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Martha W. Walters is one of my favorite creators. A Canadian who is also a well-known publisher and author of technological manuals, Mary writes smart, witty novels which no in on the truth and the frailties of humans in general. This specific book is no exclusion.

I am going to say at the start that I was impressed immediately with the opening webpages grabbed my attention. Rita is a young female of 28, but she is like so many other women. She smokes too much, her dependency to food has tipped her into the morbidly obese category, and the girl life has gone to hell because of it.

Only a few years before, when she was young and svelte she achieved and immediately caught by a widower who had two young children. Her husband, Graham, is a journalist, great two children, Ida and Claire, resent her presence in their lives. The ghosting of her husband’s dead wife looms large in Rita’s life—appearing as an unseen but ever-present specter whose perfection can never be matched no make a difference how she strives to do so. She at home cooks and cleans and will everything a mother will with none of the gratitude or respect. Her sole place of comfort has become her green sofa, the girl cigarettes and food.

Significantly depressed, she would go to the girl regular doctor only to find your pet gone. The new, snarky nurse informs her she is going to have to see Doctor Graves or wait weeks. Dr. Graves takes one look at her and unleashes a diatribe which destroys Rita, humiliating the girl and telling her if she wants to perish she should just do it.

Each section starts with the diet Rita is attempting to stick to that month, and the final the first is one which is really only described in passing, but is seems the most reasonable one when you look at it.

Rita’s journey to self-discovery is a compelling character study by the mistress of figure studies. Her struggles with self-doubt, self-loathing and dependency to both food and cigarettes are vivid descriptions of the daily torments so many women endure. The place where Rita at last commences the final steps to healing is the last place anyone would ever think she'd find refuge.

Regarding Rita there is no magic bullet, no perfect diet and no easy solution. This book is a testament to the strength and determination which is sometimes found only when an individual is completely broken down to their component elements. The reassembling process is what I find most inspiring.

I freely give this book 5 stars., This is surprisingly decent for a Kindle freebie that didn't go through major publishing.

It's an engrossing read-- the sort of book where you keep saying most likely going to put it down, and then one more chapter evolves into eight, but it's not very substantive. The plot is linear to a mistake without one single side plot, and the character types, although realistic enough, lack development. It's easy to relate to Rita, a young(ish) woman who obtained trapped in marital complacency way too soon, and came to rely on food as an escape/reward for dealing with the girl ungrateful husband and his bratty kids from a previous marriage. Her hubby basically treats her like a babysitter, maid, and sex doll rolled up into one package, and her mother--the only other person she has for company-- is a pretentious old bat who only starts her mouth to criticize... so it's no wonder Rita falls into a depressive disorders and stuffs her face to obese status.

This specific entire book is a sort of diary of Rita's journey as she struggles to change the girl life, and that's the bit that keeps you reading. There are some worthwhile bits where she starts philosophizing about the law of attraction, and decides that the first step to changing yourself is performing like you already are the person you want to be, ex. trading in her " fat person habits" and acting just like a thin person instead, whatever that means. But it's not merely about getting slim, it's about taking control of her life. Sadly the author kind of glosses over this part, in favor of long and largely pointless thought monologues in Rita's mind and redundant descriptions of housewife drudgery.

Oh, and definitely read this publication if you're thinking about marrying a guy who has kids from previous human relationships. It'll give you a good smack on the head why you probably shouldn't.

The ending is disappointing. It's really bad. The " happy ending" is that Rita ignores any love interest and stays with her excuse for a husband under the concession that he or she starts to be supportive of her personal wishes, because he wasn't to begin with. He begs her to come back again because he can't manage the kids on his own, not because he enjoys her. Oh, and the girl mother softens up and gives her some cost management advice, but only after Rita has proven herself worthy by losing an obvious amount of weight., Extremely silly read on a light hearted but serious take on aging and how hard it can be to lose it once you've gained it. Even if you've never been obese in your life likely to find the emotions relatable, and if you have issues, this will be cathartic. Sort of in the same vein as Bridget Jones. Cute Canadian author not taking the weight too seriously, and making light of a heavy subject., I think this publication resonates with women who find themselves overweight and dealing with life issues that are less that positive. Perhaps I enjoyed it because I could relate to the main figure and her struggles. I was interested to observe how she made peace with all the current negativity she faced. The particular solutions she stumbled on were wise, doable on many levels and is worthy of adopting, in person. My only problem with the story (thus the 4-star rating) lies in a spoiler.

~~~ SPOILER ~~~
I love the fact that Rita has a great connection with first wife's mom. She needs that caring, non-judgemental parental care. It's HOW the author has Rita end up at your home of the parents of the previous wife. Her feet could have been conditioned after all her previous walking and would not have been injured to the extent they were referred to as being., I was astonished how much I liked this guide. The writer speaks well from the position of being trapped in your body and addictive overeating.

I did give it three stars because I didn’t like how abruptly it ended. Incredibly all her danger is solved...

Light and easy read with a good message though.

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