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It really is good Bryson, but not his best. Perhaps my reservation is that I actually don't are now living in the BRITISH and therefore couldn't relate with some of the locations. Parts of the book were too repetitious and he seemed to revert to the fart jokes for shock value too much., This specific was enjoyable and adequate but I am a huge Bryson fan and I am new to your pet being adequate. I possess all of his travel books, plus the Short Background and the Shakespeare, all of which are exceptional, so this was a disappointment. I felt like he wrote it really to maybe fulfill an agreement and not out of his usual love of life and travel. However, Costs Bryson remains one of my favorite authors and I look ahead to his next book, whether travel or another of his non-fiction explorations - he or she is always worth another look., I actually enjoyed Bryson's descriptions as he traveled in England - he's a amazing writer but I was completely turned off by his use of profanity and bathroom humor. That ruined the book to me - it was so unnecessary. He sounds like a temperamental old grump who loves England quite somewhat (he has duel citizenship) and enjoys walking thru little villages and exploring England's hidden gifts even while complaining and cussing - what a nasty mouth he's. What a present for acquainting his readers with little known truths tho. Unlike his wonderful Australia travel publication and even his quest on the Appalachian Path, this book just experienced way too much profanity for me to consider sharing it with my children and friends - do not need ruin a perfectly good book with curses and personal matters. Sorry - that's my opinion. In spite of that being said -- I discovered a great deal about England and Wales (no Ireland), those strange village names, and royal history. I read it thru but was glad when reading was completed., I am a huge fan of Bill Bryson's writing style and wit. However, in this book, I actually found his tone to be off-putting in that he or she is quite condescending and fairly intolerant of those less gifted then he. I agree with Mr. Bryson that America is rapidly stumbling into " idiocracy" but he really makes a point of it in the book " The Road to Tiny Dribbling". To be reasonable, he sends the same message about Britain but for a lesser extent. Any time compared to my favorite Bryson book, " Within a Sunburned Country", I found this book to be far less humbling and humorous and far more arrogant on the part of the author. I did, however, learn a lot about The uk - facts I never knew - which made the book interesting to read. Also, I loved the way Bryson makes use of anecdotal stories to bring in each place he trips. The book is a fast read and fun, for the most part., To being with, Items buy and read anything Bill Bryson writes. He or she has earned that value based on everything he's produced. I can say that about very few authors This latest publication was good as he takes us along on his journeys through England and Ireland, sort of repeating the walk serves as he did and had written about many years back. It had been entertaining and I actually recommend it. I only gave it three superstars because he seems a little crotchety this time. It's almost like he set out to find whatever negative aspect he could discover in each place he visited. I actually feel his earlier publications were more balanced in phrases of tone. Still, I learned read more about this island nation and I was entertained. I can't wait for his next book., Costs Bryson is one of the few authors whose books I automatically purchase in hardback as soon as they are released. I adore his writing style and humor. This specific book made me " homesick" for Britain. I haven't been there in over twenty years, and while some of the changes he describes are discouraging (mostly in the larger towns), overall his love for the country -and especially the British countryside- is a delight to read. I love his anecdotes about the places he visits. I do wish the book had a image section, as I actually found myself going to Google to seek images of some of the places he described. Give thanks to you, Mr. Bryson, for allowing me to " visit" Britain again through your marvelous writing!, I actually really like Bryson's other books but this one was lukewarm. A great deal of time spent returning to places from a prior book and mostly lamenting about how precisely good they'd already been before. We stayed in the lower half the U. K. for nearly all of the book. If you're familiar with the south ending of the island, it will probably be more significant., Interesting, occasionally amusing read. Having traveled throughout the UK, I enjoyed reading about places I'd frequented and discovered areas I would still like to visit. Mr. Bryson's perspective and historical commentary usually boost the reading; however, my respect for the writer takes a nosedive with each gratuitous " F-bomb, " of which there are a few. I actually admire his knowledge and turn into of phrase but find his reliance on swearing weak, ineffective and attacking. I know my viewpoint may not be shared by many BUT , in my opinion, an educated person will not rely on primitive language to convey wit, anger, or some kind of other range of emotions or ideas.

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