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This is probably the best gay YA coming-out book I have read, and believe me, I go back a while. The fact that it requires place basically over the course of some day, and that the two characters--Brighton and Jay--are developed so deeply in switching third-person chapters during that short time span, which so much happens, should have exhausted me.

No. What exhausted me was the frequent thrill of watching Jay come to words with his sexuality and Brighton standing by and ushering him together in a completely unique and exceptionally romantic (if off the wall) way.

The conflicts between them, which are few, and with their friends--most of who are pretty much stereotyped--are handled smoothly, as are the relationships they are all have with their respective family members.

It is the last mentioned slice of the incredible life span in 24 hours that is always the elephant in the room here, and it plays out totally different than one might expect in an e book which sails along so gently for 75% of the journey.

No spoilers here, and no hint from me about how exactly it comes to an end except to say that if author Haven Francis wants to pursue things, (which might not be necessary) I will be the first on range to lead the charge to buy the sequel., Jay has spent 18 years in the closet. That’s about to change one Sunday spent with the child he idolizes. Brighton shares an American History class with Jay. Brighton likes Jay, but since The writer is straight... not going to go there. Both find themselves in a park at the beginning of the weekend. Brighton has some errands to run therefore, the two spend the day together. Jay finds the courage to shed his shell and starts to open up to Brighton.

I loved this book from page one. Even though Jay and Brighton covered a lot of floor in one day, they did have a secret one-way crush that’s been going on for a while. We wanted to think these two could find happiness with each other. Family, friends, love and acceptance of yourself and others is the theme. 4. 75 for epiphanies., Ahhh.... jay and Brighton!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think going into this that it would be like the coming out/ approaching of age books I have read before but it wasn't. It was fresh and young and felt so real. The storyplot takes place over only a few days but the advancement of jay and Brighton is never forced or unbelievable. And my god they are just so amazing together. Reading that jay is the popular one, I assumed however be considered a certain way and that Brighton would be almost like a partner however they were both such diverse and strong figures and I appreciated the dual POV. Even all the minor characters available were so well developed in such a short time it was a beautiful, amusing inspiring story, I absolutely did smile my way through this whole book. We just, really really loved this book and for sure it will be read again., This would be TYPICALLY THE book to turn in to a movie. This particular book out does any of the YA gay - approaching of age books I have read to date (50+). Those were all good books but this one tops the list (so far). Sadly this is the only gay orientated book by this author. Together with this style and imagination she could have quite an audience and next in this genre. Searching forward to coming again to this book for a re-read in the years ahead. Yeah, it's that good., < b> Make life now.
Find your happiness now.
Be yourself now.
Communicate your mind now.
Otherwise, your gonna have regret. And regret totally sucks. < /b>

Whoa! Haven Francis I really like you and your writing always speaks too me. This was a attention opening book about life. It's about being true to yourself and finding what makes you cheerful. This particular story follows Jay and Brighton on their quest together

The characters were a joy to read. Brighton... I need a good friend like him. He was a special character in my eyes. He lived for the now and owned or operated who he was. Indeed, he has some various insecurities, but he doesn't think on them. His family life is 100% supporting and i also adored them.

< b> It hurts to hold so much s*#+ in. To have to lie to yourself and the people you like. It's physically painful< /b>

The writer I liked that he was able to find his true self. He opened his eyes and found the truth to his life. He wanted to not conform any longer, but was scared. He took the steps needed and found the support he needed in Brighton. I felt for him at times and I can't imagine what it must feel like denying who you are for so long to appease everyone else. Jay's dad... adored him. This individual showed what family and love truly is.

The chemistry between them is unquestionable and it unfolded wonderfully. They balance one another and I loved every moment of it.
Haven gave these characters real traits and you feel the struggle that The writer feels with his options. Told from dual POV's, which I love. A person get perspectives on each characters truths and various insecurities. Does this have some steam? Yes, it's tastefully done and you feel the burning they have got for each one another.

Haven nails every book. She enables you to smile, opens your sight and heart to the woman characters. I found this to be a honest story and I didn't want to put it down. This is a book for anybody to read and I highly recommend it! Completely stunning!

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