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I have taught Artificial Intelligence (AI) for 3 decades at a major university. Until about ten years ago, whenever someone concerned about the effect of intelligent software/hardware destroying future jobs, We would always give my " buggy whip" argument, which goes like this:

" Once the automobile was invented it PERFORMED destroy many jobs. Makers of buggy whips and horses troughs were put out there of business. But many more NEW jobs were created to replace those older jobs. Witness all the gas stations, automobile mechanic shops, car production facilities, etc. "

About 8 years ago I lost faith in the pushchair whip argument. I realized that, since the technology of AI advanced, a point would be reached in which intelligent software and general-purpose robots could perform all tasks (both emotional and physical) that are achievable only by highly educated humans. Once one intelligent robot exists with a high level of general intelligence, it can be mass produced. Presently there have been many advances in AI in recent years (in neural networks, planning and learning systems). Machine learning systems can now a new number of complex cognitive tasks simply by noticing the past performance of human experts.

I have always been an admirer of the combo of modern capitalism and (relatively) free markets as the major drivers of wealth. However, modern capitalism (with its corporations, stock and dividends) is less than a few centuries old. Presently there is no reason to think that it must last forever. Its " reign" over older economical systems could very well conclusion abruptly in the near future.

Previously I toyed with writing a book about my concerns regarding intelligent automation and its future effect on personal and economical systems but Martin Ford has a done a 100-times better job that I could have ever done. His book is very convincing in pointing out why the " buggy whip" argument will cease to stay persuasive.

I only have two complaints about Ford's book: (a) the subject sounds a bit too much like a title for a pulp-fiction work and so I fear that not enough people will read it and (b) the first 75 pages consist of a standard summary of current economical facts and principles and so I fear that some visitors may quit reading his book before they get to the really interesting parts, which in my opinion, start after page 75., This particular book deserves to gain way more relevance in economical circles than it currently has.
Before reading this quantity I've never seriously looked into this matter and assumed that the traditional mathematical tools used to model the effects of technology in neoclassical or Austrian economical theory where quite enough (I was an economist). I was thus unconcerned about the effects that modern automation would have in the near future.
Yet... this volume increases numerous questions that current models are unable to address.
Moreover it states what in political circles is still a taboo: that modern society as it is must be reconsidered.
In no way comprehensive, still this book is the most effective starting points on understanding the forces shaping the future of economics and society.
A must read., The particular nearing of the economical domination that technology and its profit advantages will control. We began to see this happening 35 years ago or more but most people don't see it because of the seeming slow motion of the arrival... until they get bit bit by it individually. Worries about job jeopardy - middle class as well as higher level professional positions - possible reduction of human control over critical decision making, and the general impact of autonomous computer control in both work applications and - yes - weaponry - the weapons fighting their own battles by their own spontaneous motivations! It's on the doorstep now. Will certainly you have a job in the foreseeable future? How will a huge population of out of work people get along?, I have read a hundred books about business dating back thirty years, but never one as influential as " Rise of the Robots". It's busy, jam-packed with amazing statistics and graphs, and so good that I'm now reading it a second time. Ford provides brilliant details and presents amazing fights about robotics and automation, and he comes with an amazing writing style that keeps you glued to you. Fingers down the best business book I've ever read., I read an early draft of the book and just finished the ultimate version. Automation will be THE defining social and political issue of the following decade. And of all the books, articles, weblogs, & interviews I've come across on this topic, Rise of the Robots makes the most compelling situation yet. I can't recommend this book strongly enough--thought leaders, technologists, and policymakers, please read this! The particular sooner we can apply thoughtful, complimentary policies, the sooner we can mitigate the negative impact automation can have on lots of millions of workers., This is a extensive book that talks about the looming impact of robots, both mechanical and algorithmic, on our future. Industrial robots already are displacing many jobs in the Western world as well as China. Algorithms are now threatening good paying jobs like entry degree legal representatives and secretaries. In the future, many more jobs will be displaced.

There are few solutions, but a guaranteed basic income is one of the few ways to help address the joblessness problem.

Very balanced and well written, I highly recommend this guide.

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