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I have read a lot of books in my life. Psychology, Poetry, Biology, Company Theory, Self-Help, Nutrition, Economics and so a number of other subjects are represented in my home library.

The Righteous Brain is hands-down the main book I've ever consumed. Haidt's understanding of human values and the science of communication and decision making are weaved together into an approachable, beautiful and potentially life-changing symphony.

Adequate has been said about why you should read this book so I want to use the rest of this review to tell you precisely what I experienced after finishing this book and how it became " Typically the most important thing I have ever read".

I have struggled for a long time to connect with some of my buddies and family. So many words were wasted talking about politics, religion and conspiracy theories and all we ever accomplished was self-fulfillment. We never had resolution and we never been successful in convincing the other side.

I am a person who looks at myself well-read and a champion for pragmatism and logic. You can probably imagine how frustrated I actually felt once i was constantly unable to win fights about out-there, government's approaching for us-so buy some guns, conspiracy discussions.

Some thing had to give, and so i went searching and ended up on this book. I actually read it, digested it and decided to try and apply the guidelines to my communications. I was determined to " align with their elephant" first so I could then change their mindset to a point of view.

Let's be honest: I was just trying to manipulate other people into seeing things my way.

Well, something incredible and completely unintentional happened: I realized I actually was wrong, a lot.

One of the foundational pieces discussed in the book is the fact that we, as humans, make decisions in the parts of our brain that aren't controlled by critical thinking. If you want to sway someones thoughts and opinions, Haidt suggests, you must first appeal to their elephant (the emotional part of their brain or " why they feel the way they do" ).

In the effort to start practicing this: I dedicated myself to asking " why do they believe this way? " first and only made recommendations after I felt that I actually could articulate what the other person was " feeling" about the subject matter.

A crazy thing occurred: often times I would find myself changing my mind about a subject middle conversation. As it turns out, other folks aren't quite as crazy as I actually thought, they just have different experiences than I do.

Right after I spent some time training my brain, I actually began to conversate this way with no conscious effort. I actually actually seem to be to have re-wired my brain. Typically the implication of this can not be overstated.

I now see the world in completely different ways and am feel that I can actually empathize for the first time in my life.

I only wish everyone could read this book, understand their natural decision making process and be aware about what's happening to them when they have disagreements or strong opinions on a subject.

You need to read this book. Everyone does.

For the creator: Thank you, Jonathan, for giving your life to understanding us a little better and for taking the time to write it all down and pass these lessons onto the rest of us., This particular book was stressful for me to read because I really wanted to keep not liking the people I don't acknowledge with. Challenge you to consider that those who do not agree with are not necessarily satan. I will continue to refer to this in the future in my work as a therapist and minister., Excellent read. Made me think about a lot of social and social factors I actually would never have considered. I lean toward " liberal" idealogies, but this guide made me realize the value of a more diverse perspective for the your survival of the human competition and how my anti-religious viewpoints had incorporated " sacred" elements of their own. Subsequently, a few of my liberal views which I would not allow to be challenged in my own mind, I am now ready to accept considering broader implications. In conclusion, this book moved a few of my black and white viewpoints back into the grey and was unexpectedly life-changing for me personally., Dr Haidt cleverly leads through levels of thought experiments to allow me personally to know different value systems. Personally i think I'm better able to understand the schisms of current politics out of this background.

I picked upwards the book as a result of podcasting Cause me to feel Smart, and look forward to the discussions planned in that group., This book is a scholarly presentation of the current research on human being moral behavior. Although supported by considerable research and footnotes to document all of the references in the book, it is very readable by non-experts.
I can say that inside my age of sixty one, I wish this guide was available 20 or even more years ago. It would have allowed me to understand how to accept others for his or her thoughts when they are different than my own, personal. Those of a liberal or traditional persuasion would take advantage of reading and accepting the final results of Jonathan's research., Interesting insights into the several categories people find important (care, fairness, liberty, authority, loyalty, sanctity) and the several value that conservatives, liberals and libertarians place on those categories. The theories are saved with research data. Typically the insights gained could go a long way in diffusing the current political ill-will., A very thoughtful book about how exactly our brains work and why we think and take action the way we do. Haidt comes to some challenging conclusions. I discovered a lot and feel still processing the important ideas presented., Required reading for anybody enthusiastic about civil marketing communications with those of varying beliefs. Offers a structure for communication. Structure, function, need, nature, and social result.

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