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Okay, there are two types of these books on Amazon. One is the light novel, one other is the manga, however the manguera isn't listed when you search for it.
In order to view and purchase the manguera as opposed to the sunshine novel, you need to click on the gazelle that states " See all formats and editions" and then click on the paperback formats. One of those paperbacks will be the manga. It'll have a different cover and say " The Manga Companion" in the title.
The first 3 volumes of the manguera are listed this way along with the light novels. I don't know why they have it set up like this, but you can totally buy the manga on Amazon online too.

Incidentally, I buy both the manga and novels. The novels go into a lot more detail, and the manga has some great artwork., I purchased all six books that are out because i first read the manguera online and it opened my eyes of observing Mc get screw over by his comrades! Iwatani Naofumi (Mc) Summoned to another world as the safeguard hero who is the weakest of the 4 heroes that can't do anything of attacking only blocking. Gets screwed over from the second day by the king daughter loses everything and disliked by everyone of being a rapist. Mc coronary heart filled up with hatred and something lurking dark inside him. I haven't started reading them yet since i didn't knew Amazon sold light novels therefore i purchased 14 books!!!! It will require myself a while to read all six of our shield hero since it has 400 pages each! I purchased the LN to support!, The book appeared in my commic/manga recommendations, which meant I did not pay much attention to it at first. Nothing against comics, but my Kindle fire is not well-suited for reading them. It required me some time to realize it was a light novel with just a small number of illustrations. A little of a shame since I do like litRPG, which this light book belongs to.

The tale starts when a typical college student is summoned from Japan among four characters. They are destined to deal with some kind of monster invasion in a world much like a computer game (including leveling, status screens and so on). The person gets the short conclusion of the stick, ending up using what appears to be the worst of the weaponry and delete word class (the legendary weapon is both a weapon and the source of the wielders special talents which increase through leveling up). In order to make matters worse, he ends up being deceived and falsely accused. It angers and embitters him greatly, but he survives and despite his anger and trust issues still becomes something of leading man even he himself is blind to it.

The particular book starts awkward, not sure whether it is the translation or it is simmilar in the original version. After some time though the flow of the story becomes more natural and easier to read. It is an enjoyable litRPG story that really does not follow the more traditional paths for prophecized characters. There are some darker elements to the leading man, although it is not really all that bad overall. Still, the protagonist buys a slave and helplessly undergoes some quite bad injustices. Might not be for everybody.

The particular side characters are toned and cliche, and everybody has a tendency to react in extremes which in my experience is part and parcel of these kind of light novels, although I have seen worse. The two main characters seem to be to be developing fine and have more depth to their personalities. I am inquisitive though about how little a professed gamer knows about a number of the generic aspects of the overall game mechanics. Regarding example, part 2 starts with him being astonished by spell and receipt books, which are quite common aspects of most fantasy RPGs I have played from very earlier on in game development.

In the end, it was a good enjoyable read, if somewhat brief (but I knew that whenever I purchased it), leaving behind me curious about the next part., Love this series. Wish they'd make a anime out of it nonetheless they probably will not for a sponsor of reasons. One of witch is this is a antihero twist on the summoned to another world genre.
The story is told from the POV of a young man called to another world to be its savior, one of four actually. It is predicable to a point, I think it was chapter 7 where it changes gears. The hero in this story truly ( and justifiably) hates the world and people in it having been abducted from his home world to save. Many times he seems like a villain, as well as in his own reliable attitude he often looks at himself as a result. Throughout the stories he often really does the right thing for the wrong reasons.

I'm over simplifying it by a long shot but it's a unexpectedly fun series that has quickly become one our of favorites. We have all the upcoming releases per-ordered and can't wait for the new books, even though we've read the web-series already. Oh, a nice treat is new sub-stories at the conclusion of the books that fills in the tale usually from the perspective of one of the Safeguard Hero's companions. Well the stories were new to us anyway, not sure if they are a new comer to the publication or not..

BTW if you've read the web-series there are a few changes to the series, introduction of certain characters have changed and some have been altered completely. It can bit more polished and thought out. I used to be disappointed some events were toned down. But how would you sell a story where the " hero" is kicking the face area of an unconscious " comrade" so much so even the bad man they are fighting and the hero's slave companions think it goes too significantly?

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