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Written from a somewhat elitist perspective, but still excellent in my view,
in analyzing world/national economic and political makes from a very high
vantage point. Seems particularly good in citing again and again that leaders
have a very hard time staying competent beyond about 8-10 years.
I actually welcome his rather serious hints about Russia under Putin and Turkey
under Erdogan. I actually also value his point that local leaders are a better
barometer about economic conditions in their countries than almost
all " experts" from abroad, and especially those in international organizations.
Author is somewhat unethical in his implicit findings, but on balance, a very
valuable volume.
[PLEASE NOTE] by Ron Thompson, Sharma will a outstanding of reviewing the recent economic history of nations, no geography moves uncovered. At times this individual lingers on and become extremely detailed, but his key messages are well worth the read. Very recommended for anyone considering forecasting and understanding some basic economic markers to watch out for., Brilliantly insightful book on the factors that drive the economies of the world

When was the last time you read a book about markets and macroeconomics and the global economy which was a page-turner? Ruchir Sharma's new book is so lucidly written, that a discussion about a country's economy actually becomes into an absorbing and entertaining story filled with anecdotes about the state's background its economic episodes and downs. I didn't want to wait to return to reading it to see what happened next! And some of the chapters are so insightful and interesting, that you will want to re-read them. The actual the book special is not just how well-researched it is, but the clarity with which that research illuminates the drivers of economic growth in both emerging and developed economies., Absolutely amazing book analyzing case studies of countries and economic forces shaping them. Pinpoints positive trends and cautionary stories. Full of examples, but deeply rooted in data., This is a great facts understand global economy evolutions throughout modern history.
Inside a present where populism is rising even in democratic nations (Marine Le Pencil in France, Donald Overcome in USA and Nigel Farage / Boris Manley in United Kindom), this book comes as a " fact-checker" of some of the myths laid out there during previous and current political campaigns. Books like this are incredibly important - it's a way to keep our mental sanity. It shows how to keep a critical mind, and helps us better distinguish between truth and outfront lies. This helps us develop a well argumented thoughts and opinions about today's economic reality., I actually just loved the breadth of this book. Typically the author has done a lot of research, this individual explains complex topics in a fairly easy to grasp manner. He has discovered from his perspective a few variables that he thinks results in the rise and fall of nations. I plan to read this again later this year., Outstanding. Great read. See also Connectography and The 7th Sense--they go great with this book., None of Sharma’s rules is individually surprising, but the thorough research and analysis underlying them (not least the ones that run counter to media hype) make for a useful framework.

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