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Kellan is hot, sexy and brooding. Maggie is the epitome of the endless good girl. Who knew snow would bring them together. Both of these are so different that they are perfect for each and every other. We just loved the stress between them and the fact that they tried so hard to be away from one another and simply couldn't. We had to keep reading and reading to see how this story would play out. His passion moments were crazy, sexy and cool! The dialogue was witty and each figure was intelligent and head strong. I love when a female lead can go toe to toe with a moody rock-star... my absolute favorite. We also love how character types from other books come up and are intertwined in the book. Constantly wait for more books using this series!, Rockstar Dad is the first in a new series by Taryn Quinn (aka Taryn Elliott and Cari Quinn) with the members of Wilder Mind. Kellan McGuire is the lead performer and founder for Wilder Mind. On one of her trips home to Turnbull, Lila Shawcross fulfilled Kellan at her parents' apple orchard and offered Kellan a job at Ripper Records as an account rep. He started away as representing artists then he was given the opportunity to have his own shot at stardom. Kellan called the members of his old senior high school band and put together Wilder Mind. Now they are on the advantage of breaking into their own stardom. Kellan takes the vacations off and goes home to Turnbull to the house he acquired and is in the midst of refurbishing the house, his own escape from the stress of LA.

Margaret is the youngest of the Kelly girls and is the 'good girl' in town; she is always doing things for others. Which is why she is out in the beginnings of any blizzard taking fresh baked bread to an elderly lady just outside Turnbull. She seems to lose control of her car trying to avoid striking a doe and fawn in the road. The lady crashes to the ditch in front of Kellan's house. It's New Year's Eve and she's stuck with spotty cell service and a guy she's afraid might become a serial killer. The lady readily admits that final bit might just be her wild imagination.

Caught in a blizzard with an insanely handsome man, a few beers, and scavenged bits of food left in the house, what happens is inescapable with the level of attraction between Maggie and Kellan.

Rockstar Daddy is funny, fast moving and sweet., A rockstar book with a little different spin. I liked the very fact Maggie had no idea who Kellan really was besides a nearby guy from her hometown. I found myself laughing aloud at some of the things Maggie said to Kellan. She had no filtration yet she was still endearing. Kellan held on to his past so tightly that he aren't see what was right in front of him yet you still aren't help but like the guy even though you want to choke him sometimes. Typically the couple had chemistry as illustrated in many of the sex scenes in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom etc . It was a refreshing read and not quite so angsty like many other books of this genre. I highly recommend., Rockstar Daddy was not too heavy. It had the ideal blend of sexy, funny, sweet and adorable. There was even an appearance from my favorite band manager, Lila, from the Lost In Oblivion and Found In Oblivion series.

Anyways, Kellan has worked well concealed from the public view managing other bands and is also now on the brink of living away his dream to be a rockstar and front side his very own band. During a visit to his vacation home for some solitude, Maggie Kelly practically crash lands into his life. Her buoyant, quirky and simple personality turns out to be much stronger than his quiet broodiness and leads to fly.

Both of these had great chemistry and were such great characters. I jeered plenty of that time period. Almost cried a time or two and got heated up all through their times between the sheets. Sweet and harmless little Maggie is not all she appears to be and the reputation that has followed her her whole life has Kellan pondering he'll never be good enough for her.

Rock-star Daddy is incredibly self informative and wasn't filled with any craziness. It was perfect for lighthearted reading and a wonderful start for a brand new series., Love rockstars? Sexy, growly heroes maybe? Get ready to give it upward for Kellan McGuire, because he's both, and then some. Sassy little Margaret Kelly isn't sure how to handle this unclean talker at first, but it doesn't take her long to figure it out. Things heat up reaaaal quick.

This was another fast, fun, hot, and even a tiny bit sweet, Taryn Quinn story you won't want to overlook. And if my predatory instincts are correct, we may see a few extra characters in the future., 1st read, I have read by Taryn... We prefer cabin Kellan over rock star Kellan... We think Maggie " Red" is too too sweet... love her to parts... she is so funny, quick return and just so feisty. A number of the comments that Kellan makes in the cable I do believe are just to egg on Margaret... I loved that! Numerous great scenes there... if only it could have lasted forever.... that made the book in my simple opinion. great read. Cherished it! Check it out! Can't hold out to read more from Taryn Quinn aka (aka Taryn Elliott and Temukan Quinn). Going to determine more about the 2 of them now. (;, If you like nasty sex, this is an excellent book for you! The actual story is pretty sweet and i also liked the two main characters. Found the best friend Kendra to be petty and irritating so not sure why anyone with half a brain would keep her around, but hey, we all make mistakes. Typically the sex was hard and simply plain nasty at times. I am not sure our very good girl main character would be able to transition so easily and rapidly from puro princess to sweating puffing willing companion for a horn dog. That felt a lot false to me. Enjoyable quick read., The first in the new series Wilder Rock is certain to catch you! This is the story of Kellan and Maggie, an unlikely partnering that makes it even more wonderful when they finally get together. Typically the characters are very well developed, packed with surprises (for themselves and each other), create you laugh, scream, cry and a host of other thoughts throughout their history. I received an ARC for the honest review, and acquired it as soon as it was available! Can't wait for Wilder Rock 2!

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