quick read but it wrapped up the series nicely.

At the finish of Room for More, Kacie Jensen and Brody Murphy have just gotten involved. They had some rough patches but were able to persevere and prove how much they love the other person. Now, the excitement begins! Kacie is planning her wedding to her superstar handbags fiance, Brody, and they are using a blast... until Kacie's estranged father associates her after 15 years, wanting to see the girl and reconnect ready. Kacie's big heart and hopefulness at having a partnership with her dad business lead her to the espresso shop where she gets a figurative kick in the gut and wants nothing more to do with him or her.

After the horrible experience with her dad, Kacie and Brody are able to concentrate on planning their dream wedding. Beth Ehemann writes so extremely well and with such vivid descriptions that I felt like I had been a guest at their wedding. I teared up at the sweet gestures Brody makes to the Twinkies and could tell that he loves them as if they are his own, which of course melt's Kacie's heart.

I absolutely loved the Cranberry Inn series and thought that Room for only a Little Bit More was a fantastic conclusion! Besides the beautiful love story, hot hockey players, and lovable Twinkies, there is also a sweet surprise at the finish of the book that made me personally tear up once more! When you are interested in reading this series, I would suggest starting with the first book, Room for You, and reading the series in order because it best describes the characters and the events leading up to the subsequent books. I highly recommend this course!

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