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Wonderful, relatable characters. Strong, well deveoped plot. A wonderful story with believable dialog, passionate sex scenes and surprising HEA ending., A new good series. Some typo errors however the story line follows., Romance stories of men who are straight but fall for a man instead of a woman. 1. Contact Sports - Ryan and James are caught by a teammate in the locker room this contributes to Ryan being beaten and threats from team members. 2. Chunk for Teacher - Past lovers Craig and Matn reunite at University one is grad student educating the class another is the student. 3. For you personally - Jason and Mark are long time friends who decide to give in to their feelings for each other 4. Typically the Blue Discharge - Jack port is a war veteran with issues Bernie operates a bar they kiss, fall in love, and opt to leave everyone right behind to produce a live for themselves. 5. Green Eyes - Ryan's celebrity crush is Jesse they must work through Ryan's commitment issues to have a life together. 6. In the Grip of a Gangster - Victor runs a legal empire Pierce is his bodyguard their relationship causes issues with Victor's along with others but the men are determined to stay together. 7. Shelter From the Storm - Jim and Ricky work for the same company it seems they have nothing in common but find the attraction they have for each other cannot be denied. 8. Private Matters - Aiden joins the Army to find himself he has help discovering who he is from Corporal Tyler. being unfaithful. Face the background music - Jerr thought he was straight until he meets Daniel now he must break with his jock friends if he wants to befriend Daniel and find his inner poet. 10. Celeb Soulmates - Jake and Daniel are the duo Gemini a secret is revealed, a breakup occurs, an attack happens, love wins in the finish. 11. Summer Rental - Gabe meets Hank the convenient man who is in the closet but time spent together helps Hank accept himself.

Each story told how other people's beliefs can cause internal doubts that individuals seeking to find themselves ensuing in depression, guilt, feelings of being unworthy, and never accepting who they are really. People struggle with heading against what society deems to be normal. Each story dealt with how insecurity affects all of us and the inner fight to overcome uncertainties and fears of being rejecting for loving who you love.

I read a complimentary Advance Readers Copy of this guide & am voluntarily departing an honest and unbiased review., 11 short stories in the 'Gay for That you a category

Contact Sports
James and Ryan are teammates. Ryan has feelings for James, but tries to deny them in the face of bias from his father and other teammates.

Hunk for Teacher
Craig and Martin were best friends in a small town senior high school, and a small minded community. They have not seen each other in years and are capable to reconnect. Matn reveals he or she is gay and Craig questions himself and his attraction to earlier girlfriends. Craig's ex is a pain and is constantly on the push him to reconcile with her.

For An individual
Mark and Jason have been friends for years and Mark has harbored a crush on Jason. Jason understands his feeling for Mark are more than friendly but is afraid to cross the line from friendship to lover and risk losing his buddy. Jason's bar is focused because he compares for a couple. I wish more was resolved with the crime.

The Azure Discharge
Arranged in early 1940's. Jack port received a blue relieve after experiencing terrible things in the Army during the war. He locates himself at a pub with a sympathetic bartenders, Bernie. Jack sees it difficult to believe Bernie's sincerity or acceptance of who Jack is. Neither what the law states nor Bernie's brothers are accepting of Jack.

Environmentally friendly Eyes
Ryan knows he is gay and lesbian but is afraid to come out to anyone, especially his family back in the small town he grew up in. His fear is holding him back from any happiness and it invades his entire life. Jesse is a straight, country music star Ryan has a crush on. Ryan wins a supper with him and cannot believe when Jesse reveal he is gay and attracted to Ryan. Jesse wants a hidden relationship while Ryan struggles to overcome his fear of anyone finding out he or she is gay.

In the Grip of any Gangster
Victor is a cosca leader and is dwelling a life he never imagined or wanted. He or she and Pierce grew upward together but have not seen each other in 10 years. Victor is still covering the reality of his libido and Pierce wants him to acknowledge their love.

Shelter from the Storm
Jim and Ricky are both lonesome working in blizzard conditions, away form civilization. Rick is confused by Ough and what he is absolutely looking for. Ricky must decide what he desires.

Private Matters
Aiden is ready to graduate senior high school and makes a decision to enlist in the Canadian Army. The time is one of personal discovery into his libido with the assistance of Tyler. This story sensed somewhat choppier than some others.

Face the Audio
Jason has suppressed much of themself, including his music and love of poetry, at the insistence of his 'traditional' parents. Daniel is everything he wants to be and he also has a crush on him. Jason' character gets wishy washy towards the finish.

Superstar Soulmates
Jake and Daryl have been friends and music group mates for years. Each decide they like each other at the same time. I would have liked to have seen some doubt or wants each other when they were leaving to have sex with the woman. Maybe one of them saying we were holding tired of the meaningless hookups. This particular would have set the stage better than the sudden togetherness.

Summer Rental
Gabe is super cute and only buying destination to stay the summer before the start of his big job. Hank is a secret for the majority of the guide. He has suppressed his true feelings and went out with a lot of women to fit in to his small town. Meeting Gabe turns his life upside down and neither man can say if that is a good thing or not.

I voluntarily reviewed a copy with this book., Jerry Cole has written a wonderful collection of beautiful love stories. Each one is different with great characters in each.
The stories are all set in various situations and the characters all have different personalities.
Although the tales are short, a lot is packed into them. The characters are fully developed and beautiful written.

I loved reading every story and enjoyed next all the characters on their journey. Lots of enthusiasm, fun, angst and love throughout the book. Our favourite story was Typically the Blue Discharge, a very emotive tale of Jack port and Bernie.

Jerry Cole has researched many different occupations to give each story a realistic portrayal of life and how he can create lovely stories around them.

I highly recommend this collection of stories, not one of the stories dissatisfied.
I read a no cost Advanced Reader Duplicate with this book & was voluntarily leaving an honest and unbiased review.

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