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I absolutely love this series!! I can't let you know how excited I was when Kendall announced she had written a fourth book for the Hard Rock Harlots Collection. This is one of my all time favorite series and Letty Dillinger must be the most effective female characters ever written Letty is scared of no one and nothing. She speaks her mind and you never have to wonder what she's feeling She's also the lead singer of Killer Buzz Float. Performed I say I adored Letty!!!

This book grabs you up with everyone. Rax, Toombs, Shades, Jinx, Letty, and Eve These people are all there and it also feels like we never left them after a period of time from the third book they Still enjoying shows and traveling in their bus One big happy family or are they?? Can anything make them doubt each other?? It's a book that I loved because you get Letty as narrator and get report yo the fire if who Letty is and how the girl feels about thing and event a that happen in this guide Its got the feels, big time I fretted, laughed, was shocked, a on no she didn't included a time or two, a possible tear up Performed I mention it VERY HOT because it is Assume nothing less from Fantastic Buzz Float. Birthday Club..... what a wild hot hot hot ride that was I don't consider in spoilers in reviews so I'm terrified I am going to give something away.

No doubt Kendall Grey has one daylights of a mind and a magic way with the pen Its an incredible read you don't want to miss Be certain you read Strings Conquer, Nocurnes and Love Records (aJinx and Toombs storia you won't wanna miss) first I can't wait to see what otherwise Kendall has in store for us #makeartnothousepayments #longlivetherock #lettyforpresident, Slipped in a puddle, banged me and gained a whole lot of clarity.
They're baaack! As expected, Letty Dillinger and the gang are here to rock your face off, from the stage as well as the bus, a hotel room, and various other places. The, sweaty, gross, squirty. " O" -riddled sexcapades do not dissatisfy... but then, you already knew they wouldn't. Typically the writing is colorful (a Kendall Grey signature). The story is good, REALLY good. But the message is... immense. I don't want to give away too many secrets in this review. I don't mean in the form of spoilers, I mean, instead, personal revelations. Suffice it to say that I see in this tale, a catharsis, for both the characters as well as for the author. Welcome back, Letty, Shades, Toombs, Jinx, Rax, Eve, & Jillian. And importantly, welcome back, Kendall Grey... we've missed you., OMG!!!! A 5 superstar isn't even a high enough rating for this book. This by far my most favorite Kendall Greyish Hard Rock Harlots book EVAH!!!!!! If you know anything about Kendall Grey, the girl put her heart and soul into Rock. I saw it in every single chapter, especially the interview and aftermath chapters! Kendall, you truly ROCK AND ROLL!!!!
I highly recommend this book. Along with the others in this series, BUT be for cautioned this book is NOT for EVERYONE! If you fail to manage deep down and unclean sex and talk and all that s*** In between, DO NOT CHECK OUT THIS BOOK. If you are offended in the least over orgies, sex role play, sexual intercourse toys, the F explosive device, and lots and lots of sex, please do not read this. This book isn't for the weak of heart, ONLY for those that can handle a little, ok A WHOLE LOT of dirty dirty speak, sex and far much more!!! Kendall, you did all of us Hard Rock Harlots VERY PLEASED!!!!!!!! Love you girl!!! Oh yea and the Birthday Club? Sign me up, please!, Killer Buzz Float is baaaaaccckkkk! And directly on point with Letty as our story teller. Weight loss expect anything but over the top, raunchy sex, squirting and so many Lettyisms from our girl Letty Dillinger when describing body parts and sexual acts (mouth spelunking-that whole scene was hilarious and righteous! ), but we get that and a whole lot more!
" Just say no to reckless male organ acrobatics. This message has been presented by the Society of Penile Damage. "
It had me laughing away loud, yet feeling for Letty on a entire other level. And that was just in the first couple of chapters! (and BTW, the section titles? Total highlight and damn hilarious).
But.... that is not what the whole book entails and is about. Sure, the book isn't very for the faint of heart and full of insane, hilarious, wild, lust-filled huge acrobatic sexual acts with the band, but it's also about growing up, seeing things through a new light and embracing the love and the bond to the people around you. Loving and protecting what is yours and doing it FIERCELY!
I don't need to give you information on the whole book, but we certainly have our regular characters here (Rax, Eve, Toombs, Jinx, Shades, Letty and Jillian) along with the launch of the band Knocking Betties, who will be headlining their new tour. The Betties are where we get our drama in various ways and where we see Letty discovering herself and growing up. Oh, she's still Letty, but she is fine tuning her ways.: )
" I had created rather lose everything I worked for, burn every bridge, and go away in a blaze of MFing glory than publish to this bullsh*$tery. "
Kendall Greyish, you've created something very special and obviously very personal with Rock and I'm glad you integrated us readers in this journey. It hasn't always been easy to appease the masses, but you are doing it in YOUR CURRENT way and on YOUR CURRENT terms. You plus Letty=The Rock. The Art. The reality.
" These people took my spunk and left me vulnerable-naked..... I am ready to take back exactly what is mine..... at least I will be alive. And in existence is a hell of a lot better than the things i am now. "
But, even when she's at a low, Letty can not be placed down for long.
" It's your soul that speaks to me, Letty. Your take-no-prisoners drive to be the best you can. Your stubbornness and willingness to fight to the death for what you think in. "
I can't believe with the number of laughs Letty gets away of me, she still had me tearing upward toward the finish (around 80% when she movies a little self made video is where it commenced for me). Of which girl's got balls for days and she addresses TRUTH!
" I have always and will always believe in The Rock. Music is one of the few forces in the world that brings people together, whatever they are like, what they do for money, what they believe, or their current address........ "
" I stand by them. I might rather make art than house repayments because I'm an designer. I'd rather be weak but real than wealthy and fake. If only a handful of fans love our next album, at least we made a handful of people happy. And we didn't sell. "
Preach it, Letty (Kendall)! Your words are TRUTH!
With all this jumbled mass of my ideas thrown at you, this was an insanely good book that is sensual and totally humorous in our regular Letty ways, but it is also heartfelt and it is deep. The birthday club IS a total hot rock star delight, but the feels from seeing Letty realize her place in the planet and with Typically the Rock, THAT is the things i linked with and that is what brought the story to a ten superstar (if I could give it that).
Purchase the book. Read it. SHare it. Love it and LOVE THE ROCK!!!

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