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Various approach to a older story. Well done and very believable. It simply leaves you want to hear more, to find out what's happens and when people met the aliens., One of my favorite creators of all time, following up his / her excellent STAR WARS, UNFAMILIAR and PREDATOR novels together with a phenomenal original history... I can only desire he's going to increase this into a novel from some point in the future! If you're a fan, this is a must-read... if you're fresh to Lebbon, prepare to start purchasing a LOT of books!, I thoroughly enjoyed this publication. It jogs my memory of the old science fiction creators such as Asimov, Clarke, and Heinlein. I genuinely enjoy this kind of history, and as usual, it was too short for me. When I find a good enjoyable book, If only they will were longer., Had the hard time with the major character in that he loved his wife, yet had romantic thoughts with a good involved woman. I may end up being too conservative though.: )

I did like the visuals painted. Would make a good twilight area or outer limits event. Could tell mcdougal proved helpful hard to create the product. The length of the book was fun. Read it within a couple of nights., I guess I don't " get" this book, as it's meant in order to be retelling of a good allegorical tale (Rime of the Ancient Mariner) of which didn't make sense in order to its contemporary readers, yet in a scifi world, a colony ship, aliens, and death means this particular one guy is now accountable for his fateful choice. Frankly, it's too meaningful STILL to fit in to a proper plot for me. Sorry., Given that its title, Rime, echoes of Coleridge’s 1798 ballad, The Rime of the Historic Mariner, the outcome of this speculative novella can already be guessed from, but there is continue to a lot to end up being uncovered because unlike the mariner's tale, Lebbon’s history isn’t over, the queries just beginning. Can a good AI achieve humanity? Usually are aliens gods? And in case aliens are gods, are usually they vengeful or forgiving sorts? Is survivor sense of guilt justified? Is atonement influenced by the scale of the crime? Is atonement also possible? Cast adrift, can humans exist without goal? There’s a whole lot packed in to this tightly-crafted little storia. A good evening go through - unusual for Lebbon, who typically prefers to terrify the living daylights out of us - Rime leaves the reader pensive however, not sleepless, unsettled without having being unhinged. Recommended., I'm going to keep this particular spoiler free and merely say once I started this, I couldn't place it down, and 2 hours later I started it over b/c it absolutely was that good. I've currently recommended it to 2 other people, I may know if they've go through it yet but I hope so. This story has been awesome., Drew me to the story, like an legendary poem;
The wraith whispered of insider secrets beyond what I've identified. Part familiar as kindred just met yet thus dear, with new scenery to climb, scale, viewing with eyes clear. Thanks a lot _ga-

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