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Not long ago i travelled to Rome and just like a good traveller, I actually wanted to get all my ducks in a row.
I made a set of everything I actually needed to bring and while reviewing this list, I noticed I did not have a travel guide. I actually promptly got on Amazon and researched guides for Rome. This guide was highly praised and pocket sized. SCORE!
I actually bought the book and waited eagerly for is actually arrival.
When it arrived, it thumbed through it but didn't really look at it since i have knew the plane ride would be long and I'd have plenty of time.
When I finally opened up and read the guide, I was surprised with the vast amounts of information that was in it.
There is a map that shows you all of the must see spots in The italian capital and how to get there.
You can find more than 10 pages assigned to each section of the location like Vatican City, the Coliseum, the Roman Community forum, and the art galleries.
Each section tells you not only the history of the region but also the best places to eat and the things to avoid.
Presently there is a section with commonly used Italian phrases so you're not on your own in the city. Although, most people speak English, it is good to have some knowledge of chinese for individuals who play dumb with tourists.
I kept this book with me all over the place I went so I actually would know the best places to eat and the places to avoid.
If you're looking to go to Rome, or any type of other city in Italy, Rick Steves' can sure help you out with these nifty books.
It's a great guide to have in a town that can take you whole.
*****PLEASE NOTE- If you're planning on going to Rome in September, it is extremely hot and muggy. There are drinking water fountains to can refill your bottle but they are few and far between. The prices of a refreshment are ridiculous so bring your own bottle.
Vatican City and the Sistine Chapel are super packed no matter what time you go. Be sure you make a reservation to trip with a group so you do not have to wait for hours.
The one thing I actually noticed in the guide that is slightly different is picking up tickets for the Coliseum trip. If you buy these tickets online in blend with the Roman Community forum and Palestine Hill, you MUST pick these tickets up at the entrance to the forum. Presently there is a box office over there and you have to have your print out. The people at Coliseum cannot and will not take a paper print out and there is no package office there. All of the tickets, even the Coliseum ones, have to be purchased at this office at the Forum. Most of the people who do the tours are just that, tour guides, they do not know much about picking up tickets so if you ask them, they will either give you the run around or direct to you a completely different place altogether.
Also, if you're visiting any of the Art Museums, they may be HOT!! Extremely, suffocatingly hot. I am not sure if that has been just because it was so hot outside or should they keep it hot to preserve the art work but if you are unable to stand the heat, you might want to avoid these museums. They also tell you to arrive 35 minutes early to check in but they only let you in about 5 minutes before your slated time and only enable you about an hour to tour the whole museum. The particular Borgehese Museum has a coat check and although they say it's mandatory, not many people sign in their coats or hand bags so there is a lot of unauthorized photograph taking by people who either don't speak the language or don't care that they are overlooking the guidelines., I don't normally gush about anything, let alone a book, but this book was MAGNIFICENT! The son and I just returned from Rome, and also this was our guide. I really could not have been more impressed by this book unless Rick Steves was position right next to all of us in Rome.
I've used the Fodor's guides before, but I actually was always turned off by needing to search through a lot of unimportant information to find the key information I needed in my travels. Quite honestly, I don't want three weeks of reading material to get myself through a one week touring trip.
This book was two hundred pages of compact need-to-know info that is flawlessly suitable for someone who has a while to see an amazing city. It gave wonderful tips (get the Roma pass! ); provided precise and clear details (the Heart of The italian capital tour seemed he was walking it with us); and gave historically relevant and entertaining content (brought the Vatican, Sistine Church, St. Peter's tour to a new level)! Also, his tips and advice on the practicalities and culture of Rome were invaluable. We were able to get around the location safely and confidently with his suggestions.
He suggested his free music tours, therefore i downloaded them to my phone before we set off to each trip. That was a fantastic way of having your own tour guide talk you through each attraction.
It's like we visited Rome 3 x... once on the plane drive over, as we read the book to get familiar ourselves with our plans; once while we toured The italian capital, reading through each trip as we completed it; then once again on the airplane ride home, as we reminisced about each of the sights we visited with this guide.
I can't recommend this highly enough. Without it, we could have been overwhelmed by The italian capital; but with it, we were able to " Carpe Diem"!
Spend your money on this. Dollar for dollar, this was the most valuable purchase we made for this entire trip.

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