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An excellent mix of big picture commentary and personal level focus to portray the people, their times and the consequences of their activities. Especially in light of recent events in the Southern China Sea, this is a helpful and necessary read., Using hundreds of interviews and source material, David Toland has achieved the impossible, to give you a most unique take on the Pacific War: dozens of people come to life in this history book, which more often than not, winds up being more reminiscent of a novel as it takes its viewer diving headlong in a journey of palace péripétie, decision making and, eventually, the carnage of battle.

The book kicks off with a brief introduction about the Manchurian adventure and the troubles that plagued Japan during the prewar years: the combat between the various cliques that composed japanese society and the struggle between the military and the civilian government. Soon, the Marco Polo Bridge incident takes place and carnage ensues. Typically the invasion prompts the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to tighten its embargo on Japan and the rest is known to most readers, ensuing in the violent (and fraughty) negotiations that climaxed in the assault on Pearl Harbor. Then, Toland covers each and every theater of war from 1941 all the way to 1945, mostly excluding those that took place in the asian mainland.

It truly is worth noting that the title may be a tad misleading, for one would infer that the book covered several other aspects of Soberano Japan: from its society, to its economy, the administration and its military ventures in the landmass. But alas, it mainly covers the Pacific War, with all its island-hopping, sea battles and whatnot. One is hard-pressed to consider that there is actually fighting happening somewhere else, for there is scant a chapter about them, mostly at the beginning - before the US' entry into the War - and at the very end, when Chiang Kai-Shek comes into play because the leader of one of the victorious countries. That being said, when i felt somewhat dismayed after realising it, I still found the book absolutely enjoyable, albeit from a new perspective. It is a meticulous tale of the hardships and vicissitudes that plagued men and women, elderly and young, rich or bereft, powerful or else during the war between Soberano Japan and the US, and in doing so is a masterpiece.

Regarding the sources and material on which the author attracts upon: the majority of it is source material, for Toland embarked on a long quest in order to interview all sorts of people: from Prince Mikasa, buddy to Hirohito and former US President Harry Truman, to your rank and file japanese and us troops stationed in the Pacific and the civilians that had to put up with the hardships of battle. The bibliography on which the author relied to publish the book, however, might be a little dated, considering that almost half a millennium passed since the guide saw the light. But it stills feel fresh, using its vivid and engrossing accounts that, due to its sheer scope, none of them may equal anytime soon.

Finally, Toland deserves praise for his excellent writing skills, for he handled to make what might have otherwise been a difficult task - to read about a large number of excruciatingly accurate military data and geographical/topological information - a most enjoyable experience. The character types, the highlight of the book, become more active each with his or her very own heart and soul and motives, completely and captivatingly crafted, their heart and soul forever captured by the author's masterful writing. That is truly a pleasure to learn.

Gripping stories, an abundance of information, a careful attention to detail and a marvelous prose makes reading The Increasing Sun: The Decline and Fall of the Japanes Empire (1936-1945) a completely breathtaking experience, that will haunt you long after you are done from it., Detailed and complete narrative. I possess no idea how much research John Toland had to do to set this together. But, it has incredibly intimate details of correspondence and discussions between the Japanese figures at the top of the government and those responsible for the lead in to WORLD WAR II Pacific/China war. An excellent historical document and a must read for anyone thinking about the modern Japanese wars, This is extremely detailed and researched. That is intriguing how
the author holds the reader and yet builds the story with so much information included. This particular book ranges between a treatise on
the 1936--1945 time frame and at the same time serves as
a compelling story of what occurred over the nine years covered.
Well done., I actually really enjoy Toland's work. He does an great job of interweaving the entire strategic view with powerful, first person accounts at the point of action. I actually felt almost present as his descriptions of events are amazingly clear. Typically the Japanese perspective was new to me. It saddens me to recognize how avoidable the war might have been and yet how inevitable it was because of cultural and racial distinctions and suspicions., John Toland's Rising Sun gives a unique documentation of the events leading up to the attack on Treasure Harbor from the Japanese perspective as well as the conduct of the war in the Pacific cycles with the opposing viewpoints of the politicians and military. The opportunities to avoid war that were wasted through misinterpretation and miscommunication which could have dramatically altered history are painfully recorded. Needless loss of life of men and women (and children), both military and civilian, makes one appalled at the cost to humanity of war., Should be the closest to the truth, everyone knows that in a war the first casualty is the truth. Some passages of the book appears like a novel but a very good historical past on why Japan declared the war against the Anglo-Saxon empires, why it was the wrong way, why they were pushed to this point, the way the Japanese people see war and they recognize, anyway they helped a lot of nations to gain their independence from the Europeans and People in america, millions of lives wasted, millions of young people from Japan, from America wonderful allies, and from the innocent people closes to the war scenario in Asia and mainly Japan. The choices taken By Roosevelt / Staling and Churchill, MacArthur, Nimitz, the emperor Hirohito, Japaneses prime ministers, all the amazing description of these struggle in the seas with these amazing battle ships, air carriers, the latest in the world. The detailed explanations to the brutal and amazing retreat from the Philippines, Midway, battles for Guadalcanal, Guam, Leyte, Iwo-Jima, Okinawa, the atomic bomb, and finally the consequences for Japan and for the rest of the world from this war., this is an excellent publication from the viewpoint of the Japanese. a lot of lead in information about why they chose to go to war and what required place from the past due 1930's to the conclusion of the war.

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